• "The Little Waves or Ripples."
    "The Little Waves or Ripples."
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v ripple stir up (water) so as to form ripples
    • v ripple flow in an irregular current with a bubbling noise "babbling brooks"
    • n ripple a small wave on the surface of a liquid
    • n ripple (electronics) an oscillation of small amplitude imposed on top of a steady value
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Ripple A little wave or undulation; a sound such as is made by little waves; as, a ripple of laughter.
    • n Ripple An implement, with teeth like those of a comb, for removing the seeds and seed vessels from flax, broom corn, etc.
    • Ripple Hence, to scratch or tear.
    • Ripple The fretting or dimpling of the surface, as of running water; little curling waves.
    • Ripple To become fretted or dimpled on the surface, as water when agitated or running over a rough bottom; to be covered with small waves or undulations, as a field of grain.
    • v. t Ripple To fret or dimple, as the surface of running water; to cover with small waves or undulations; as, the breeze rippled the lake.
    • Ripple To make a sound as of water running gently over a rough bottom, or the breaking of ripples on the shore.
    • Ripple To remove the seeds from (the stalks of flax, etc.), by means of a ripple.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n ripple A large comb or hatchel for separating the seeds or capsules from flax; also, in the United States, a toothed instrument for removing the seeds from broomcorn.
    • ripple To clean or remove the seeds or capsules from, as from the stalks of flax.
    • ripple To scratch or break slightly; graze.
    • ripple To assume or wear a ruffled surface, as water when agitated by a gentle wind or by running over a stony bottom; be covered with small waves or undulations.
    • ripple To make a sound as of water running over a rough bottom: as, laughter rippling pleasantly.
    • ripple To fret or agitate lightly, as the surface of water; form in small waves or undulations; curl.
    • ripple To mark with or as with ripples. See ripple-mark.
    • n ripple The light fretting or ruffling of the surface of water; a little curling wave; an undulation.
    • n ripple A sound like that of water running over a stony bottom: as, a ripple of laughter. Synonyms See wave.
    • n ripple A small coppice.
    • n ripple A weakness in the back and loins, attended with shooting pains: a form of tabes dorsualis, the same as Friedrich's ataxia (which see, under ataxia).
    • n ripple Same as rip.
    • n ripple In mathematics, a wave whose length is less than that for which the velocity of propagation is a minimum.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Ripple rip′l the light fretting of the surface of water: a little curling wave
    • v.t Ripple to cause a ripple in
    • v.i Ripple to curl on the surface, as running water
    • v.t Ripple rip′l to pluck the seeds from stalks of flax by drawing them through an iron comb
    • n Ripple the comb for rippling
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  • Grant M. Bright
    Grant M. Bright
    “How long after you are gone will ripples remain as evidence that you were cast into the pool of life?”
  • John V. Politis
    John V. Politis
    “We come and go just like ripples in a stream.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. Rimple Rumple


In literature:

Three black objects moving in a line were making a long ripple on the swell.
"The Beach of Dreams" by H. De Vere Stacpoole
But to-day only in dry and waving ripples of sand can we trace its course.
"Marion's Faith." by Charles King
It's so pretty where it ripples past that old tree.
"Grace Harlowe's Problem" by Jessie Graham Flower
Except for the bridge over Ripple Creek, the roadway was just a trail.
"David Lannarck, Midget" by George S. Harney
The waves of light are really excessively small ripples, measuring from crest to crest.
"The Outline of Science, Vol. 1 (of 4)" by J. Arthur Thomson
Now a breeze had stirred the waters, and the sunshine quivered on the rippling surface.
"Ernest Linwood" by Caroline Lee Hentz
The sound of the surf came faintly out, sounding over the ripple of water about the "Gull's" prow.
"Culm Rock" by Glance Gaylord
The fat publican subsided, seeing his little ripple of protest flattened out by the spirit of fair play.
"Trail's End" by George W. Ogden
A veil, a veil of rippling green.
"Storm Over Warlock" by Andre Norton
But an indefinite disquiet rippled the surface of his content.
"The Best Short Stories of 1917" by Various

In poetry:

I sit upon the old stone seat,
I watch the valley far below
Through which, as if on silver feet,
The rippling wavelets dance and flow.
"In A Manse Garden" by Alexander Anderson
Yet had you come then, the lark had lent
In vain his music, the thorn its scent,
In vain the woodbine budded, in vain
The rippling smile of the April rain.
"My Winter Rose" by Alfred Austin
Soon I shall find a new sweet face,
And other eyes as pure and strong
As yours are now, and then a space
Of life that ripples into song,
And then farewell!
"Farewell" by Maurice Thompson
Quick with the spirit of field and wood,
All other Birds would chirrup and sing
Till hearts did ripple and homes did ring:
Our white Dove only cooed and cooed—
"Our White Dove" by Gerald Massey
Her silken hair, slow rippling, from her shoulder
Down to the mosses of the sward did reach;
The childhood of her eyes disclosed a silence
More sweet than speech.
"She Of The Garden" by Emile Verhaeren
I laughed aloud, as one who leaps
Against a curling wave,
And, as a widening ripple creeps,
A shudder caught the stony steeps,
And life shook, laughing, in the grave.
"The Faun" by John Le Gay Brereton

In news:

Jail plan's effects ripple to neighboring counties.
Dog-theft case ripples through New Mexico town.
The recent article about the Ripple Glass bin was interesting.
Early on, when Ripple first placed it, I used the bin at your location only a couple of times.
Officials say this has been a record year for the oil industry in Madison County, and its causing a ripple effect on the local economy.
Grief and shock rippled through much of Mobile's music community Thursday evening as word spread that popular area singer-songwriter Hank Becker had died.
The fallout from an alleged ponzi scheme continues to ripple through our community.
If Crosby collects a massive insurance payout , it could have a ripple effect across all pro sports leagues.
Then it was the John Thune ripple (if you missed it, don't worry — most of the country did).
The disaster is also sending ripples through the world economy.
Kids in the country learn early that a stone skimmed across a pond creates ripples that can travel far.
Bankruptcy of a California poultry producer is showing how the Midwestern drought is still rippling through the US economy.
The bankruptcy of a California poultry producer is showing in detail how the Midwestern drought is still rippling through the US economy.
The way Oklahoma City handled adversity after April 19, 1995, was a ripple in an ocean of hope said former President Bill Clinton, Wednesday night at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.
Each raindrop seem to ripple only so far.

In science:

Rather they find themselves being spread out as magnetic flux and ripples in their new universe.
D-branes and Cosmological Singularities
For small compressions these nanowires deform by rippling.
Multi-shell gold nanowires under compression
However, rippling is less pronounced than in single-wall carbon nanotubes , and only isolated ripples appear.
Multi-shell gold nanowires under compression
An inevitable prediction of general relativity, gravitational waves are propagating ripples in the spacetime fabric triggered by changes in the matter distribution.
Gravitational waves and cosmic magnetism; a cosmological approach
Their extremely weak coupling to matter, however, means that detecting these ripples is a formidable task.
Gravitational waves and cosmic magnetism; a cosmological approach