• WordNet 3.6
    • n salvo rapid simultaneous discharge of firearms "our fusillade from the left flank caught them by surprise"
    • n salvo a sudden outburst of cheers "there was a salvo of approval"
    • n salvo an outburst resembling the discharge of firearms or the release of bombs
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Salvo (Mil) A concentrated fire from pieces of artillery, as in endeavoring to make a break in a fortification; a volley.
    • Salvo A salute paid by a simultaneous, or nearly simultaneous, firing of a number of cannon.
    • n Salvo An exception; a reservation; an excuse. "They admit many salvos , cautions, and reservations."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n salvo An exception; a reservation; an excuse; a saving fact or clause.
    • n salvo A general discharge of guns intended as a salute.
    • n salvo A concentrated fire from a greater or less number of pieces of artillery, for the purpose of breaching, etc., the simultaneous concussion of a number of cannon-balls on masonry, or even earthwork, producing a very destructive effect.
    • n salvo The combined shouts or cheers of a multitude, generally expressive of honor, esteem, admiration, etc.: as, salvos of applause.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Salvo sal′vō an exception: a reservation.
    • n Salvo sal′vō a military or naval salute with guns: a simultaneous discharge of artillery: the combined cheers of a multitude
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. salve, a discharge of heavy cannon, a volley, L. salve, hail, imperat. of salvere, to be well, akin to salvus, well. See Safe
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
It. salva, a salute—L. salve, hail!


In literature:

All round there is thundering and roaring, as of some enormous waterfall, with explosions like cannon salvoes.
"Farthest North" by Fridtjof Nansen
Word was then passed to me that this was the finishing salvo.
"How I Filmed the War" by Lieut. Geoffrey H. Malins
No salvos of artillery hailed their arrival.
"Old Quebec" by Sir Gilbert Parker and Claude Glennon Bryan
Then, of a sudden, there came a crash like a salvo of artillery.
"The Pony Rider Boys in Alaska" by Frank Gee Patchin
The first salvo was harmless, for the range had not been gauged accurately.
"The Boy Allies with the Cossacks" by Clair W. Hayes
Salvoes of the heaviest projectiles in the Fleet had been fired to explode a thousand feet above it.
"The Invaders" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
At this moment our breaching-battery opened with a salvo, accompanied with three hearty cheers, which that side of the garrison returned.
"Memoirs of the Extraordinary Military Career of John Shipp" by John Shipp
Salvos of artillery again were heard.
"The Marvellous History of the Shadowless Man and The Cold Heart" by Adelbert von Chamisso
Johannes retired to his men, in order to command a new salvo of arrows.
"A Struggle for Rome, Vol. 2 (of 3)" by Felix Dahn
A salvo of artillery announced the arrival of the royal family.
"Marie Antoinette and the Downfall of Royalty" by Imbert de Saint-Amand

In poetry:

One thought the cannon salvos spoke,
The resonant bell-tower's vibrant stroke,
The voiceful streets, the plaudit-echoing halls,
And prayer and hymn borne heavenward from St. Paul's!
"The Vow Of Washington" by John Greenleaf Whittier

In news:

Of the 17 people detained, 16 are Serbian fans and one is Italian , Genoa police official Sebastiano Salvo told The Associated Press.
Activist shareholder Dan Loeb has fired another salvo in his ongoing battle to change the company's management.
Another salvo in the pho wars.
A refreshed Nissan is among the salvos launched in this ultra-competitive segment.
A's, Giants exchange verbal salvos in battle for San Jose.
The Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced Sunday that poultry imports from the US will face steep tariffs, the latest salvo in an ongoing trade war between the two countries.
Alfie Kohn's New Salvo in the Progressive Education War.
The bridegroom is the son of Charles and Carol Salvo , Dunmore.
Its new Salvo Control Panel+ (SCP+) is easier both to use and install.
The latest salvo in 'Mommy wars'.
Is This The First Salvo .
De Salvo Massage Therapy & Lypossage.
INTERVIEWS Hear TNGHT's Horn-Blaring Salvo 'Higher Ground'.
Steve Sweeney's Opening Salvo In A Run For US Senate.
A salvo as a warning shot.

In science:

Thesis Pastorello A., Ramina M., Zampieri L., Navasardyan H., Salvo M., Fiaschi M., 2004a, in Supernovae (10 Years of 1993J), Marcaide J. M., Weiler K. W., eds, Proc.
A Study of the Type II-P Supernova 2003gd in M74
OS particularly thanks St´ephane Vennes for introduction at the Mount Stromlo 74-in telescope and his help during the observing runs, and Marilena Salvo for introduction at the Siding Spring 2.3-m telescope.
A Spectroscopic Survey of WNL Stars in the LMC: General Properties and Binary Status
De Salvo, Collective atomic recoil laser (CARL) optical gain without inversion by collective atomic recoil and self-bunching of twolevel atoms, Nucl.
Mirror-mediated cooling: a paradigm for particle cooling via the retarded dipole force
A lo largo de este trabajo de tesis realizaremos un abuso de notación y usaremos el mismo símbolo ˆ{}, de las funciones para la transformada de Fourier y su inversa (i.e. eliminaremos el “gorro”, transformadas), salvo cuando haya riesgo de confusión.
The quantum origins of the cosmological asymmetry
En otras referencias [112, 128, 185, 200, 201] a las perturbaciones escalares las llaman A, B, C, D(oE) que corresponderían (salvo signos) a {φ, w‖ , ψ, ψs }, se le recomienda al lector ser cuidadoso en este enredo al consultar diversa bibliografía.
The quantum origins of the cosmological asymmetry