right hand


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n right hand the hand that is on the right side of the body "he writes with his right hand but pitches with his left","hit him with quick rights to the body"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Every year approximately 2,500 left-handed people are killed by using object or machinery designed for right-handed people
    • Right hand the place of honor, power, and strength.
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  • Charles A. Lindbergh
    Charles A. Lindbergh
    “Is he alone who has courage on his right hand and faith on his left hand?”
  • John Donne
    “Reason is our soul's left hand, faith her right, by these we reach divinity.”
  • Irish Toast
    Irish Toast
    “In the New Year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, but never in want.”
  • Lyndon B. Johnson
    “A rioter with a Molotov cocktail in his hands is not fighting for civil rights any more than a Klansman with a sheet on his back and a mask on his face.”
  • John Ray
    John Ray
    “Industry is fortunes right hand, and frugality its left.”


Left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing - If the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, then communication within a company, organisation, group, etc, is so bad that people don't know what the others are doing.


In literature:

In the right hand the snaffle to the right, the curb to the left.
"Hints on Horsemanship, to a Nephew and Niece" by George Greenwood
His right hand dropped and he drew out a deuce.
"Rimrock Trail" by J. Allan Dunn
The lean-faced man near to the Sheriff's right hand exchanged a quick glance of understanding with the knight.
"Robin Hood" by Paul Creswick
Dropping his hand nervously into his right-hand tunic pocket, he went up and pushed open another door.
"Peter the Brazen" by George F. Worts
Gowan's right hand had dropped to his hip.
"Out of the Depths" by Robert Ames Bennet
His right hand carries his gloves, his left rests on the gold sheath of the dagger that hangs from his waist.
"Holbein" by Beatrice Fortescue
His right hand shot to his cap visor in salute.
"The Mind Master" by Arthur J. Burks
Thy right hand shall find out those that hate Thee.
"The Lord of Glory" by Arno Gaebelein
She made light of his fears, twisting his right hand till it was helpless in her two hands and laughing at him.
"Nan of Music Mountain" by Frank H. Spearman
The man's right hand fell to his side while he checked his horse with his left.
"The Coyote" by James Roberts

In poetry:

"No:—let his rights still sacred be,"
Montrose with throbbing heart replied,
"Give me but Julia's willing hand,
I ask, I wish for nought beside."
"Julia, or the Convent of St. Claire" by Amelia Opie
Thy word, thy hand right soon did scare the bane
That in their bodies death did breed;
If thou canst cure my deeper pain
Then art thou lord indeed.
"The Healer" by George MacDonald
His mother she rose, and she dried her tears,
She took him by his right hand—
“The cause," she said, " of my grief and pain
Too soon must you understand.
"The Woman Who Went To Hell [An Irish Legend]" by Dora Sigerson Shorter
You are dying, O great-hearted lord,
You are dying for me, she cried;
O take my hand, O take my kiss,
And take of your right for love like this,
The vow that plights me bride.
"The Young Princess -- A Ballad Of Old Laws Of Love" by George Meredith
I thank Thee Father that I feel Thee near,
That it is hand of Thine that s raised to smite,
Oh, make Thy loving kindness to appear,
Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right!
"To A Father's Memory" by Nora Pembroke
Then the Angel cried, " Satan, avaunt! begone!"
Then he vanished in the flame, to the amazement of everyone;
And waving aloft the flaming brand,
That she carried in her right hand
"The Destroying Angel or The Poet's Dream" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

On April 10, 2007 I had to have surgery on my right hand.
Andrew Breitbart's Right-Hand Man : Skokie-Bred Joel Pollak.
Roski's right-hand man : More 'active' than ever in bid to buy an NFL team for Los Angeles.
Hillary Clinton's right-hand man .
Gene Chizik's right-hand man .
Goodbye to a right-hand man .
Will the Cleveland Indians sign a right-handed power hitter.
Nick Swisher is a right-handed hitter with some pop in his bat who is an entertaining guy to have on a team.
Now scientists have discovered why so many of us are right-hand dominant.
The Mets will recall right-handed reliever Elvin Ramirez from Buffalo before Sunday's game with the Dodgers.
Detroit Tigers interested in acquiring a right-handed hitter.
If the results suggest otherwise, FOX Sports reported late Sunday that the Tigers could look outside the organization at acquiring a position player -- preferably a right-handed hitter -- before July 31.
Manu shooting ( right-handed ) at Spurs morning shootaround.
Tribe's fifth-round pick is another right-handed pitcher.
Tigers sign right-handed pitcher Alberto Alburquerque to major league contract.

In science:

Xdf , ˜f df , ˜Gdf ](cid:17). − |Γd |−1 Pf ∈Fd We will prove that provided the T a , ˜T d are chosen to make the Xac , ˜Xdf sufficiently small, the terms on the right hand side of (267) all cancel, that is, the right hand side is zero.
Kuranishi homology and Kuranishi cohomology
However, the asymptotics of the right hand side are covered by Lemma 4.2, and so we have that the right hand side of (45) provides an upper bound for the asymptotics of Iu .
Excursion sets of stable random fields
Indeed, one easily verifies that the product of the right hand side of (a) with the the right hand side of (b) is equal to 1 in T0 .
On the defining relations for generalized q-Schur algebras
Then exactly as in [2, Proof of Thm 3] the right hand side above may be seen to be equal to the right hand side of (2.7).
Automorphic properties of generating functions for generalized rank moments and Durfee symbols
By (4.8) and Corollary 4.5, we have bounded d times the right hand side of (2.12) by the sum of the right hand sides of the bounds in Corollary 4.5.
Monotonicity for excited random walk in high dimensions