• WordNet 3.6
    • adj slick marked by skill in deception "cunning men often pass for wise","deep political machinations","a foxy scheme","a slick evasive answer","sly as a fox","tricky Dick","a wily old attorney"
    • adj slick having a smooth, gleaming surface reflecting light "glossy auburn hair","satiny gardenia petals","sleek black fur","silken eyelashes","silky skin","a silklike fabric","slick seals and otters"
    • adj slick having only superficial plausibility "glib promises","a slick commercial"
    • adj slick made slick by e.g. ice or grease "sidewalks slick with ice","roads are slickest when rain has just started and hasn't had time to wash away the oil"
    • v slick give a smooth and glossy appearance "slick one's hair"
    • v slick make slick or smooth
    • n slick a trowel used to make a surface slick
    • n slick a film of oil or garbage floating on top of water
    • n slick a slippery smoothness "he could feel the slickness of the tiller"
    • n slick a magazine printed on good quality paper
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Slick (Joinery) A wide paring chisel.
    • n Slick (Metal) See Schlich.
    • a Slick Sleek; smooth. "Both slick and dainty."
    • v. t Slick To make sleek or smoth. "Slicked all with sweet oil."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • slick See sleek.
    • n slick In metallurgy, ore in a state of fine subdivision: as sometimes used, nearly synonymous with slimes. The term is rarely employed, except in books describing German processes of smelting, and then as the equivalent of the German schlich, and often in that spelling.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • advs Slick neatly
    • adj Slick slik smooth: smooth-tongued: dexterous in movement or action
    • adv Slick in a smooth manner, deftly
    • n Slick slik ore finely powdered.
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
See Sleek
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Ger. schlich.


In literature:

He was certainly slick.
"Left End Edwards" by Ralph Henry Barbour
The modern methods do make children sharp, give them a sort of slick finesse, but it is the beginning of the mischief.
"Fantasia of the Unconscious" by D. H. Lawrence
Seems mean to talk about her for not having things slicked up, when she had to come away in such a hurry.
"The Best Short Stories of 1917" by Various
Haint ye come it over me slick?
"The Continental Monthly , Vol. 2 No. 5, November 1862" by Various
Thus 'slick', which indeed is only another form of 'sleek', was employed by our good writers of the seventeenth century{148}.
"English Past and Present" by Richard Chevenix Trench
Yes, sir, slick as a whistle.
"In Apple-Blossom Time" by Clara Louise Burnham
He's a sure enough slick one.
"The Banner Boy Scouts on a Tour" by George A. Warren
Note the wadding in the air, the smoke, the head of the harpoon, and the slick on the water as the whale sounded.
"The Boy With the U. S. Fisheries" by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
You wait and see if you get out as slick as you think you will.
"Afloat on the Flood" by Lawrence J. Leslie
She air goin' slick, and that's a fact!
"The Wreck of the Nancy Bell" by J. C. Hutcheson

In poetry:

"Banana's swift and nimble,
His way is safe and slick;
He gets out of his trouser-leg
With a wiggle and a kick.
"December" by Nancy Byrd Turner
But the Poker soon after was wedded
To the hearth broom, slender and slick;
And 'twas whispered about Mrs. Tongs was put out
Because he found comfort so quick.
"Shovel And Tongs" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Then at Aunt Hesby's sewin' bee
She met a slick young feller,
With a city partin' tew his har
An' a city umbereller.
He see'd her hum thet night, an' he
Is now her steddy company!
"Old Spense" by Isabella Valancy Crawford
The Agent es a gen'ral plan
Wus polish'd es the handles
Ov my old plough; an' slick an' smooth
Es Betsey's tallow candles.
But when he see'd old Spense--wal, neow,
He acted homely es a ceow!
"Old Spense" by Isabella Valancy Crawford
"Them's goin' down tew Spinkses place,
Whar old man Spinks is stayin';
The bank he dealt at bust last month,
An' folks is mostly sayin':
Him bein' ag'd, an' poor, an' sick,
They'll put him in the poor-house slick!
"Old Spense" by Isabella Valancy Crawford
And I see the hand that lifts the spoon while the other holds the head,
and I see the slick thread run down the boy's chin,
and slip into the street, only a thread, and slip through the city.
And nobody else in the world exists but that boy crying.
"Boy Crying In The Night" by Carlos Drummond de Andrade

In news:

The oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico is seen from a helicopter.
Where the slick was spotted Saturday, said Lieut.
Why has the cultural image of labor gone from "Norma Rae," that classic 1979 film about worker empowerment, to "pinky rings and slicked-back hair".
Produced by Wendy Slick, Emiko Omori.
If your planning on traveling over the next few days be prepared for periodic snow, occasional winds, bitter cold temperatures and dangerous wind chills…Some roads throughout the region are snow packed and slick.
In what is becoming a familiar narrative, an innovative music company — in this case Spotify, the slick P2P streaming app — has invented a service that music fans love.
"When the truth is found to be lies"…sang Grace Slick.
Amazon launched a series of slick Kindle Fire HD tablets and Kindle ebook readers yesterday.
Use caution when travelling on the slick city streets and blustery highways in southern Manitoba this morning.
Oklahoma Department of Transportation spokeswoman Brenda Perry said I-35 is slick and hazardous in Murray, Carter and Love counties.
Cinemax's "Hunted" is a slick, eight-part espionage thriller.
Slick and Cloudy Start, but a Sunny Finish .
Winter weather is here and with it comes slick roads and more accidents in the Northland.
Fog , Freezing fog and slick roads will be an issue once again.
Slickly produced videos helped tell other stories of forgiveness and innovative applications of love.

In science:

There are at least three other proofs of this fact: an argument using q series, specializing an identity about Hall-Littlewood polynomials, or a slick argument using Markov chains and an identity of Cauchy.
Random matrix theory over finite fields: a survey
The alternative characterisation described in this work seems right in ‘spirit’, but in the end the mathematics that emerges is not as ‘slick’ as might be hoped.
An alternative characterisation of universal cells in opetopic n-categories
The key outcome of this first case study is that we have seen how both the Boltzmann distribution and the partition function are calculated in a simple example and have shown a slick and very useful way of representing biochemical states using simple two-state variables.
A First Exposure to Statistical Mechanics for Life Scientists
Seiberg’s argument is often criticized as being “too slick” and the work of is cited as an example of the dangers of naively ignoring the integration out of the zero modes in DLCQ.
TASI Lectures on Matrix Theory
Thus, oscillations at infinity are irrelevant for essential spectrum! While the slick argument above somewhat obscures the underlying physics, the reason such oscillations do not matter has to do with the fact that σess (H ) involves fixed energy, and oscillations only matter at high energy.
The essential spectrum of Schrodinger, Jacobi, and CMV operators