• Roller Mortise-Gage
    Roller Mortise-Gage
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n roller a grounder that rolls along the infield
    • n roller pigeon that executes backward somersaults in flight or on the ground
    • n roller Old World bird that tumbles or rolls in flight; related to kingfishers
    • n roller a mechanical device consisting of a cylindrical tube around which the hair is wound to curl it "a woman with her head full of curlers is not a pretty sight"
    • n roller a cylinder that revolves
    • n roller a small wheel without spokes (as on a roller skate)
    • n roller a long heavy sea wave as it advances towards the shore
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Additional illustrations & photos:

The steam-roller (English) at work The steam-roller (English) at work
Roller mill Roller mill
Roller Screen Roller Screen
Rollers off the Digue Rollers off the Digue

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In North America there are approximately 618 roller coasters
    • Roller A bandage; a fillet; properly, a long and broad bandage used in surgery.
    • Roller (Print) A cylinder coated with a composition made principally of glue and molassess, with which forms of type are inked previously to taking an impression from them.
    • Roller A long cylinder on which something is rolled up; as, the roller of a map.
    • Roller A long, belt-formed towel, to be suspended on a rolling cylinder; -- called also roller towel.
    • Roller A small wheel, as of a caster, a roller skate, etc.
    • Roller (Zoöl) Any insect whose larva rolls up leaves; a leaf roller. see Tortrix.
    • Roller (Zoöl) Any one of numerous species of Old World picarian birds of the family Coraciadæ. The name alludes to their habit of suddenly turning over or “tumbling” in flight.
    • Roller (Zoöl) Any species of small ground snakes of the family Tortricidæ.
    • Roller (Naut) One of series of long, heavy waves which roll in upon a coast, sometimes in calm weather.
    • Roller One who, or that which, rolls; especially, a cylinder, sometimes grooved, of wood, stone, metal, etc., used in husbandry and the arts.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The oldest roller coaster in the world is the Leap-The-Dips roller coaster located in Lakemont Park in Pennsylvania. The roller coaster was built in 1902
    • n roller One who or that which rolls, especially a cylinder which turns on its axis, used for various purposes, as smoothing, crushing, and spreading out. A heavy cylinder of wood, stone, or (now more usually) metal set in a frame, used in agriculture, gardening, road-making, etc., to break lumps of earth, press the ground compactly about newly sown seeds, compress and smooth the surface of grass-fields, level the surface of walks or roads, etc. Land-rollers are also constructed of a series of disks or a series of rings with serrated edges placed side by side. Such rollers are used for breaking up clods and cutting up rough grass-land, and are known as disk-rollers and clod-crushers. Heavy road-rollers are often combined with steam traction-engines. Agricultural rollers are also combined with other tools, as with a seeder or a harrow. See roll, n., 2.
    • n roller A rolling-pin.
    • n roller In printing, a cylindrical rod of iron covered with a thick composition of glue and molasses, or glue, sugar, and glycerin, which takes ink on its surface by rolling on a table or against other rollers, and which deposits this ink on types when it is rolled over them.
    • n roller In etching, a cylinder, about three inches in diameter, covered with soft leather, and used for revarnishing an imperfectly bitten plate. The ground is applied to the roller with a palette-knife on which a little has been taken up. When the ground has, by repeated passing, been evenly spread over all parts of the roller, this is carefully passed with slight pressure over the etched plate so as to cover its surface with varnish, without allowing it to enter the furrows.
    • n roller In organ-building, a wooden bar with pins in the ends upon which it may be rolled or rocked, and two projecting arms, usually at some distance from each other, one of which is pulled by a tracker from the keyboards, while the other pulls a tracker attached to a valve. Rollers are primarily designed to transfer motion from side to side, but they also often change it from a horizontal to a vertical plane, or vice versa. The rollers belonging to a single keyboard are usually placed together on a common roller-board, and the entire mechanism is called a roller-board action or movement. See cut under organ.
    • n roller Any cylindrical tool or part of a machine serving to press, flatten, guide, etc., as the cylinders of a paper-making machine, the impression-cylinders in calico-printing, the roller-die by means of which patterns are transferred to such cylinders, etc.
    • n roller The barrel of a musical box or of a chime-ringing machine.
    • n roller That upon which something may be rolled up, as a wooden cylinder, or pasteboard rolled up, usually with a circular section.
    • n roller A cylindrical or spherical body upon which a heavy body can be rolled or moved along: used to lessen friction.
    • n roller Specifically— A cylindrical piece of wood put under a heavy stone to facilitate moving it.
    • n roller A wheel in a roller-skate.
    • n roller The wheel of a caster.
    • n roller Same as roller-towel. [Colloq.]
    • n roller A stout heavy sheave which revolves and saves a rope that passes over it from wear by friction.
    • n roller A go-cart for a child.
    • n roller That in which something may be rolled; a bandage; specifically, a long rolled bandage used in surgery. It is unrolled as it is used.
    • n roller In saddlery, a broad padded surcingle, serving as a girth to hold a heavy blanket in place.
    • n roller Along, heavy, swelling wave, such as sets in upon a coast after the subsiding of a storm.
    • n roller In ornithology: Any bird of the family Coraciidæ: so called from the way they roll or tumble about in flight. The common roller of Europe, Asia, and Africa is Coracias garrula. There are many other species, of several different genera. The Madagascar ground-rollers are birds of the genera Brachypteracias and Atelornis. See cut under Coracias.
    • n roller A kind of domestic pigeon; one of the varieties of tumblers.
    • n roller In herpetology, a snake of the family Tortricidæ; a shorttail.
    • n roller The rockfish or striped-bass, Roccus lineatus. [Maryland.]
    • n roller Same as sand-roller.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: People who ride on roller coasters have a higher chance of having a blood clot in the brain
    • Roller that which rolls: a cylinder used for rolling, grinding, &c.: one of a family of Picarian birds: a long, broad bandage:
    • Roller (pl.) long heavy waves
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
CF. F. rollier,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. roler, roeler (Fr. rouler)—Low L. rotulāre—L. rotula, a little wheel—rota, a wheel.


In literature:

Smooth metal Pressing Rollers for Back Rollers.
"Textiles" by William H. Dooley
She used the hammer when it failed to make a smooth surface in the form that would pass under the roller.
"Land of the Burnt Thigh" by Edith Eudora Kohl
As fast as one roller ran out in the rear, we placed it forward, and thus managed to keep both ends of the box up all the time.
"Field and Forest" by Oliver Optic
I've borrowed Loveday's roller skates, and we'll take it in turns.
"A harum-scarum schoolgirl" by Angela Brazil
The heavy rollers drove the lifeboat before them like a feather, and end on towards the wreck, till her cable brought her up with a jerk.
"Heroes of the Goodwin Sands" by Thomas Stanley Treanor
And then suddenly, amid the crashing sound of the thundering rollers on the reef, Ridan raised his voice in an awful shriek.
"Rídan The Devil And Other Stories" by Louis Becke
When did you fellows begin importing steam rollers for the team?
"At Good Old Siwash" by George Fitch
Then Doris asked if her mama thought she could buy a pair of roller skates.
"Boys and Girls Bookshelf; a Practical Plan of Character Building, Volume I (of 17)" by Various
Every time the wheel was turned one way the force of the rollers would wash it completely around.
"The Motor Girls on Crystal Bay" by Margaret Penrose
They are inconvenient for warping, and generally fitted with rollers.
"The Sailor's Word-Book" by William Henry Smyth

In poetry:

Grandmas, in their corners sitting,
Toiling till the day grew late,
What knew they with endless knitting,
Of the jolly roller-skate?
"The Boys' And Girls' Thanksgiving of 1892" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
For the wind has shifted east'r'd, and the long green rollers call,
And a brown-skinned lass is beckoning to me;
The starb'r'd watch is yarning, and I'm longing for it all —
So it's any wind'll take me back to sea.
"Sea Dreams" by Burt Franklin Jenness
Oh, the wind has shifted east'r'd, and the long green rollers call,
And a brown-skinned lass is beckoning to me;
The starb'r'd watch is yarning — and I'm longing for it all,
So it's any wind'll take me back to sea.
"Sea Dreams" by Burt Franklin Jenness
The moonlight glinted on their hair,
And shone with love on gleaming arms,
On sinuous forms as light as air
Filling the night with sweet alarms.
And from the seas that never sleep,
Fresh rollers in the moonlight sweep.
"A Dream One Night" by R S Ward
The moon hung waiting o'er the sea,
She cried aloud for I was near —
The moon still waited lingeringly
Then vanished — but I clasped her hair —
Still, from the seas that never sleep,
I heard the distant rollers creep —
"A Dream One Night" by R S Ward
Here at our feet they lie, where the salt winds merrily blow,
Telling their tales of the ocean, wide and windy and free,
Here where the rollers sound on the shingle far below,
Singing down on the shore the olden song of the sea.
"A Seaside Church" by Cicely Fox Smith

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Bainbridge Island blotter High roller.
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There's an alternate universe of luxury for the hotel's high rollers that the average gambler will never see.
High Roller Rides - 2008 Geneva Auto Show.
High Roller meets fast cutter.
Casper's own A'Salt Creek Roller Girls wrap up their home season this Saturday against the Billings Roller Derby Dames at the Fairgrounds Industrial Building.
Hilltop Lancers' up-and-down roller hockey season ends on downer.
Like On the Waterfront meets the WWF on roller skates, this 2004 show comes from Hollywood playwright Rolin Jones, one of the principal scribes on Showtime's Weeds.
It's been an emotional roller-coaster for Blake Ahearn the past couple of weeks.
It was a roller coaster ride Tuesday at gas pumps in central Kentucky.
I have often spoken about the emotional roller coaster that I seem to ride on.
Roller-coaster GOP White House race reaches lull.
Lever -style stopper cylinders are offered in single or dual roller models with bores of 32, 40, and 50 mm.
MICHAEL DAVIS PHOTO The Assault City Roller Derby made their hometown debut Aug 13 at the Onondaga County War Memorial against Buffalo's Queen City Roller Girls.
Manship 's roller-coaster career takes another dip.

In science:

Roller, eds., LMS Lecture Notes, vol. 182, Cambridge Univ.
Problems on the geometry of finitely generated solvable groups
The step-by-step linear displacement of the cat’s eyes is realized from the rotation of a space-qualified endless screw with a 0.5 mm pitch, of 20 mm diameter, mounted in parallel to the optical axis of the cat’s eyes, and a nut with planetary rollers.
The Molecular Hydrogen Explorer H2EX
We have prepared devices for measuring deviations and found a costeffective solution (roller leveling) to achieve the required flatness within a millimeter across the full module.
CALICE Report to the DESY Physics Research Committee
Roller. “Work ow-based applications”. IBM Systems Journal.
An Architectural Model for a Grid based Workflow Management Platform in Scientific Applications
The flux return and calorimeters require a radial extent of at least 125 cm, and the support structure and rollers allowing disassembly of the detector require on the order of 50 cm.
sPHENIX: An Upgrade Concept from the PHENIX Collaboration