• WordNet 3.6
    • adj shy wary and distrustful; disposed to avoid persons or things "shy of strangers"
    • adj shy lacking self-confidence "stood in the doorway diffident and abashed","problems that call for bold not timid responses","a very unsure young man"
    • adj shy short "eleven is one shy of a dozen"
    • v shy throw quickly
    • v shy start suddenly, as from fright
    • n shy a quick throw "he gave the ball a shy to the first baseman"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: A recent study conducted by the Shyness Clinic in Menlo Park, California, revealed that almost 90 percent of Americans label themselves as shy.
    • Shy A side throw; a throw; a fling. "If Lord Brougham gets a stone in his hand, he must, it seems, have a shy at somebody."
    • Shy A sudden start aside, as by a horse.
    • Shy Cautious; wary; suspicious. "I am very shy of using corrosive liquors in the preparation of medicines.""Princes are, by wisdom of state, somewhat shy of thier successors."
    • Shy Easily frightened; timid; as, a shy bird. "The horses of the army . . . were no longer shy , but would come up to my very feet without starting."
    • Shy Inadequately supplied; short; lacking; as, the team is shy two players.
    • Shy (Poker) owing money to the pot; -- in cases where an opponent's bet has exceeded a player's available stake or chips, but the player chooses to continue playing the hand before adding the required bet to the pot.
    • Shy Reserved; coy; disinclined to familiar approach. "What makes you so shy , my good friend? There's nobody loves you better than I.""The embarrassed look of shy distress
      And maidenly shamefacedness."
    • v. i Shy To start suddenly aside through fright or suspicion; -- said especially of horses.
    • v. t Shy To throw sidewise with a jerk; to fling; as, to shy a stone; to shy a slipper.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • shy Readily frightened away; easily startled; skittish; timid.
    • shy Shrinking from familiarity or self-assertive-ness; sensitively timid; retiring; bashful; coy.
    • shy Keeping away from some person or thing through timidity or caution; fearful of approaching; disposed to avoid: followed by of.
    • shy Cautious; wary; careful: commonly followed by of or about.
    • shy Elusive; hard to find, get at, obtain, or accomplish.
    • shy Morally circumspect; scrupulous.
    • shy Keen; piercing; bold; sharp.
    • shy Sly; sharp; cunning.
    • shy Scant. The wind is said to be shy when it will barely allow a vessel to sail on her course.
    • shy Synonyms Diffident, shamefaced. See bashfulness.
    • shy To shrink or start back or aside, as in sudden fear: said specifically of a horse.
    • shy To avoid; shun (a person).
    • n shy A sudden start aside, as from fear, especially one made by a horse.
    • shy To fling; throw; jerk; toss.
    • shy To throw off; toss or send out at random.
    • shy To throw a missile; specifically, to jerk.
    • n shy A quick, jerking, or careless throw; a fling.
    • n shy A fling; a sneer; a gibe.
    • n shy A trial; an experiment.
    • shy Hence, in general, to lack; be short of: as, to be shy four dollars.
    • n shy In cricket, a ball thrown instead of bowled.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Shy shī timid: reserved: cautious: suspicious: elusive, hard to find
    • v.i Shy to start aside, as a horse from fear
    • v.t Shy to avoid:—pa.t. and pa.p. shīed
    • n Shy a sudden swerving aside
    • v.t Shy shī to fling, throw, toss
    • v.i Shy to jerk
    • n Shy a throw, a fling: a gibe, sneer: a trial
    • ***


  • William Wordsworth
    “The flower that smells the sweetest is shy and lowly.”
  • Sir Henry Taylor
    Sir Henry Taylor
    “Shy and unready men are great betrayers of secrets; for there are few wants more urgent for the moment than the want of something to say.”
  • Diane Sawyer
    Diane Sawyer
    “People assume you can't be shy and be on television. They're wrong.”


Once bitten, twice shy - If somebody is said to be once bitten twice shy, it means that someone who has been hurt or who has had something go wrong will be far more careful the next time.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. schey, skey, sceouh, AS. sceóh,; akin to Dan. sky, Sw. skygg, D. schuw, MHG. schiech, G. scheu, OHG. sciuhen, to be or make timid. Cf. Eschew


In literature:

Then he smiled, a shy nervous smile.
"King John of Jingalo" by Laurence Housman
One of the oldest rangers there, and one notoriously shy with women, made me the object of a general laugh.
"I Married a Ranger" by Dama Margaret Smith
She wanted to be gracious to him, but she was unaccountably shy.
"The Swindler and Other Stories" by Ethel M. Dell
He was shy as only men can be; but he almost forgot it in her sympathetic presence.
"Prisoners" by Mary Cholmondeley
It is not often that I feel shy, but I do feel shy of this aunt of yours.
"The Rebellion of Margaret" by Geraldine Mockler
Miller's horse, shying, swerving unexpectedly, had thrown him.
"Judith of Blue Lake Ranch" by Jackson Gregory
The girl slanted a quick, shy glance at him.
"The Yukon Trail" by William MacLeod Raine
This monkey does not, as a rule, descend lower than 2,500 to 3,000 feet; it is shy and wary.
"Natural History of the Mammalia of India and Ceylon" by Robert A. Sterndale
Perhaps they were too shy, though they didn't seem shy in other ways.
"The Heather-Moon" by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
I've offered to buy them drinks and all that, but they seem to shy off.
"Overland Red" by Henry Herbert Knibbs

In poetry:

The new moon a slender thing,
In a snood of virgin light,
She seemed all shy on venturing
Into the vast night.
"Lines In Memory Of Edmund Morris" by Duncan Campbell Scott
Sun of autumn, thin and shy
And fruit drops off the trees,
Blue silence fills the peace
Of a tardy afternoon’s sky.
"Whispered Into Afternoon" by Georg Trakl
Shy blossoming primroses,
forget-me-nots of blue,
and here a blade and there a blade
of green things peeping through.
"A Little Bit Of Garden" by William Henry Ogilvie
Feel again the strange shy newness,
The betrothing one first kiss?
Oh, my own, you are remembering
In an hour like this."
"No News From The War" by Augusta Davies Webster
An' lang an' couthie was the crack,
But ne'er a word said I,
Till faither said—Hech, Mary, lass,
Ye'r unco dull and shy.
"Mary Lee: A Ballad" by Janet Hamilton
What in your tresses never yet
Breathed Helen, and outstrips
Just Cleopatra's witchcraft glance,
Just Rosamond's shy lips;
"Immortal Eve - II" by Manmohan Ghose

In news:

Shy kids entering kindergarten at 'academic disadvantage ': study.
Ming Ming, left, and Shi Tou, her partner of 10 years, walking on the streets of Tongren, their hometown in Guizhou province.
People in Santa Cruz aren't shy about expressing themselves on election day.
Nancy Smith with one of the wolves at Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples, Florida.
Everyone always says to get involved in college, but for someone as shy as I am, that sounds easier said than done.
"What Turns Shy Boy Into Sex Killer".
Not recommended for the shy (or the easily excited), the shopping experience at Bra Smyth is truly hands-on.
Fleury already has 31 wins this season, only nine shy of his career high.
NBC NATIONAL NEWS — It's not very often you hear stories about items being found in a sewer, but Jason Hart and Kevin Osborne aren't too shy when it comes to telling you the value of what they recently found.
Shia LaBeouf shy in his creative endeavors: His latest project, a music video for the band Sigur Rós, has him baring it all, body and soul.
STIGLER — Shasta "Shy" Oliver, 86, of Stigler died Wednesday, Oct 10, 2012, in Stigler.
Joe Shied has served with the Police Department in Coldwater for 16 years, the last 11 years as sergeant.
John's Black Dirt owner never shied away from hard work.
Leroy Haluptzok, 60, wasn't the kind of fellow to shy away from hard work – even from an early age.
Homes Where Industry Shied Away.

In science:

Shi for the random random walks part, and T.
Random walks and polymers in the presence of quenched disorder
This is the very large deviation regime discussed (together with a number of boundary cases) by Gantert, K¨onig and Shi in [GKS05].
Moderate deviations for random walk in random scenery
Hu, Y. and Shi, Z. (2006+). A sub-diffusive behaviour of recurrent random walk in random environment on a regular tree.
Slow movement of random walk in random environment on a regular tree
A final reference on RWRS of interest is Gantert, K¨onig and Shi , where the small, moderate and large deviation behavior of sums of scenery values seen along the walk are reviewed.
Random walk in random scenery: A survey of some recent results
Hu Y. and Shi Z., The limits of Sinai’s simple random walk in random environment, Ann.
Random walk in random environment with asymptotically zero perturbation