saturation point


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n saturation point (chemistry) the stage at which a substance will receive no more of another substance in solution or in a vapor
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In literature:

And such media have no fixed saturation point where further absorption is impossible.
"Democracy and Education" by John Dewey
Mr Mill attempts to prove that there is no point of saturation with the objects of human desire.
"The Miscellaneous Writings and Speeches of Lord Macaulay, Vol. 2 (of 4)" by Thomas Babington Macaulay
In one point all agree, that one must be saturated with malaria before blackwater can develop.
"Sketches of the East Africa Campaign" by Robert Valentine Dolbey
It is the same as the point of saturation.
"Atlantic Monthly Vol. 6, No. 33, July, 1860" by Various
FSP = fibre-saturation point.
"The Mechanical Properties of Wood" by Samuel J. Record
By afternoon his emotional nature had reached the saturation point.
"Miss Mink's Soldier and Other Stories" by Alice Hegan Rice
When the air is near the saturation point, the weather is oppressive and is said to be very humid.
"General Science" by Bertha M. Clark
The next points to be considered are the more difficult problems concerning subaqueous or saturated earths.
"Pressure, Resistance, and Stability of Earth" by J. C. Meem
I'd reached a saturation point on adventure.
"The Door Through Space" by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Only when it remains blue, has the point of saturation been reached.
"The Cultivation of The Native Grape, and Manufacture of American Wines" by George Husmann

In news:

The new Solvent Glossy Paper boasts an exceptional white point and gloss level, as well as the ability to produce sharp details and bold, saturated colors, the company reports.
Junk bond s hitting saturation point.
The credibility of the town government's leadership is strained to the breaking point as a local election nears and ambiguity saturates the shabby $450K political buyout of former Town Manager John Klimm.
"We're at the saturation point where someone has to say enough is enough.".
"You get to a saturation point".
"You get to a saturation point ".
This month's Focal Point Review covers a subject with which many readers of this journal may not be familiar, namely hole-burning spectroscopy , where monochromatic (laser) light is used to saturate one wavelength of a broad band spectrum.
So it's safe to say the womp-womp has hit its saturation point.
We may be reaching a point where vendor hype has hit a saturation point and beginning to meet with customer resistance.
The Margaret McCleve Hancock Log Cabin in Taylor will be open for tours from 1 to 3 pm on Satur-day, June 30, and will be the starting point for the Hayride Jamboree at 5:30 pm on Monday, July 2.
Since methane has a much lower melting point than water (a frosty minus 295.6 F), it fills lakes on the surface of this frigid moon , saturates clouds in the atmosphere, and falls again as rain.
Where you'll find the water Wood remains dimensionally stable if its moisture content is above the fiber saturation point (FSP).
"We're talking about a saturation point for people in their 20s," Susannah Fox, Pew 's associate director for digital strategy and author of the report, told eWEEK.
Each election season many reach a saturation point where we're numb to the political propaganda being pumped at us by both of our great nation's largest political parties.
A condition where the liquid is over saturated with incompatible ions or one ion concentration is above the saturation point.

In science:

An important point is that the saturation scale Qs depends not only on the energy variable 1/x but also on the impact parameter b of the scattering process.
Summary of Working Group B: Diffraction and Vector Mesons
For smaller Q2 the applicability of the perturbative calculations may be questioned, so there is no direct evidence for saturation in the perturbative regime from this point of view.
Multiparticle Dynamics 2004
For this test we developed a script that will connect three points and it will saturate and to inform which the percentage of the band used during the test.
Use MPLS in Lan's
Before discussing further this point I want to stress that, immediately after the formulation of the program of saturating the current algebra, a No-Go theorem was formulated by Grodsky and Streater .
Majorana and the Infinite Component Wave Equations
Note that this effect is expected to saturate at some point, since in the limit P m → 0 with Re → ∞ and Rm kept constant, Eq. (27) predicts a vanishing transport in spite of the existence of the linear instability.
Impact of dimensionless numbers on the efficiency of MRI-induced turbulent transport