roll around


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v roll around happen regularly "Christmas rolled around again"
    • ***


  • William Wordsworth
    “No motion has she now, no force; she neither hears nor sees; rolled around in earth's diurnal course, with rocks, and stones, and trees.”


In literature:

If the small bulb at the base of the stem is examined, it will be found to be formed chiefly of mycelium rolled together around the base.
"The Mushroom, Edible and Otherwise" by M. E. Hard
The broad crystals were still falling thickly and the fire was hissing and spluttering around a huge root which he had rolled upon it.
"They of the High Trails" by Hamlin Garland
Sound trucks were rolling to a stop around the edges of the crowd.
"Mutineer" by Robert J. Shea
He swam off, sounded, came up, rolled around, went down again.
"Tales of Fishes" by Zane Grey
He peered down the blood-stained bag and his eyes rolled around his head.
"The Mysterious Murder of Pearl Bryan" by Unknown
Their fierce depths were dull and lusterless as they rolled vaguely around.
"The Twins of Suffering Creek" by Ridgwell Cullum
Above and around them the noise of pursuit rolled.
"Slaves of Mercury" by Nat Schachner
He thought of the dead orb called Sebelia, rolling around its worthless sun, an object of nausea to all life.
"Join Our Gang?" by Sterling E. Lanier
The billowing white cloud rolled around him.
"The Fifth-Dimension Tube" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
All around old Rolling Stones music is playing.
"Coming to Grips with White Knuckles" by Paul Cameron Brown

In poetry:

Still in the folded hollow darkness swells,
Sinks, swells, and every green-hung hollow fills,
Till there's no room for sound
Save that old anger rolled around;
"The Caves" by John Freeman
Divine inspirer! soul of the inmost soul!
Bringing his mistress to the lover's sight,
Though darkness pours around its deepest night,
And Ocean's wide expanse between them roll.
"To Sympathy" by Charlotte Dacre
Around us the pine-crested mountains were piled,
The sward in the vale was as down to the feet,
The far-rolling woodlands were pathless and wild,
And Nature was garbed in a grandeur complete.
"The Friends" by Lennox Amott
And martyred shades come thronging around,
To the roll-call of Liberty:
Louder their eager voices sound,
Till towering tree-tops and glowing sky
Are echoing back the defiant cry—
“Michael! Answer for me!”
"The Young Rebel" by Alice Guerin Crist
When the day had ended,
And the night descended,
I heard the sound of streams that I heard not through the day,
And every peak afar
Was ready for a star,
And they climbed and rolled around until the morning gray.
"When The Storm Was Proudest" by George MacDonald
And martyred shades come thronging around,
To the roll-call of Liberty;
Louder their eager voices sound,
Till towering tree-tops and glowing sky,
Are echoing back the defiant cry————
"Michael answer for me!"
"A Young Rebel" by Alice Guerin Crist

In news:

The organizers of the upcoming Gay Ski Week New Zealand (Aug 29-Sept. 6) roll out the kiwi carpet to skiers and non-skiers around the world, starting with's own Dennis Hensley.
Here's hoping you enjoy February 29, which only rolls around every four years.
Kids in the Escanaba school district have to put their friendships on hold when Little League season rolls around.
Chicken negimaki, thinly pounded chicken breast rolled around scallions.
In much of that tragic video, people are just standing around watching the storm roll in and the event unfold.
Within the last year you've been hearing more and more about the "food trucks" rolling around the city of Buffalo.
Then, there are those who decide to do it right when a special anniversary rolls around.
When gardening season rolls around, I can't wait to enjoy the fruits—and vegetables—of my labor.
It was full of people rolling around on the ground being hit on the head with bibles as they tried "exercise the demons".
Mason Brown, left, and Olivea Listul, students at Lincoln Elementary School in Jamestown, roll a large snowball around Thursday on the playground during lunch recess .
According to authorities, the 22-year-old driver rolled his vehicle on Nuevo Road and Menifee Road around 1:30 a.m.
Maybe if I made easy resolutions that I know I could achieve I would feel better about myself by the time December rolls around again.
"That will be the hardest part, when school rolls around next year," DeYoung said.
The roll call of countries and regions now declaring themselves in recession keeps growing, and credible economists around the world offer little hope for relief in the short term.
When Tuesday rolls around, the most powerful and ambitious politicians in America will have to fall silent while the only voice that really matters makes itself heard: yours.

In science:

However, the observed almost scale invariant and slightly red spectrum of initial curvature perturbation strongly suggests that the inflation is likely to have been in the slow roll regime at around the horizon crossing.
Use of delta N formalism - Difficulties in generating large local-type non-Gaussianity during inflation -
Arriving at around the minimum in χ-direction, the slow roll conditions are violated and the field oscillates several times.
Use of delta N formalism - Difficulties in generating large local-type non-Gaussianity during inflation -
The significance of these roll sets will become clear, as intuitively they provide us a way to generate “open balls” around subsets of our space X .
Generalized Hyperspaces and Non-Metrizable Fractals
The iterated (ri )∞ i=1 -roll sets exist simply to define the sum r-roll sets, and the purpose of the sum r-roll sets is to generate r-open balls around our subsets of X .
Generalized Hyperspaces and Non-Metrizable Fractals
Inflation ends when the slow-roll regime is dynamically terminated and the field(s) begins to oscillate around the minimum of its effective potential V (φ) as in chaotic inflation , or “waterfalls” towards the minimum of V as in hybrid inflation .
The Development of Equilibrium After Preheating