• WordNet 3.6
    • v service make fit for use "service my truck","the washing machine needs to be serviced"
    • v service mate with "male animals serve the females for breeding purposes"
    • v service be used by; as of a utility "The sewage plant served the neighboring communities","The garage served to shelter his horses"
    • n service the performance of duties by a waiter or servant "that restaurant has excellent service"
    • n service periodic maintenance on a car or machine "it was time for an overhaul on the tractor"
    • n service the act of delivering a writ or summons upon someone "he accepted service of the subpoena"
    • n service (sports) a stroke that puts the ball in play "his powerful serves won the game"
    • n service work done by one person or group that benefits another "budget separately for goods and services"
    • n service (law) the acts performed by an English feudal tenant for the benefit of his lord which formed the consideration for the property granted to him
    • n service employment in or work for another "he retired after 30 years of service"
    • n service the act of mating by male animals "the bull was worth good money in servicing fees"
    • n service the act of public worship following prescribed rules "the Sunday service"
    • n service an act of help or assistance "he did them a service"
    • n service tableware consisting of a complete set of articles (silver or dishware) for use at table
    • n service a means of serving "of no avail","there's no help for it"
    • n service a company or agency that performs a public service; subject to government regulation
    • n service a force that is a branch of the armed forces
    • n Service Canadian writer (born in England) who wrote about life in the Yukon Territory (1874-1958)
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Additional illustrations & photos:

Sample of the "Capital News and Feature Service" Sample of the "Capital News and Feature Service"
Lafayette Offering His Services to Franklin Lafayette Offering His Services to Franklin
Distinguished Service Cross Distinguished Service Cross
Distinguished Service Order Distinguished Service Order

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Israel is the only country in the world, which has compulsory military service for women.
    • Service (Bot) A name given to several trees and shrubs of the genus Pyrus, as Pyrus domestica and P. torminalis of Europe, the various species of mountain ash or rowan tree, and the American shad bush (see Shad bush, under Shad). They have clusters of small, edible, applelike berries.
    • Service Act of serving or covering. See Serve v. t., 13.
    • Service Duty performed in, or appropriate to, any office or charge; official function; hence, specifically, military or naval duty; performance of the duties of a soldier. "When he cometh to experience of service abroad . . . ne maketh a worthy soldier."
    • Service Hence, a musical composition for use in churches.
    • Service Office of devotion; official religious duty performed; religious rites appropriate to any event or ceremonial; as, a burial service . "The outward service of ancient religion, the rites, ceremonies, and ceremonial vestments of the old law."
    • Service Profession of respect; acknowledgment of duty owed. "Pray, do my service to his majesty."
    • Service The act and manner of bringing food to the persons who eat it; order of dishes at table; also, a set or number of vessels ordinarily used at table; as, the service was tardy and awkward; a service of plate or glass. "There was no extraordinary service seen on the board."
    • Service (Law) The act of bringing to notice, either actually or constructively, in such manner as is prescribed by law; as, the service of a subpœna or an attachment.
    • Service (Tennis) The act of serving the ball.
    • Service The act of serving; the occupation of a servant; the performance of labor for the benefit of another, or at another's command; attendance of an inferior, hired helper, slave, etc., on a superior, employer, master, or the like; also, spiritual obedience and love. "O God . . . whose service is perfect freedom.""Madam, I entreat true peace of you, Which I will purchase with my duteous service .""God requires no man's service upon hard and unreasonable terms."
    • Service The deed of one who serves; labor performed for another; duty done or required; office. "I have served him from the hour of my nativity, . . . and have nothing at his hands for my service but blows.""This poem was the last piece of service I did for my master, King Charles.""To go on the forlorn hope is a service of peril; who will understake it if it be not also a service of honor?"
    • Service (Naut) The materials used for serving a rope, etc., as spun yarn, small lines, etc.
    • Service Useful office; advantage conferred; that which promotes interest or happiness; benefit; avail. "The stork's plea, when taken in a net, was the service she did in picking up venomous creatures."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The first scheduled airplane passenger service in the world was between Tampa and St. Petersburg, Fla., in 1914.
    • n service The act of serving, or attendance, in any sense; the rendering of duty to another; obedience; the performance of any office or labor for another.
    • n service Specifically.
    • n service Spiritual obedience, reverence, and love.
    • n service The duty which a tenant owes to a lord for his fee: thus, personal service consists in homage and fealty, etc.; annual service in rent, suit to the court of the lord, etc.; accidental services in heriots, reliefs, etc.
    • n service Place or position of a servant; employment as a servant; state of being or acting as a servant; menial employ or capacity: as, to be out of service.
    • n service Labor performed for another; assistance rendered; obligation conferred; duty done or required; office.
    • n service Duty performed in, or appropriate to, any office or charge; official function: as, the diplomatic service; the consular service; hence, specifically, military or naval duty; performance of the duties of a soldier or sailor; formerly, a bold and daring performance of such duties; also, the army or navy as a profession.
    • n service A useful office; an advantage conferred or brought about; benefit or good performed, done, or caused; use; employment.
    • n service Profession of respect uttered or sent: as, my service to you, sir.
    • n service Suit as a lover; professed love.
    • n service Public religious worship and instruction conducted according to the forms or methods prescribed by ecclesiastical law, precept, or custom in any given communion: as, the services for the following week are, etc.
    • n service A liturgical form prescribed for public worship; also, a form prescribed for public worship or ceremonial of some special character; an office: as, the marriage service.
    • n service A full set of musical settings of the congregational or choral canticles, chants, etc., of a liturgy, especially of the Anglican liturgy. It does not include metrical hymns or special anthems. The full list of parts for the Anglican morning prayer, communion office, and evening prayer includes the Venite, Te Deum, Benedicite, Benedictus (Dominus), Jubilate, Kyrie, Nicene Creed, Sanctus, Agnus, Benedictus (qui venit), Gloria in Excelsis, Magnificat, Cantate, Nunc Dimittis, and Deus Misereatur; but all of these are not usually contained in any one service.
    • n service Things required for use; furniture. Especially
    • n service An assortment of table-linen.
    • n service That which is served. A course served up at table.
    • n service The portion served to an individual; an allowance of food or drink.
    • n service In law. See service of a writ, etc., below, and serve, v. t., 17.
    • n service In lawn-tennis, that striking of the ball with the racket which commences a turn of play; also, the ball thus struck: as, he made a swift service.
    • n service The small cordage wound round a rope in serving. Also serving.
    • n service That which is supplied or furnished; the act or means of supplying something which is in general demand, or of furnishing specific accommodation: said of transportation: as, railway or mail service; cab service: also of the distribution of water and light: as, electric-light service.
    • n service A service-pipe.
    • n service A service in which music is used as much as possible.
    • n service Figuratively, to have been put to hard use or wear.
    • n service Same as service-tree.
    • n service The fruit of the service-tree.
    • n service The act of copulation between domesticated animals, especially cattle and horses.
    • service Used ordinarily and every day, as distinguished from use under unusual conditions or in an emergency.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The standard blue U.S. Postal Service mailbox can hold approximately 4,000 letters at a time.
    • n Service sėr′vis condition or occupation of a servant: a working for another: duty required in any office: military or naval duty: any liturgical form or office, public religious worship, religious ceremonial: a musical composition for devotional purposes: labour, assistance, or kindness to another: benefit: profession of respect: order of dishes at table, or a set of them: official function, use, employment: that which is furnished: a tree of rarely more than 30 feet high, with leaves and flowers like the Rowan-tree, but the former downy beneath—also Sorb
    • ***


  • Henri Frederic Amiel
    “Cleverness is serviceable for everything, sufficient for nothing.”
  • William Shakespeare
    “'Tis mad idolatry To make the service greater than the god.”
  • Mark Caine
    Mark Caine
    “The successful man doesn't use others, other people use the successful man, for above all the success is of service.”
  • Henry Miller
    “The waking mind is the least serviceable in the arts.”
  • W. Somerset Maugham
    “The ability to quote is a serviceable substitute for wit.”
  • James R. Cook
    James R. Cook
    “You are never giving, nor can you ever give, enough service.”


Lip service - When people pay lip service to something, they express their respect, but they don't act on their words, so the respect is hollow and empty.
Yeoman's service - (UK) To do yeoman's service is to serve in an exemplary manner.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Properly, the tree which bears serve, OE. serves, pl., service berries, AS. syrfe, service tree; akin to L. sorbus,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—L. servitium.


In literature:

The Major entered the public service of the British Government in 1805, and was connected with the army in India for twenty years.
"Cotton is King and The Pro-Slavery Arguments" by Various
One service cannot be judged by the standards of another service.
"The War in the Air; Vol. 1" by Walter Raleigh
This is the true service of God, the service well pleasing to him; unto which may God help us.
"Epistle Sermons, Vol. II" by Martin Luther
I am apt to think the plan will be more serviceable as it now stands than as it was before.
"The History of Dartmouth College" by Baxter Perry Smith
Calhoun was very much annoyed with the way the Med Service had been operated in Sector Twelve.
"Pariah Planet" by Murray Leinster
This service requires very little time, and should be given cheerfully by every service man.
"The Automobile Storage Battery" by O. A. Witte
I have something important to tell a member of the United States Secret Service.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, May, 1930" by Various
The Sunday afternoon services in the church were conducted by the Rev.
"The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume V"
The Labor convention did likewise, Mrs. Edith DeLong Jarmuth rendering valuable service on the committee.
"The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume VI" by Various
Each man performs a certain service which he exchanges for the services of others.
"History of Human Society" by Frank W. Blackmar

In poetry:

Love, the man,
Sought a service all about;
But they called him feeble, one
They could do without.
"Love's History" by George MacDonald
And something whispered in her thought,
More sweet than mortal voices be
"The service thou for him hast wrought
O daughter! hath been done for me."
""I Was A Stranger, And Ye Took Me In"" by John Greenleaf Whittier
But thou; Alas, what can I do for thee?
By Fate, and thine own beauty, set above
The need of all or any aid from me,
Too high for service, as too far for love.
""To the Unattainable"" by Laurence Hope
But from Christ's service, we shall surely gain
A glorious kingdom for our place of rest —
Where, through his favour, we shall ever reign
In endless joys and honour, with the blest.
"Advice To Serve God" by Rees Prichard
'I hope that thou wilt be my friend, oh Spring,
And give me service of thy winds and streams.
It needs must be that he will hear thy voice,
For thou art much as I was when he woo'd
And won me long ago beside the Dee.
"Crazed" by Sydney Thompson Dobell
"You call the men of England, their strength, their toil, their gold,
But us you haven't summoned, who served your sires of old;
For service high or humble, for tribute great and small,
You call them and they answer — but us you do not call."
"The Song Of The Mill" by Cicely Fox Smith

In news:

An adult day care serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community is hosting an open house to educate service providers, health care agencies, community leaders and other professionals about its facility, services and programs.
Services include preventive care, corrective services and cosmetic dentistry.
A Cattaraugus County man with 23 years' service in county government will serve as Fulton County's new director of information services and printing.
Crow Wing County Board members suggested Mark Liedl, Land Services director, may be a good option as interim director of the county's community services department.
It's called the US Preventive Services Task Force, a committee of "experts" appointed by the Department of Health & Human Services.
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has finalized a rule that will permit contractors to write off significantly higher amounts of money spent on service vans and light trucks.
With an eye to improving its service strategy workshops and seminars, Arinc Direct Flight Support Services of Annapolis, Md.
Viewed as commodity providers, service companies compete on price in order to help the operator lower the cost of these services.
Department of Laobr, Health and Human Services, and Internal Revenue Service.
The Boston-to-Portland service becomes a Boston-to-Brunswick service effective Nov 1.
Ken Warren is the public affairs officer for the South Florida Ecological Services Office in Vero Beach, a unit of the US Fish and Wildlife Service.
Memorial services for Mavis Buckingham will be Sunday, Oct 14 at 2:30 pm at Linn's Funeral Home, Iowa Falls Chapel, 1521 Washington Ave, Iowa Falls, Iowa with visitation following the service.
Attunity plans to offer a service that will let organizations synchronize and replicate data from their in-house servers to Amazon Web Services' S3 storage service.
CINCINNATI — Kroger announced that it has kicked off a sales event during May that will support the broad range of programs and services the United Service Organizations provides to service members, their families and veterans.
Putting the "Service" in Service Provider As much as anything, WISPs know they can beat the cable companies one way: service.

In science:

Grid Services based Web Services prototype into the Globus toolkit.
Distributed Heterogeneous Relational Data Warehouse In A Grid Environment
There were some minor, but difficult to find, problems in interoperation between the SOAPpy tools and Apache Axis; the data structures used in the web services calls are possibly more complicated than had been previously used between the two web services implementations.
Data storage, processing and visualisation for the ATCA
Several client applications make use of the web service interface; the RVSViewer - a traditional image viewer, a thumbnail service - providing preview images and a session viewer.
Data storage, processing and visualisation for the ATCA
Let µnb denote the service rate at source n when the other source is backlogged and µne the service rate when the other source is empty.
On the Shannon capacity and queueing stability of random access multicast
Since each completed service in the retransmission scheme results in 1 packet being removed from the queue, the average service rate is given by µn = 1/E [Tn ]. µnb .
On the Shannon capacity and queueing stability of random access multicast