single supplement


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n single supplement a surcharge added to the cost per person when traveling alone
    • ***


In literature:

United in a single ownership, and with their various characteristics supplementing one another, they offer simply immeasurable prospects.
"World's War Events, Volume III" by Various
A. Wagner (in his supplement to Schreber's great work on Beasts) at first included all the kinds in a single species.
"On the Genesis of Species" by St. George Mivart
Supplement soil fertility by adding chemical fertilizers either singly or in combination.
"A Living from the Land" by William B. Duryee
The old single mast of the galley was supplemented by two and in some cases by three others.
"Ancient and Modern Ships." by George C. V. Holmes
Then she lit two candles on the mantlepiece to supplement the single gas jet, and drew the curtain over the window.
"The Socialist" by Cyril Arthur Edward Ranger Gull

In news:

Cell-line specific complex media supplements combine chemically defined media additives into a single supplement.
2995 (MAA Members, Double Occupancy) $3295 (Non-members, Double Occupancy) $400 Single-lodging Supplement.
It takes only three things to find a way around the dreaded single supplement : a plan, some pals and a PC (or a Mac, but we're getting ahead of the story).
Don't let a single study lure you away from fish oil supplements.
Nitro2Go manufactures a premium 12 SKU product line of all-natural dietary supplements available in 2-count single packets and 30-count bottles, and two energy drink formulas—Regular and Light—in both 8.4-ounce and 16-ounce cans.
In effect, tariffs can claw back a substantial amount of a single parent's EITC, effectively undermining the EITC's goal of supplementing wage income.
The Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy project has been under way since 2002 and currently has a single turbine providing supplemental electricity to the store, Taylor said.

In science:

These relations hinge on the MK s magnitudes of single stars within 10 pc with high quality parallaxes, supplemented with recent results for very red stars, many of which now have reliable parallaxes placing them within 25 pc (e.g.
The Solar Neighborhood X: New Nearby Stars in the Southern Sky and Accurate Photometric Distance Estimates for Red Dwarfs
However, universal quantum computation is possible with only linear (i.e. single-qubit) quantum gate elements, supplemented by measurements and classical feedback, which provide the needed non-linearity [KLM01] and allow one to create entangled qubits via a probabilistic scenario.
Experimental Quantum Computation with Nuclear Spins in Liquid Solution
Using silicon and drift chamber systems, each of the experiments is able to record tracks of charged particles emanating from the interaction point, supplemented by electromagnetic and hadronic calorimeters to measure the overall energy of jets and high energy single particles.
QCD Physics with ZEUS and H1 at HERA
Theory addresses these dependencies in model studies, which supplement the perturbative QCD factorization approach to single inclusive hadron spectra with medium-modifications in the initial and final state, taking the spatio-temporal distribution of matter during the A-A collision into account [84–86].
Predictions for the LHC heavy ion programme
Using the absolute values of the elements in first two rows supplemented by the single phase γ measured in B → D(∗)K decays with the assumption of unitarity it is possible to extract Vtx elements from tree level processes with astonishing precision.
Summary of WG4: "Lifetime, mixing and weak mixing phase in charm and beauty, including direct determination of V_{tx}