rock star


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n rock star a famous singer of rock music
    • ***


In literature:

Here and there a ship's lanthorn made a star in the gloom; the ship seemed like a black rock rising out of blackness.
"Marjorie" by Justin Huntly McCarthy
Faye stared up at her familiar posters of female rock stars as she lay down on her bed in deep thought.
"Identity" by Zoë Blade
The stars were making little points of light in the rock bound water.
"The Flute of the Gods" by Marah Ellis Ryan
Beneath were the rocks and the foaming torrent, but above him was the glowing star.
"The Spectacle Man" by Mary F. Leonard
But at this juncture he ran against a rock, striking with such violence that he saw stars.
"Through Apache Lands" by R. H. Jayne
She found it in a hole in the rock where Star-face had put it.
"The Price of the Prairie" by Margaret Hill McCarter
Dusty Star saw him meet the Indian at the moment his feet touched the rock.
"Dusty Star" by Olaf Baker
There is no better sleeping potion than the rocking ship beneath me and the stars above!
"A Captive of the Roman Eagles" by Felix Dahn
He told of a pool, overhung by rocks, and whose waters reflected the stars and the waning moon.
"The White Shield" by Bertram Mitford
The crescent moon rocked idly in the west, and a star glimmered faintly above it.
"The Master's Violin" by Myrtle Reed

In poetry:

To the empty beach at ebb tide,
Bare with its rocks and scars,
Come back like the sea with singing,
And light of a million stars.
"Ebb Tide" by Sara Teasdale
He is far from your fair
friendship, the lad
deep in the dark valley.
The star of love
over Steeple Rock
is burning back of clouds.
"Journey's End" by Jonas Hallgrimsson
This rock, too, was a word;
A word of flame and force when that which hurled
The stars into their places in the night
First stirred.
"The Rock" by John Gould Fletcher
And in that wind the shivering soul
Like a dry leaf was driven . . .
"What wind is this, what fearful wind,
That rocks the stars in Heaven?"
"The Ballad Of The Hun King's Dream" by Cicely Fox Smith
The stars that watch
While sunbeams sleep,
Breeze o'er the billows blowing!
The soft-winged zephyrs that move the deep
And rock my barque in a dreamy sweep;
The moonlight softly glowing;
"Breeze And Billow" by Albert Durrant Watson
Soft and slow, soft and slow,
With angels' wings of fire and snow,
To rock Him gently to and fro.
Fire to stay the chill at night,
Snow to cool the noonday bright;
And overhead His star's alight.
"Bethlehem" by Michael Fairless

In news:

Local lineman returns from Sandy relief work as a 'rock star'.
Rock stars don't keep the same hours as the rest of us.
He founded BASS Tickets, spending hours backstage with some of the world's leading rock-stars.
Aging hippie, high-school drop-out cum rich rock star.
'Transcendence' returns political rock star to spotlight.
Hometown boy and rock star Kid Rock made his way back to Detroit for an honor, a happy birthday, and some basketball.
Top 10 Rock Star Backup Vocal Collabortions.
Rachid Taha is the best rock star alive.
Tear-stained video plea makes YouTube vlogger an Internet rock star.
Big-ticket events, breaking news, rock-star memoirs.
Deerhoof Magic Star Holdypaws Kill Rock Stars.
Buddha & the Rock Star.
Rock stars quick to embrace Obama, but silent as he sings same old songs as Bush.
Michael Mau had never been treated like a rock star.
Released in 1997 by Kill Rock Stars.

In science:

Such a scaling in the mass distribution of exoplanets is expected in the core-accretion scenario of planet formation since more massive stars probably have more massive disks, which make it possible to accrete larger amounts of rock, ice and gas.
Planets around evolved intermediate-mass stars. I. Two substellar companions in the open clusters NGC 2423 and NGC 4349
We do know that if you keep reducing the mass, you eventually end up with “rocks” or “snowballs”, and that if you keep increasing the mass you end up with “brown dwarfs” and then “stars”.
Planetesimals To Brown Dwarfs: What is a Planet?
Let us now briefly review the competition between pressure support and gravity, from rocks to stars.
Planetesimals To Brown Dwarfs: What is a Planet?