• WordNet 3.6
    • v sliver form into slivers "sliver wood"
    • v sliver break up into splinters or slivers "The wood splintered"
    • v sliver divide into slivers or splinters
    • n sliver a thin fragment or slice (especially of wood) that has been shaved from something
    • n sliver a small thin sharp bit or wood or glass or metal "he got a splinter in his finger","it broke into slivers"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Sliver A long piece cut or rent off; a sharp, slender fragment, as of glass; a splinter.
    • Sliver A strand, or slender roll, of cotton or other fiber in a loose, untwisted state, produced by a carding machine and ready for the roving or slubbing which preceeds spinning.
    • Sliver Bait made of pieces of small fish. Cf. Kibblings.
    • v. t sliver slĭv"ẽr or slī"vẽr To cut or divide into long, thin pieces, or into very small pieces; to cut or rend lengthwise; to slit; as, to sliver wood. "They 'll sliver thee like a turnip."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n sliver A piece, as of wood, roughly or irregularly broken, rent, or cut off or out, generally lengthwise or with the grain; a splinter: as, to get a sliver under one's fingernail; the lightning tore off great slivers of bark; hence, any fragment; a small bit.
    • n sliver In spinning, a continuous strand of wool, cotton, or other fiber, in a loose untwisted condition, ready for slubbing or roving.
    • n sliver A small wooden instrument used in spinning yarn.
    • n sliver The side of a small fish cut off in one piece from head to tail, to be used as bait; a sort of kibblings.
    • n sliver A very fine edge left at the end of a piece of timber.
    • n sliver plural The loose breeches or slops of the early part of the seventeenth century.
    • sliver To cut or divide into long thin pieces, or into very small pieces; cut or rend lengthwise; splinter; break or tear off.
    • sliver To cut each side of (a fish) away in one piece from head to tail; take two slivers from. See sliver, n., 4.
    • sliver To split; become split.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Sliver sliv′ėr or slī′vėr to split, to tear off lengthwise, to slice
    • n Sliver a piece cut or rent off, a slice: a continuous strand of loose untwisted wool or other fibre
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
See Slive (v. t.)


In literature:

Then the hand relaxed and the sliver of steel clattered to the paving.
"Alarm Clock" by Everett B. Cole
Ed gave it to him and fried a small sliver of ham.
"Cat and Mouse" by Ralph Williams
Lights that slivered out from the closed venetian blinds.
"The Monster" by S. M. Tenneshaw
He bit into a sliver of kid.
"The Saracen: Land of the Infidel" by Robert Shea
The slow pair hold the slivers back, while the fast one pull them on.
"Makers of Many Things" by Eva March Tappan
A tiny sliver of a new moon had risen just above the hills on this side of the river.
"Shaman" by Robert Shea
The sliver, now being twisted, is called a sliver no longer, but the slubbing.
"The Fabric of Civilization" by Anonymous
Then she fastens herself to some stick, or sliver, or stem, or floating leaf, by her first two rows of legs.
"Our Young Folks at Home and Abroad" by Various
You are either crazy or drunk, Captain Slivers, and I do not know or care which!
"Shoulder-Straps" by Henry Morford
No such difference can be perceived in the sliver at the drawing frame.
"The Story of the Cotton Plant" by Frederick Wilkinson

In poetry:

Peter the Repeater,
Platted round a platter
Slips of slivered paper,
Basting them with batter.
"Cats Cradle Song," by James Clerk Maxwell
Above your steady victory's work
A single star-sliver watches over all the world
Like a spider from the sun down-twined,
Security and shield in the passing whirlpool.
"The Sea-Beast" by Tudor Arghezi
A little silk scarf, a pair of earrings swinging,
A sliver ring, an indolent peacock fan,
Down at the foreshore cold iron ship bells ringing,
And laughing lips of an outbound sailorman.
"Shore Roads Of April" by Bill Adams
I shrank at every aspish quivering fear set crawling in my breast.
But betimes I felt a shivering
Shriek cut ear and brain with slivering
Stings of terror, sin, unrest--
Christ! it raised the dead
Out of the moat's black bed.
"Written In Hell" by Cale Young Rice

In news:

Lawrence Central High all-night grad party organizers host 'cash for your gold and sliver ' event Saturday.
Election Hinges on Sliver of Voters Yet to Make Up Their Minds.
Santorum's 'snob' gaffe offers a sliver of truth about college.
Time to discuss players getting sliver of revenue pie.
West Virginia Families Clinging to ' Sliver of Hope'.
40 Years on, Reflections in a Sliver of the Moon.
A sliver of chance for life on Mars.
A virtual tour inside a sliver of San Francisco.
On a Sliver of the Bronx, a Waterfront Respite.
Little sliver of a Moon.
Moon Sliver Click to enlarge.
Santorum's ' snob ' gaffe offers a sliver of truth about college.
Granted, I only saw a small sliver of Sumatran society, much less that of Indonesia as a whole.
If you need one more sliver of evidence of the value of brand equity, consider Firestone .
ATLANTA (AP) — Overdose deaths from powerful painkillers have been surging at an alarming rate in the US, but here's a sliver of good news: The number blamed on methadone appears to have peaked.

In science:

This region has the form of a kind of sliver extending out toward large β0 at low temperatures.
Embedding a Native State into a Random Heteropolymer Model: The Dynamic Approach
Solutions to the pro jector equation are easily obtained when ⋆ is the Moyal product in MSFT, and a general explicit class that includes the sliver, butterfly etc.
MSFT : Moyal Star Formulation of String Field Theory
The “Sliver”, “Butterfly” etc. are special cases of the above form.
MSFT : Moyal Star Formulation of String Field Theory
Taylor, “The singular geometry of the sliver”, arXiv:hep-th/0111069. L.
MSFT : Moyal Star Formulation of String Field Theory
From Fig. 1, note that this prediction lies in the region n < 0.94, thus only accounting for a sliver of the region.
The Tensor Desert