• Men and Women Singers, Flute-players, Harpists, And Dancers, from the Tomb of Ti
    Men and Women Singers, Flute-players, Harpists, And Dancers, from the Tomb of Ti
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n singer a person who sings
    • n Singer United States writer (born in Poland) of Yiddish stories and novels (1904-1991)
    • n Singer United States inventor of an improved chain-stitch sewing machine (1811-1875)
    • ***

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Singers' Waggon Singers' Waggon

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Singer Chaka Khan came out with a line of chocolates called "Chakalates."
    • n Singer One who sings; especially, one whose profession is to sing.
    • n Singer sĭn"jẽr One who, or that which, singes.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Singer Paula Abdul used to be a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers
    • n singer One who sings; one who makes music with the voice; specifically, a trained or professional vocalist.
    • n singer In the early church and in the Greek Church, a member of one of the minor orders of clergy; one who is ordained to sing in the church. The order existed as early as the third or fourth century. In the early church the singers were distinctively called canonical, singers.
    • n singer One who composes or rehearses anything in verse.
    • n singer A bird that sings; a bird that naturally sings well, or can be trained to sing tunes; a singing bird: as, the male mocking-bird is a singer, but the female is not; the canary is a good singer.
    • n singer One who or that which singes. Specifically, in calico-manuf.:
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Melba toast is named after an Australian opera singer Dame Nellie Melba
    • Singer one who sings: one whose occupation is to sing
    • ***


  • Harry Belafonte
    Harry Belafonte
    “You can cage the singer but not the song.”
  • Gioacchino Antonio Rossini
    Gioacchino Antonio Rossini
    “How wonderful opera would be if there were no singers.”
  • Bodenstedt
    “To banish cares, scare away sorrow and soothe pain is the business of the poet and singer.”
  • Malcolm Mclaren
    Malcolm Mclaren
    “Rock and roll doesn't necessarily mean a band. It doesn't mean a singer, and it doesn't mean a lyric, really. It's that question of trying to be immortal.”
  • Horace
    “This is a fault common to all singers, that among their friends they will never sing when they are asked; unasked, they will never desist.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
From Singe
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. singan; Ger. singen, Goth. siggwan.


In literature:

Billy was a great carol singer.
"The Little Manx Nation - 1891" by Hall Caine
The lane wound around and around, and, as the singers and dancers went forward they increased in vehemence.
"The Keepers of the Trail" by Joseph A. Altsheler
She wondered whether it was the window of the singer's own especial room.
"Fair Margaret" by Francis Marion Crawford
Search for the singer failed to find it, until we noted that the bird on the nest seemed to be singing.
"Birds of the Rockies" by Leander Sylvester Keyser
Phaeacia shows an intense interest in that story and the bard approves himself its worthy singer.
"Homer's Odyssey" by Denton J. Snider
If some singers are good cooks it does not follow that all good cooks are singers.
"The Merry-Go-Round" by Carl Van Vechten
She could make her fortune as a singer, and I believe she wishes to try it.
"Casa Braccio, Volumes 1 and 2 (of 2)" by F. Marion Crawford
If the Singer should make his Fortune, it is but just the Master, to whom it has been owing, should be also a Sharer in it.
"Observations on the Florid Song" by Pier Francesco Tosi
Silvia leaned out of the window and looked down at the singer.
"Lippincott's Magazine, December 1878" by Various
The singers in the organ-loft saw nothing, for the Senator was concealed from their view.
"The Dodge Club" by James De Mille

In poetry:

TENDER of words should singer be,
Sweetbrier, who would tell of thee;
One who has drunk with eager lip
And treasured thy companionship;--
"Sweetbrier" by Annie Adams Fields
Brave Heart, Sweet Singer! Speed you well
To those dim islands of the blest,
Far--far--and ever farther, till
The end of distance brings you rest!
"Vale" by Isabel Ecclestone Mackay
Your lips had learned a golden word,
You sang a song that all men heard,
Oh, love is fleet, the strain is long.
Who stays the singer from her song?
"Won" by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward
A singer once, I now am fain to weep,
Within my soul I feel strange music swell,
Vast chants of tragedy too deep - too deep
For my poor lips to tell.
"From the Somme" by Leslie Coulson
Rolling downward, through the midnight,
Comes a glorious burst of heav’nly song;
’Tis a chorus full of sweetness—
And the singers are an angel throng.
"The Angel's Song" by Robert Wadsworth Lowry
"And when I try to tell what else may be
Of joy for me in memory, still I hear
The singer, nor for love nor death appear
Nor victory, his choice; he sang of three.
"Revery Of Rosamond In Her Bower" by Annie Adams Fields

In news:

Betty Duarte-Matwick is artistic director, singer and bass player for Mariachi Pasion, a 13-woman mariachi band, the only all-woman mariachi band in Arizona.
Today, we hear from singer, songwriter and musician Ceci Bastida .
The singer reportedly felt ill during the Mexico City date of her mega successful Born This Way Ball tour, but she didn't stop the show.
Singer-songwriter-guitarist Kyle Alden of San Anselmo performed a solo set of W.B.
This was one of Bearfoot's final appearances featuring its current lineup, as singer Nora Jane Struthers and bassist P.J.
Oct 10, 2012 — This was one of the bluegrass band's final concert appearances featuring its current lineup, as singer Nora Jane Struthers and bassist P.J.
The Nigerian singer Tuface performing at the Johannesburg kickoff for MTV Base, the new African channel.
The singer Lebo Mathosa and Bill Roedy, an MTV executive.
Muppets, Rod Stewart, 'Voice' singers, Eric Benet join CeeLo for Christmas.
With his sixth studio album and new single, "Harriett Jones," soul singer Eric Benét is back in a big way.
Chester Bennington , Lead Singer of Linkin Park.
She's also a phenomenal singer.
Eartha Kitt, Sultry Singer and Actress Dies.
The Eric Bibb Band will accompany the singer-guitarist at Saturday's appearance.
Blues singer-guitarist Eric Bibb .

In science:

Tzafriri, On a problem of Kadison and Singer, J.
Coordinate restrictions of linear operators in $l_2^n$
The identity of these two different versions of K-homology is the content of the Atiyah-Singer index theorem.
Quantum Field Theory and Representation Theory: A Sketch
Then it is well-known that S = {sa | a ∈ F∗ q4 } is a cyclic subgroup of GL4(q) . A generator of S is called a Singer cycle; see Satz II.7.3 in Huppert [Hup67].
Transitive simple subgroups of wreath products in product action
Roughly speaking, the Prelle-Singer type methods consist of three parts.
The rational generalized integrating factors for first-order ODEs
We conclude that as in original version of the Prelle-Singer method we are not able here on the base of orders of polynomials define their common degree bound.
The rational generalized integrating factors for first-order ODEs