• WordNet 3.6
    • adj satisfactory meeting requirements "the step makes a satisfactory seat"
    • adj satisfactory giving satisfaction "satisfactory living conditions","his grades were satisfactory"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Satisfactory Giving or producing satisfaction; yielding content; especially, relieving the mind from doubt or uncertainty, and enabling it to rest with confidence; sufficient; as, a satisfactory account or explanation.
    • Satisfactory Making amends, indemnification, or recompense; causing to cease from claims and to rest content; compensating; atoning; as, to make satisfactory compensation, or a satisfactory apology. "A most wise and sufficient means of redemption and salvation, by the satisfactory and meritorious death and obedience of the incarnate Son of God, Jesus Christ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • satisfactory Affording satisfaction; satisfying; that fully gratifies or contents; fulfilling all demands or requirements: as, to make satisfactory arrangements; to give a satisfactory account; a satisfactory state of affairs.
    • satisfactory Making reparation, atonement, or expiation; expiatory.
    • satisfactory Synonyms Gratifying, pleasing, sufficient, convincing, conclusive, decisive. See satisfy.
    • n satisfactory A place or means of atonement or retribution.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adjs Satisfactory satisfying: giving contentment: making amends or payment: atoning: convincing
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  • John Banham
    John Banham
    “I've not got a first in philosophy without being able to muddy things pretty satisfactory.”
  • Erich Fromm
    “Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.”
  • Karl Kraus
    “Intercourse with a woman is sometimes a satisfactory substitute for masturbation. But it takes a lot of imagination to make it work.”
  • Samuel Butler
    “Words are not as satisfactory as we should like them to be, but, like our neighbors, we have got to live with them and must make the best and not the worst of them.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. F. satisfactoire,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. satisfaire—L. satisfacĕre, satis, enough, facĕre, to make.


In literature:

It is a highly unequal friendship, but it seems to be satisfactory to both.
"This World Is Taboo" by Murray Leinster
It would be quite satisfactory if it were a little hardier.
"Trees, Fruits and Flowers of Minnesota, 1916" by Various
It is more satisfactory to have at least three feet of soil before clay is reached.
"Growing Nuts in the North" by Carl Weschcke
I am sure that I shall like it, and I shall try very hard to make my work satisfactory.
"The House of Martha" by Frank R. Stockton
A long time elapsed before a satisfactory solution presented itself.
"Vitality Supreme" by Bernarr Macfadden
In each case the immediate consequence of the act was apparently harmless and quite satisfactory to them.
"Heart and Soul" by Victor Mapes (AKA Maveric Post)
He said the condition of Pickens was satisfactory, and there would be no change made there.
"The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, Vol. 1 (of 2)" by Jefferson Davis
TREATMENT: Treatment is not satisfactory unless taken in its first stages and when the animal is young.
"The Veterinarian" by Chas. J. Korinek
The double quench, however, did not prove satisfactory on No.
"The Working of Steel" by Fred H. Colvin
After cultivation until midsummer buckwheat makes a satisfactory orchard crop in some cases.
"Apple Growing" by M. C. Burritt

In poetry:

But when one fellow has a prize
Another bibliophile is needing,
Why, then, a satisfactory trade
Is quite a laudable proceeding.
"To De Witt Miller" by Eugene Field
Quoth he, If you'll join issue on't,
I'll give you satisfactory account;
So you will promise, if you lose,
To settle all, and be my spouse.
"Hudibras: Part 2 - Canto I" by Samuel Butler
'Sir Student, much I thank thee,' said the Lady, 'thou hast shown
The fragrance of a lily, or of petals freshly blown;
But before to thee I listen there are questions not a few
Which demand from thee an answer satisfactory and true.'
"Atheletes And Aesthesis" by E W Bowling

In news:

Mantega Says Brazil's Real Still Not at ' Satisfactory ' Level.
Malala recovery 'very satisfactory ' following shooting, Pakistani diplomat says.
One was listed in critical condition, while three were said to be in satisfactory condition.
Pakistani girl activist's condition ' satisfactory '.
A Pakistani military spokesman says a 14-year-old girl shot by a Taliban gunman is in " satisfactory " condition but cautions next few days will be critical.
A 14-year-old Pakistani activist who was shot by a Taliban gunman after speaking out for girls' education is in " satisfactory " condition at a military hospital, a spokesman said Friday, cautioning that the next few days will be critical.
NORTH KITSAP — A 16-year-old passenger flown to Harborview Medical Center Friday afternoon following a single-car crash was upgraded to satisfactory condition Saturday.
A 27-year-old Lafayette man injured in a tractor-semi truck accident Saturday on Nicollet County Road 5 (the Fort Road) between St George and Klossner was listed in satisfactory condition Tuesday at Hennepin County Medical Center.
Other at HCMC in satisfactory condition.
Perfectly satisfactory if you're taking the kids.
Biennial Show A Bit Slow, But Satisfactory .
Colin Powell fails to make satisfactory case for war.
Flavia Monteiro Colgan President 'not satisfied' - or satisfactory .
A Washington State University student who fell from the window of a dormitory last week was listed in satisfactory condition as of Monday.
It is Satisfactory Only for ABA members.

In science:

Adding to the corresponding Lagrangians the superpartners of the vector and matter fields one may consider non-Abelian gauge theories as quite satisfactory for the description of all interactions (except for gravity) in some vast range of energies.
String Theory or Field Theory?
Until now there has not been found any satisfactory way of modelling of quantum state patterns and their interference on a classical computer.
An Algorithm of a Virtual Quantum Computer Model on a Classical Computer
In order that a satisfactory tau function exists, we find that it is necessary to introduce an extra flow to the dmKP hierarchy considered by Kupershmidt, Chang and Tu.
On dispersionless coupled modified KP hierarchy
K is satisfactory, giving a verdict “s” or “u”.
Three beliefs that lend illusory legitimacy to Cantor's diagonal argument
Also, periodic boundary conditions are required, and so the results are not directly valid for the 0-boundary case. A satisfactory approach had then been obtained in and .
Localization-delocalization phenomena for random interfaces