• Example. To ride
    Example. To ride
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v ride harass with persistent criticism or carping "The children teased the new teacher","Don't ride me so hard over my failure","His fellow workers razzed him when he wore a jacket and tie"
    • v ride copulate with "The bull was riding the cow"
    • v ride keep partially engaged by slightly depressing a pedal with the foot "Don't ride the clutch!"
    • v ride move like a floating object "The moon rode high in the night sky"
    • v ride ride over, along, or through "Ride the freeways of California"
    • v ride be carried or travel on or in a vehicle "I ride to work in a bus","He rides the subway downtown every day"
    • v ride sit and travel on the back of animal, usually while controlling its motions "She never sat a horse!","Did you ever ride a camel?","The girl liked to drive the young mare"
    • v ride climb up on the body "Shorts that ride up","This skirt keeps riding up my legs"
    • v ride sit on and control a vehicle "He rides his bicycle to work every day","She loves to ride her new motorcycle through town"
    • v ride continue undisturbed and without interference "Let it ride"
    • v ride lie moored or anchored "Ship rides at anchor"
    • v ride be contingent on "The outcomes rides on the results of the election","Your grade will depends on your homework"
    • v ride have certain properties when driven "This car rides smoothly","My new truck drives well"
    • v ride be sustained or supported or borne "His glasses rode high on his nose","The child rode on his mother's hips","She rode a wave of popularity","The brothers rode to an easy victory on their father's political name"
    • n ride a journey in a vehicle (usually an automobile) "he took the family for a drive in his new car"
    • n ride a mechanical device that you ride for amusement or excitement
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Additional illustrations & photos:

Have you ever tried riding without the handles Have you ever tried riding without the handles
Ride a cockhorse Ride a cockhorse
Habogi and Helga ride through the herd of horses Habogi and Helga ride through the herd of horses
The youth sees the sultan's daughter riding by The youth sees the sultan's daughter riding by
The End of the Ride The End of the Ride
Alfred's Ride Alfred's Ride
Pinocchio's Wild Ride on the Pigeon's Back Pinocchio's Wild Ride on the Pigeon's Back

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The first president to ride in an airplane was Franklin Roosevelt
    • Ride A road or avenue cut in a wood, or through grounds, to be used as a place for riding; a riding.
    • Ride A saddle horse.
    • Ride The act of riding; an excursion on horseback or in a vehicle.
    • Ride To be borne in a carriage; as, to ride in a coach, in a car, and the like. See Synonym, below. "The richest inhabitants exhibited their wealth, not by riding in gilden carriages, but by walking the streets with trains of servants."
    • Ride To be borne or in a fluid; to float; to lie. "Men once walked where ships at anchor ride ."
    • Ride To be carried on the back of an animal, as a horse. "To-morrow, when ye riden by the way.""Let your master ride on before, and do you gallop after him."
    • Ride To be supported in motion; to rest. "Strong as the exletree
      On which heaven rides ."
      "On whose foolish honesty
      My practices ride easy!"
    • Ride To convey, as by riding; to make or do by riding. "Tue only men that safe can ride Mine errands on the Scottish side."
    • Ride To manage a horse, as an equestrian. "He rode , he fenced, he moved with graceful ease."
    • Ride To manage insolently at will; to domineer over. "The nobility could no longer endure to be ridden by bakers, cobblers, and brewers."
    • Ride (Surg) To overlap (each other); -- said of bones or fractured fragments.
    • ride to sit closely wedged between two persons.
    • Ride To sit on, so as to be carried; as, to ride a horse; to ride a bicycle. "They] rend up both rocks and hills, and ride the air
      In whirlwind."
    • Ride To support a rider, as a horse; to move under the saddle; as, a horse rides easy or hard, slow or fast. "“Will you ride over or drive ?” said Lord Willowby to his quest, after breakfast that morning."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: In Nevada it is illegal to ride a camel on the highway.
    • ride To be carried on the back of a horse, ass, mule, camel, elephant, or other animal; specifically, to sit on and manage a horse in motion.
    • ride To be borne along in a vehicle, or in or on any kind of conveyance; be carried in or on a wagon, coach, car, balloon, ship, palanquin, bicycle, or the like; hence, in general, to travel or make progress by means of any supporting and moving agency.
    • ride To be borne in or on a fluid; float; specifically, to lie at anchor.
    • ride To move on or about something.
    • ride To be mounted and borne along; hence, to move triumphantly or proudly.
    • ride To be carted, as a convicted bawd.
    • ride To have free play; have the upper hand; domineer.
    • ride To lap or lie over: said especially of a rope when the part on which the strain is brought lies over and jams the other parts.
    • ride To serve as a means of travel; be in condition to support a rider or traveler: as, that horse rides well under the saddle.
    • ride In surgery, said of the ends of a fractured bone when they overlap each other.
    • ride To climb up or rise, as an ill-fitting coat tends to do at the shoulders and the back of the neck.
    • ride Synonyms and The effort has been made, in both England and America, to confine ride to progression on horseback, and to use drive for progression in a vehicle, but it has not been altogether successful, being checked by the counter-tendency to use drive only where the person in question holds the reins or where the kind of motion is emphasized.
    • ride To sit on and drive; be carried along on and by: used specifically of a horse.
    • ride To be carried or travel on, through, or over.
    • ride To do, make, or execute by riding: as, to ride a race; to ride an errand.
    • ride To hurry over; gallop through.
    • ride To control and manage, especially with harshness or arrogance; domineer or tyrannize over: especially in the past participle ridden, in composition, as in priest-ridden.
    • ride To carry; transport.
    • n ride A journey on the back of a horse, ass, mule, camel, elephant, or other animal; more broadly, any excursion, whether on the back of an animal, in a vehicle, or by some other mode of conveyance: as, a ride in a wagon or a balloon; a ride on a bicycle or a cow-catcher.
    • n ride A saddle-horse.
    • n ride A road intended expressly for riding; a bridlepath; a place for exercise on horseback. Also called riding.
    • n ride A little stream or brook.
    • n ride A certain district patrolled by mounted excise officers.
    • n ride In printing, a fault caused by overlapping: said of leads or rules that slip and overlap, of a kerned type that overlaps or binds a type in a line below, also of a color that impinges on another color in prints of two or more colors.
    • ride In lawn-bowls, to roll (the ball) with great force.
    • n ride See compartment line.
    • n ride The side of a log upon which it rests when being dragged.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In Ohio it is illegal to ride on the roof of a taxi cab
    • v.i Ride rīd to be borne, as on horseback or in a carriage: to practise riding: to manage a horse: to float, as a ship at anchor: to move easily: to domineer: to overlap
    • v.t Ride to do or perform by riding, as a race: to be carried through: to gallop through: to rest on so as to be carried: to control, esp. harshly:—pa.t. rōde; pa.p. rid′den
    • n Ride act of riding: an excursion on horseback or in a vehicle: the course passed over in riding, a place for riding: a district inspected by an excise-officer:
    • n Ride a road for riding on: a district visited by an excise-officer
    • n Ride (print.) a fault caused by the overlapping of leads, &c
    • ***


  • Oliver Wendell Holmes
    “Every man is an omnibus in which his ancestors ride.”
  • Willie Shoemaker
    Willie Shoemaker
    “When you're riding, only the race in which you're riding is important.”
  • Joseph Addison
    “Rides in the whirlwind and directs the storm.”
  • Boris Sokoloff
    Boris Sokoloff
    “Like swimming, riding, writing, or playing golf, happiness can be learned.”
  • Mary Webb
    Mary Webb
    “Saddle your dreams before you ride em.”
  • Benjamin Franklin
    “Lying rides upon debt's back.”


If wishes were horses, beggars would ride - This means that wishing for something or wanting it is not the same as getting or having it.
Ride for a fall - If sxomeone is riding for a fall, they are taking great risks that are likely to end in a disaster.
Ride high - If someone is riding high, they are very successful at the moment.
Ride roughshod - If someone rides roughshod over other people, they impose their will without caring at all for other people's feelings.
Ride shotgun - If you ride shotgun, you protect or guard something when it is being transported.
Ride with the tide - If you ride with the tide, you accept the majority decision.
Take someone for a ride - If you are taken for a ride, you are deceived by someone.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. rīdan,; akin to LG. riden, D. rijden, G. reiten, OHG. rītan, Icel. rīða, Sw. rida, Dan. ride,; cf. L. raeda, a carriage, which is from a Celtic word. Cf. Road


In literature:

All she wanted this morning was to ride, and ride, and ride!
"The Gold Girl" by James B. Hendryx
Ane may like the kirk weel enough, and no aye be riding on the rigging o't.
"The Proverbs of Scotland" by Alexander Hislop
If I knew that I were going to ride him to death I should ride him to-night all the same.
"Vixen, Volume II." by M. E. Braddon
So you'd better ride on and keep a-riding.
"The Forester's Daughter" by Hamlin Garland
He sure can ride and handle a gun.
"Cavanaugh: Forest Ranger" by Hamlin Garland
Riding dress for child 101 58.
"The Horsewoman" by Alice M. Hayes
Claimed he was stealing a ride and only got what he calls his 'come-uppance' when he got hurt.
"Dorothy on a Ranch" by Evelyn Raymond
We'll ride over to Bear Cat Friday an' be married.
"The Fighting Edge" by William MacLeod Raine
We'll get horses and ride.
"Children of the Desert" by Louis Dodge
The women could ride and the men could ride and tie.
"Across the Mesa" by Jarvis Hall

In poetry:

Colonel Shaw
is riding on his bubble,
he waits
for the blessed break.
"For the Union Dead" by Robert Lowell
"O, I will find for them able men
To teach them what is meet,
To ride, to shoot, and to speak strange tongues
If you will be my sweet."
"Yorkshire Gypsy" by Dorothy Una Ratcliffe
He heard the trampling of a steed,
He saw the flash of armour flee,
And he beheld a gallant knight
Come riding down by the Eildon Tree.
"Thomas the Rhymer" by Sir Walter Scott
When autumn winds are on the hill
And darkly rides the wasting moon,
I creep within your arms, and still
Am safe in the golden heart of June.
"Autumn" by Mary Webb
It was Langben the mighty Jutt,
With fury his heart was fir’d;
“Ride hence! ride hence! thou warrior youth,
If of life thou be not tir’d.”
"Vidrik Verlandson (From The Old Danish) " by George Borrow
Moan, moan aloud, thou Winter sea,
My Fisher Lass is lost to me!
The ships ride in, the ships ride out,
I hear their sailors' mournful shout.
Some day, I know, across the sea
My Fisher Lass will row to me.
"My Fisher Lass" by James Edwin Campbell

In news:

Park and Ride is basically "car pooling", and if you don't mind riding with others while someone else drives, you're all set.
The Cincinnati Bengals linebacker rides to work on a fixie and spent three weeks getting eco-tutored by Al Gore--but wishes he had more time for the group ride.
The AuSable River Association celebrated its first-ever Ride for the River bike ride on Sunday.
According to the inventor this prototype rides quite stiff, but is not different than riding other ordinary bikes .
According to the inventor this prototype rides quite stiff, but is not different than riding other ordinary bikes.
Motorcyclists ride down 8th Street in Meridian for the 2nd Annual Bikers United For Children Toy Ride.
With this new shock cap and preload set not only do you increase the looks of your Durango ride but you can also tighten the shock cap more, plus the increased diameter in the spring preload nuts make it easier to set your ride height.
The mother of a 3-year-old girl thrown from a rodeo ride has filed suit against the company that operates that ride.
Friends of Alan Deane ride their bikes leaving the intersection, to ride to the Pasadena Courthouse, to support Alan Deane, during the sentencing of the driver, Tuesday, November 13, 2012.
A benefit will be held in Denver on Saturday night to help raise money for a cyclist who suffered serious injuries in August while riding in the Venus de Miles bike ride near Longmont.
Katie's Ride has been going for as many years as I can remember and the ride raises money for a great cause.
At least 100 bikers hit the road for the Stride & Ride, riding their bikes from the West side of town to East El Paso.
The 2007-08 riding season brought the Western region some of the best powder riding we've seen in years and the boys from Team Summit had no problem finding it.
Kasey Kahne knows what it's like to have a bad ride and what it's like to have a good ride.
As the ride spins, the sleds swing out, and the ride tilts in the air.

In science:

It consists of a peak at small angle riding on a broader distribution extending to higher θc values.
Experimental study of a proximity focusing Cherenkov counter prototype for the AMS experiment
Ser. 51, 112 Lukács B. 2000: May Kałuża Ride Again? In: Hoenselaers C. & Perjés Z.: Relativity Today, Proc. 6th Hungarian Relativity Workshop, Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest, p. 161 Lukács B. & Mészáros A. 1985: Large Scale Inhomogeneities and the Cosmological Principle.
On a Possible Indicator of Homogeneity of the Universe
The strategy is now to apply formula (3) to get ride of variables (u0 , (ux)x∈U ).
Random walks in random Dirichlet environment are transient in dimension $d\ge 3$
First, for relatively large velocities, the slowed packet will ride on a background of the unslowed molecules, thus increasing the energy spread.
High-energy-resolution molecular beams for cold collision studies
And this demand for unity is so central to science that it persistently over-rides empirical considerations, as we have seen.
Do We Need a Scientific Revolution?