• Seeking of Rusty Pins and Old Nails--2-30-210
    Seeking of Rusty Pins and Old Nails--2-30-210
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v seek inquire for "seek directions from a local"
    • v seek try to locate or discover, or try to establish the existence of "The police are searching for clues","They are searching for the missing man in the entire county"
    • v seek go to or towards "a liquid seeks its own level"
    • v seek try to get or reach "seek a position","seek an education","seek happiness"
    • v seek make an effort or attempt "He tried to shake off his fears","The infant had essayed a few wobbly steps","The police attempted to stop the thief","He sought to improve himself","She always seeks to do good in the world"
    • n seek the movement of a read/write head to a specific data track on a disk
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Panurge Seeks the Advice of Pantagruel--3-08-240 Panurge Seeks the Advice of Pantagruel--3-08-240

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In the past 60 years, the groundhog has only predicted the weather correctly 28% of the time. The rushing back and forth from burrows is believed to indicate sexual activity, not shadow seeking
    • a Seek Sick.
    • Seek To go in search of; to look for; to search for; to try to find. "The man saked him, saying, What seekest thou? And he said, I seek my brethren."
    • Seek To inquire for; to ask for; to solicit; to beseech. "Others, tempting him, sought of him a sign."
    • v. i Seek To make search or inquiry; to endeavor to make discovery. "Seek ye out of the book of the Lord, and read.""To seek Upon a man and do his soul unrest."
    • Seek To try to acquire or gain; to strive after; to aim at; as, to seek wealth or fame; to seek one's life.
    • Seek To try to reach or come to; to go to; to resort to. "Seek not Bethel, nor enter into Gilgal.""Since great Ulysses sought the Phrygian plains."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: While seeking a name and package design for the world's first self-rising pancake mix, creator Chris L. Rutt saw a vaudeville team known as Baker and Farrell whose act included Baker singing the catchy song "Aunt Jemima" dressed as a Southern mammy. Inspired by the wholesome name and image, Rutt appropriated them both to market his new pancake mix.
    • seek To go in search or quest of; look or search for; endeavor to find: often followed by out.
    • seek To inquire for; ask for; solicit; desire or try to obtain.
    • seek To go to; resort to; have recourse to.
    • seek To aim at; pursue as an object; strive after; attempt: as, to seek a person's life or his ruin.
    • seek To try; endeavor: with an infinitive object.
    • seek To search; search through.
    • seek To look at; consult.
    • seek To go; proceed; resort; have recourse; apply: with to.
    • seek To search, or make search or inquiry.
    • seek (b ) At a loss; without knowledge, experience, or resources; helpless: used adjectively, usually with be.
    • seek A Middle English form of sick.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: According to experts, large caves tend to "breathe"; they inhale and exhale great quantities of air when the barometric pressure on the surface changes, and air rushes in or out seeking equilibrium.
    • v.t Seek sēk to go in search of: to look for: to try to find or gain: to ask for: to solicit: to pursue: to consult
    • v.i Seek to make search or inquiry: to try: to use solicitation:
    • v.i Seek (B.) to resort to:—pa.t. and pa.p. sought
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  • Lord Alfred Tennyson
    “To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”
  • Pablo Picasso
    “I do not seek, I find.”
  • Lao-Tzu
    “Seek not happiness too greedily, and be not fearful of unhappiness.”
  • Bertha Von Suttner
    Bertha Von Suttner
    “Seek not good from without: seek it within yourselves, or you will never find it.”
  • Bible
    “Seek and you will find.”
  • Andre Gide
    “Believe those who are seeking truth, doubt those who find it.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. seken, AS. sēcan, sēcean,; akin to OS. sōkian, LG. söken, D. zoeken, OHG. suohhan, G. suchen, Icel. sækja, Sw. söka, Dan. söge, Goth. sōkjan, and E. sake,. Cf. Beseech Ransack Sagacious Sake Soc


In literature:

But if we seek for poetry, we must, like Byron, quit civilized countries to find it on the sea or in the desert.
"Debit and Credit" by Gustav Freytag
All the burden of his confession was that he had fallen through seeking Felicita's happiness.
"Cobwebs and Cables" by Hesba Stretton
Through the night he was battling with most fearful visions, seeking to avoid tortures of hell.
"Bakemono Yashiki (The Haunted House)" by James S. De Benneville
And if it be so, it will then be easy for thee to seek the society thou didst wish for of him of whom thou wast thinking.
"The Mabinogion Vol. 2 (of 3)"
I immediately ran on deck and sauntered over towards that side, seeking to discover the traitor.
"The Black Wolf's Breed" by Harris Dickson
The town people were all agog, all the older ones seemed to be seeking Tony Bailles.
"Watch Yourself Go By" by Al. G. Field
To-morrow I will seek him out; to-morrow I will get from him what he knows of this woman you seek.
"An Outcast" by F. Colburn Adams
You know, young women, that common sense would have to play "hide-and-seek" in that company.
"Aims and Aids for Girls and Young Women" by George Sumner Weaver
Do not seek to have the wound skinned over.
"Expositions of Holy Scripture" by Alexander Maclaren
Her pride in her brother was large and she did not seek to conceal it.
"Before the Dawn" by Joseph Alexander Altsheler

In poetry:

"I was stricken," thou shalt say—
"Yet when beaten felt no pain—
When shall dawn another day?
I will seek it yet again!"
"The Effects of Wine" by John Pierpont
Each, all, they flee — by two — by three
They seek the shaft, to seek
An answer in each other's face,
To what they may not speak.
"The Hartley Calamity" by Joseph Skipsey
Would I had never tried to hold you,
Nor seek your white and flowing train!
Would I had never found your footsteps,
Or seeking them, had sought in vain!
"Angelique" by Heinrich Heine
Ah! I may not seek back now,
Neither be turned nor stayed.
Yet should I live, I'd seek her,
Once that my vows are paid!
And should I die I'd haunt her--
I being what God made!
"Essex" by Arthur Shearly Cripps
Seek then the word, the spirit seek to gain,
And, as for life, for grace cry out amain;
For they, who cry for grace, and hear his word,
To them faith's freely granted by the Lord.
"Advice, To Search For The Lord Jesus Christ" by Rees Prichard
What go ye seeking, seeking, seeking,
O girl white-bosomed, O girl fair and young?
"I seek the Well-water, the cool Well-water,
That my love may have love for me ever on his tongue."
"The Well o' the World's End" by Anna Johnston MacManus

In news:

Art school seeks youth scholarship donations.
Arthur Ashe , a tennis champion who spent his years in the sport fighting discrimination and then spent the final year of his life seeking to broaden public awareness on the subject of AIDS, died Saturday.
Seek reconciation with the Mountain West Conference.
India joins long list of nations that have or are seeking a pact with our country.
Rio Rita seeks bovine assignation .
The Hudson County Interscholastic Athletic League is seeking a baseball and softball umpire assigner for the 2013 season.
Parents seeking millions against school district for asthma attack death.
Grieving parents seeking solace QUESTION — We just lost our son.
Seeking to sooth the suffering. Most Interesting Man Seeks Attache for New York City Masquerade Gala.
The Christmas Attic Seeks Artists.
Petition Seeks Endangered Listing For Bluefin Tuna .
Firms Seek Business Models as They Release Slew of Photo Software for Phones.
Mitchell seeks seat on Dixfield Board of Selectmen .
Clarke seeks seat on Dixfield Board of Selectmen .

In science:

Given a generating set S of a finite group G, it is natural to seek random elements of G.
Random matrix theory over finite fields: a survey
Vt , xt ) = |Vt | − α Xv and seek a suitable value of α.
The Randomness Recycler: A new technique for perfect sampling
We are seeking for the asymptotic (1 ≪ k ≤ n) solution to (10) near the maximum of the probability distribution, and therefore will not take into account the specific form of the boundary condition.
Random walks on hyperbolic groups and their Riemann surfaces
In this paper we do not seek to discuss effective actions.
On SU(2) Yang-Mills Theory and the Maximal Abelian Gauge
It is natural to seek solutions with this property among spatially homogeneous solutions.
Applications of the theory of evolution equations to general relativity