• WordNet 3.6
    • n sensitivity the ability to respond to affective changes in your interpersonal environment
    • n sensitivity the ability to respond to physical stimuli or to register small physical amounts or differences "a galvanometer of extreme sensitivity","the sensitiveness of Mimosa leaves does not depend on a change of growth"
    • n sensitivity (physiology) responsiveness to external stimuli; the faculty of sensation "sensitivity to pain"
    • n sensitivity sensitivity to emotional feelings (of self and others)
    • n sensitivity susceptibility to a pathogen
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Birds are largely unaffected by spicy things, like chilies, as they not sensitive to capsaicin, the hot stuff in chilies.
    • n Sensitivity The quality or state of being sensitive; -- used chiefly in science and the arts; as, the sensitivity of iodized silver. "Sensitivity and emotivity have also been used as the scientific term for the capacity of feeling."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The little overhang of bone and feathers over an eagle's eye is there to protect the sensitive eyeball from the mountain and desert sun. It's not meant to make the bird look fierce.
    • n sensitivity The state of being sensitive; sensitiveness. Specifically
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: During menstruation, the sensitivity of a woman's middle finger is reduced.
    • n Sensitivity the state of being sensitive: keen sensibility: the state of being delicately adjusted, as a balance:
    • n Sensitivity (chem.) the state of being readily affected by the action of appropriate agents
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  • Zig Ziglar
    “Are you a SNIOP? Someone who is Sensitive to the Negative Influence Of Others?”
  • Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
    “Do not give in too much to feelings. A overly sensitive heart is an unhappy possession on this shaky earth.”
  • Henry David Thoreau
    “It is usually the imagination that is wounded first, rather than the heart; it being much more sensitive.”
  • Barbara De Angelis
    “Men are just as sensitive, and in some ways more sensitive, than women are.”
  • Dan Quayle
    “People that are really weird can get into sensitive positions and have a tremendous impact on history.”
  • James A. Froude
    “Science rests on reason and experiment, and can meet an opponent with calmness; but a belief is always sensitive.”


In literature:

Never had he known any woman so sensitive as his cousin Lucia.
"The Divine Fire" by May Sinclair
Furthermore there is an increasing sensitiveness of woman to the disagreeable phases of housework.
"The Nervous Housewife" by Abraham Myerson
He is extraordinarily sensitive, you know.
"The Necromancers" by Robert Hugh Benson
Because of his lack of acquired experience, there is in the child an extreme sensitiveness to impressions from outside.
"The Nervous Child" by Hector Charles Cameron
He was a slim young man with a delicate, sensitive face and intelligent brown eyes.
"Unleavened Bread" by Robert Grant
Everything on a vast scale, including sensitiveness.
"Christopher and Columbus" by Countess Elizabeth Von Arnim
Their spiritual bodies are highly organized and sensitive to a fine degree.
"Life in a Thousand Worlds" by William Shuler Harris
The special senses of sight and hearing must be sensitized.
"Outwitting Our Nerves" by Josephine A. Jackson and Helen M. Salisbury
It keeps for a long time uninjured, and is "sensitized" when wanted, as we shall see by-and-by.
"Atlantic Monthly, Vol. XII. July, 1863, No. LXIX." by Various
It took us in different fashion, each according to the measure of his sensitiveness and powers of resistance.
"Famous Modern Ghost Stories" by Various

In poetry:

And always now so sensitive
Her poor heart is,
That moment will push in between
His kindest kiss.
"The Selector’s Wife" by Mary Eliza Fullerton
A sensitive soul and tender
The flung—away lily found:
He had seen it in hours of splendour,
So he lifted it from the ground.
"A Snow-White Lily" by Alfred Austin
O Burns! thy life was sad, we know,
Thy sensitive and fertile mind
Had to withstand full many a blow,
Dealt by the ignorant and blind.
"Robert Burns" by Thomas Frederick Young
But the breath of the nettle stung her,
And the thistle's rude embrace
Burned her sensitive nature,
And scarred the fair, stained face.
"A Stained Lily" by Madge Morris Wagner
With sensitives I may compare,
While I their various natures share:
Their distinct names may justly suit
A strange, a reasonable brute.
"The Believer's Riddle; or, the Mystery of Faith" by Ralph Erskine
The rosebud, sign of youthful charms,
We well may give to thee,
And with it join the sweet frail leaves
Of the shrinking sensitive tree.
"To A Beautiful Child On Her Birthday With A Wreath Of Flowers" by Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon

In news:

Learning to outgrow a great deal of sensitivity over the years.
Don't read this if you have a sensitive stomach.
From email to social media to all types of apps for business, we need a collection of passwords to protect our sensitive data.
This new Nevada City production benefits from its sensitive portrayal of the lead character.
The only drawback is they seem overly sensitive to change.
Surface Technology Created to Provide Greater Sensitivity, Consistency, and Robustness.
They will be required to complete a cultural sensitivity course.
That motion, he said, is not time sensitive.
High-sensitivity accelerometers measure down-tilt and antenna plumb to within +/-.25?
Especially in cyberspace – local schools have protocol to follow when dealing with these sensitive cases.
US Navy fires on fishing boat in sensitive Strait of Hormuz.
Berkley introduced larger sizes of its NanoFil this year, which is good news to inshore anglers looking for a small-diameter, long-casting, super-sensitive line.
Flatter , Smarter and Socially Sensitive.
In the face of pricing sensitivity, producers are using fibers to lead the nonwovens market into new territories.
Not big--British are being overly sensitive.

In science:

The sensitivity of the X-ray surveys is comparable to other wavelength sensitivities and clusters can be detected out to z > 1 98 .
Cluster Surveys
It turns out that the probability of such non-perturbative fluctuations is exponentially sensitive to the mass of the W and so is exponentially sensitive to the expectation value hφi of whatever plays the role of the Higgs, since that’s where the W’s mass comes from.
Hot or dense matter
Furthermore the energy spectra extend to 50 GeV where the flux sensitivity of the IACT is not large so that the construction of new telescopes that are sensitive above this energy is now justified.
Status of VHE Astronomy c.2000
Sensitivity: New experiments are often characterized by their energy thresholds and flux sensitivities.
Status of VHE Astronomy c.2000
Figure 6 gives the integral flux sensitivity for various existing experiments as well as the predicted sensitivity for GLAST and VERITAS .
Status of VHE Astronomy c.2000