• WordNet 3.6
    • n shrewdness intelligence manifested by being astute (as in business dealings)
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n shrewdness The state or quality of being shrewd. (a ) Badness; wickedness; iniquity.
    • n shrewdness Sagaciousness; astuteness; sharpness: as, a man of great shrewdness and penetration.
    • n shrewdness A company or group (of apes).
    • n shrewdness Synonyms see shrewd.
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  • Bible
    “Be not curious in unnecessary matters: for more things are shrewd unto thee than men understand.”
  • Alexander Pope
    “There goes a saying, and 'twas shrewdly said, Old fish at table, but young flesh in bed.”
  • Charles Horton Cooley
    “A talent somewhat above mediocrity, shrewd and not too sensitive, is more likely to rise in the world than genius.”


In literature:

He was far too shrewd to go straight back to the topic burked by his own error.
"The Stowaway Girl" by Louis Tracy
They have a certain shrewdness coupled, perhaps, with the capacity for making money.
"Lights and Shadows of New York Life" by James D. McCabe
By a Club, a keen and shrewd Chance at a remark to be well caught.
"The Square of Sevens" by E. Irenaeus Stevenson
Perhaps his Yankee shrewdness saw larger profits in hay and cattle than in washing gravel.
"Forty-one Thieves" by Angelo Hall
In reply to politely expressed phrases of concern the old lady's shrewd eyes twinkled.
"Quisanté" by Anthony Hope
Might he not even, if he were a shrewd man, suspect that that was the very object and aim which his informants had in view?
"Home Rule" by Harold Spender
Kolbjoern, a man who resembled the king, sprang to his side and helped him shrewdly in the fray.
"Historical Tales, Vol. 9 (of 15)" by Charles Morris
From the course of this business he drew one of those shrewd, practical conclusions which aided him so much in life.
"Benjamin Franklin" by John Torrey Morse, Jr.
The latter studied the signature shrewdly.
"Marjorie Dean, College Sophomore" by Pauline Lester
He was an uncommonly shrewd man and had formed a pretty good opinion of detectives and of his ability to outwit them.
"The Expressman and the Detective" by Allan Pinkerton

In poetry:

Perhaps Fame thinks his worried eyes,
His wrinkled, shrewd, pathetic face,
His shop, and all he sells and buys
Are desperately commonplace.
"Delicatessen" by Alfred Joyce Kilmer
"Thou art a shrewd debtor!" said the abb-ot;
"Sir justice, drink to me!
What dost thou here," said the abb-ot,
"But thou hadst brought thy pay?"
"Robin Hood" by Henry Morley
Yet may he meet with many a friend —
Shrewd shadows, lingering long unseen
Among us when "God save the Queen"
Shows even "extras" have an end.
"Possibilities" by Rudyard Kipling
Half a genius, quick to plan,
Blundering like an Irishman,
But with canny shrewdness lent
By his far-off Scotch descent,
Such was Abram Morrison.
"Abram Morrison" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Then old Atlantic calmed his raid,
As though some shrewd Philistine maid
Had won his heart and ta'en away
His bristling waves and angry spray —
"Descriptive Voyage From New York To Aspinwall" by James Madison Bell
But eyes in vain were turned to watch
That face so hard and shrewd and strong;
And ears in vain grew sharp to catch
The meaning of that morning song.
"A Sea Dream" by John Greenleaf Whittier

In news:

In reference to Joyce Carol Oates's re-view: Joe Louis was shrewdly managed by black men, not whites.
For some time now, shrewd pundits and fans have been wondering, when will Jerzy Janowicz arrive.
In Crisis Mode, Motoring Shrewdly.
Alfred Hitchcock might have been a bully, a voyeur and a snob, but to judge from a biopic opening Friday, the master filmmaker was also a shrewd subversive who beat stodgy Hollywood suits at their own game.
In Hitchcock, Anthony Hopkins plays Alfred Hitchcock as a shrewd negotiator.
The shrewd shopper carries a smartphone on Black Friday.
Possessing a practical and often shrewd understanding of human affairs.
Art Collection Could Prove Shrewd Investment for Lehman Brothers.
Gilt .com, which is better known for hocking expensive luxury-branded items to its members for for reduced prices, is partnering with VW for a bit of marketing so shrewd we couldn't resist reporting on it.
At such a young age, you might think this shrewd fund manager is unworthy of being called an investment legend.
Ed Morrissey has an interesting column in This Week, arguing that Joe Biden's gay marriage comments may have been a shrewd political calculation as opposed to a slipup during routine bloviation.
Sept 15, 2012 10:42 a.m. A scheming Southern belle, a crooked lawyer, a jilted husband, a shrewd police detective and a poisonous snake all take center stage in "Scandal Point," The Lakeside Players' fall production.
Shrewd consumers have their apps loaded and ready.
Shrewd holiday shoppers use apps.
The untested leader has proved to be shrewd and savvy, consolidating his grip on power and boosting his image.

In science:

However, in others, such as gambling or cryptography, the use of pseudo-randomness may be detrimental—a shrewd adversary might identify and exploit any deviation from true randomness.
Private Randomness Expansion With Untrusted Devices
Their construction did not come easy, though, and have required decades of shrewd work by many people, exploiting some of the most powerful tools of theoretical physics: Bosonization, the Renormalization Group, Bethe’s Ansatz, and most recently Conformal Field Theory (CFT).
Interacting Electrons and Localized Spins: Exact Results from Conformal Field Theory