• WordNet 3.6
    • v scamp perform hastily and carelessly
    • n scamp one who is playfully mischievous
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Scamp skămp A rascal; a swindler; a rogue.
    • v. t Scamp To perform in a hasty, neglectful, or imperfect manner; to do superficially. "A workman is said to scamp his work when he does it in a superficial, dishonest manner.""Much of the scamping and dawdling complained of is that of men in establishments of good repute."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • scamp To execute in superficial manner; perform in a careless, slip-shod, dishonest, or perfunctory manner: as, to scamp work.
    • n scamp A fugitive or vagabond; a worthless fellow; a swindler; a mean villain; a rascal; a rogue.
    • n scamp A serranoid fish, Trisotropis falcatus, of a brown color with irregular darker spots, and with the pectorals edged with blackish and orange. It occurs along the coast of Florida and in the West Indies, and belongs very near the groupers of the genus Epinephelus. See Trisotropis.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Scamp skamp a vagabond: a mean fellow
    • n Scamp a rapid run
    • v.t Scamp skamp to do work in a dishonest manner without thoroughness—also Skimp
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OF. escamper, to run away, to make one's escape. Originally, one who runs away, a fugitive, a vagabond. See Scamper
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Prob. Ice. skamta, to dole out, to stint.


In literature:

They did not know how to scamp work in those days.
"Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science Vol. XV., No. 85. January, 1875." by Various
You scamp, take that!
"The Rover Boys In The Mountains" by Arthur M. Winfield
No one who knows you for a scamp Would take you for a scamper!
"Punch, Or The London Charivari, Vol. 101, August 22, 1891" by Various
That scamp hasn't bad taste, I must confess.
"The Poor Gentleman" by Hendrik Conscience
That scamp has sneaked in and set fire to the boat under our very noses.
"The Meadow-Brook Girls Afloat" by Janet Aldridge
Looking for that young scamp, eh?
"Romance of California Life" by John Habberton
But you always defend her, because she is pretty, you ugly scamp!
"Whosoever Shall Offend" by F. Marion Crawford
It doesn't make any difference to a dog if his master is a worthless scamp.
"The Mysterious Rider" by Zane Grey
He keeps calling me names about it, and my mother keeps asking, 'Who do you take after, that you're such a scamp?
"Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Vol. XVII. No. 101. May, 1876." by Various
If he can win out now I'll forgive the scamp.
"The Red Redmaynes" by Eden Phillpotts

In poetry:

Aha! a traitor in the camp,
A rebel strangely bold,—
A lisping, laughing, toddling scamp,
Not more than four years old!
"To A Usurper" by Eugene Field
"That scamp! But aw'll sattle wi' him!"
Says Mat, as shoo threw on her shawl,--
"Aw warned her agean weddin Tim,--
But aw'll let him see;--sharply an all!"
"A Pair O' Black Een" by John Hartley
Who'd sold him thet thar useless rod
To put upon his roofin';
An' ef he found him round the place,
He'd send the scamp a-hoofin'.
"You sort ov understand my sense?"
"Yes, pa,"--said pooty Deely Spense.
"Old Spense" by Isabella Valancy Crawford
At that time a tradesman dealt fairly wi th' poor,
But nah a fair dealer can't keep oppen th' door;
He's a fooil if he fails, he's a scamp if he pays;
Ther wor honest men lived i' thi gronfayther's days.
"To The Grandson" by John Hartley
At that time a tradesman dealt fairly wi' th' poor,
But nah a fair dealer can't keep oppen th' door;
He's a fooil if he fails, he's a scamp if he pays;
Ther wor honest men lived i' thi gronfayther's days.
"Gronfayther's Days" by John Hartley
You, the mischief-makers all, who in secret glee
Love to tell the villainies of a scamp like me;
There are things he’ll never tell—things you’ll never know—
Look into your own lives first—give the man a show.
"Give yourself a Show: New Year's Eve" by Henry Lawson

In news:

The deliciously evil puppeteer Gaspare Grisini has two orphans in his clutches, the noble Lizzie Rose and endearing scamp Parsefall.
Took Scamp to a new groomer last week.
Gulf of Mexico grouper species open to harvest include red, black, yellowfin, yellowmouth, rock hind, red hind and scamp.
In Politics, Scamps, Saboteurs and the Occasional Criminal.
Scamps were sold for the 1983 model year only, in the same showrooms as the equally confusing Plymouth Arrow pickup, a badge-engineered Mitsubishi Mighty Max that had little connection to the earlier Mitsubishi Celeste-based Plymouth Arrow.
Project Car Hell, Front-Wheel-Drive Pickup Edition: Volkswagen Rabbit or Plymouth Scamp .
SCAMP 's sleeping giant beneath the Uintah Street bridge.
SCAMP 's mural beneath the Uintah Street bridge.
The SCAMP team, as we profiled in this week's Indy, has kept this last project a secret all summer.
Scamp 's owners thought car killed him.
The Scamp can be used for limited acrobatics and is stressed to +3G and -3G.
Sweet Prince, You're a Scamp .
Scamp wanted to be a big girl and get in the back of the truck.
Scamp is my 8th Yorkie.
I was walking around at Scamps and I saw this cute black and white mix puppy.

In science:

Sauro H: SCAMP: a general-purpose simulator and metabolic control analysis program.
TinkerCell: Modular CAD Tool for Synthetic Biology
The images were registered with scamp (Bertin 2006), and resampled and combined with swarp (Bertin et al. 2002).
Feedback under the microscope II: heating, gas uplift, and mixing in the nearest cluster core
For the real-time data, we generated ob ject catalogs with SExtractor (Bertin & Arnouts 1996) and determined the astrometric solution with SCAMP (Bertin 2006), matching ob jects with the 2MASS catalog.
The Multi-Epoch Nearby Cluster Survey: type Ia supernova rate measurement in z~0.1 clusters and the late-time delay time distribution
The images were resampled to a common grid with SCAMP and median-combined with SWarp, as discussed in § 3.1.
The Multi-Epoch Nearby Cluster Survey: type Ia supernova rate measurement in z~0.1 clusters and the late-time delay time distribution
Next, we employed the scamp astrometric program to fit a linear world coordinate system (WCS) to each image, using the sextractor catalogs as an input and 2MASS as the astrometric reference catalog. A typical fit employed & 80 stars with an RMS of . 0.′′ 25 in each dimension.
Faint moving object detection, and the Low Signal-to-Noise recovery of Main Belt comet P/2008 R1 Garradd