• WordNet 3.6
    • adj rich affording an abundant supply "had ample food for the party","copious provisions","food is plentiful","a plenteous grape harvest","a rich supply"
    • adj rich strong; intense "deep purple","a rich red"
    • adj rich marked by great fruitfulness "fertile farmland","a fat land","a productive vineyard","rich soil"
    • adj rich pleasantly full and mellow "a rich tenor voice"
    • adj rich very productive "rich seams of coal"
    • adj rich possessing material wealth "her father is extremely rich","many fond hopes are pinned on rich uncles"
    • adj rich having an abundant supply of desirable qualities or substances (especially natural resources) "blessed with a land rich in minerals","rich in ideas","rich with cultural interest"
    • adj rich suggestive of or characterized by great expense "a rich display"
    • adj rich high in mineral content; having a high proportion of fuel to air "a rich vein of copper", "a rich gas mixture"
    • adj rich marked by richness and fullness of flavor "a rich ruby port","full-bodied wines","a robust claret","the robust flavor of fresh-brewed coffee"
    • adj rich of great worth or quality "a rich collection of antiques"
    • adj rich containing plenty of fat, or eggs, or sugar "rich desserts","they kept gorging on rich foods"
    • n rich people who have possessions and wealth (considered as a group) "only the very rich benefit from this legislation"
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Rich! mon Rich! mon
The Luxuries Of The Rich The Luxuries Of The Rich

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In 1516, Friar Tomas sailed to the Caribbean bringing banana roots with him; and planted bananas in the rich, fertile soil of the tropics, thus beginning the banana's future in American life.
    • Rich Abounding in agreeable or nutritive qualities; -- especially applied to articles of food or drink which are high-seasoned or abound in oleaginous ingredients, or are sweet, luscious, and high-flavored; as, a rich dish; rich cream or soup; rich pastry; rich wine or fruit. "Sauces and rich spices are fetched from India."
    • Rich Abounding in beauty; gorgeous; as, a rich landscape; rich scenery.
    • Rich Abounding in humor; exciting amusement; entertaining; as, the scene was a rich one; a rich incident or character.
    • Rich Composed of valuable or costly materials or ingredients; procured at great outlay; highly valued; precious; sumptuous; costly; as, a rich dress; rich silk or fur; rich presents. "Like to rich and various gems."
    • Rich Full of sweet and harmonius sounds; as, a rich voice; rich music.
    • Rich Having an abundance of material possessions; possessed of a large amount of property; well supplied with land, goods, or money; wealthy; opulent; affluent; -- opposed to poor. "Rich merchants.""The rich person] hath many friends.""As a thief, bent to unhoard the cash
      Of some rich burgher."
    • Rich Hence, in general, well supplied; abounding; abundant; copious; bountiful; as, a rich treasury; a rich entertainment; a rich crop. "If life be short, it shall be glorious;
      Each minute shall be rich in some great action."
      "The gorgeous East with richest hand
      Showers on her kings barbaric pearl and gold."
    • Rich Not faint or delicate; vivid; as, a rich color.
    • v. t Rich To enrich.
    • Rich Yielding large returns; productive or fertile; fruitful; as, rich soil or land; a rich mine.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The "London Bridge" is now in Arizona in the U.S.A. This fat cat(rich guy) bought it for only $2.46 million dollars.
    • rich Ruling; powerful; mighty; noble.
    • rich Having wealth or large possessions; possessed of much money, goods, land, or other valuable property; wealthy; opulent: opposed to poor.
    • rich Amply supplied or equipped; abundantly provided; abounding: often followed by in or with.
    • rich Abundant in materials; producing or yielding abundantly; productive; fertile; fruitful: as, a rich mine; rich ore; rich soil.
    • rich Of great price or money value; costly; expensive; sumptuous; magnificent: as, rich jewels; rich gifts.
    • rich Of great moral worth; highly esteemed; invaluable; precious.
    • rich Ample; copious; abundant; plentiful; luxuriant.
    • rich Abounding in desirable or effective qualities or elements; of superior quality, composition, or potency.
    • rich Hence, specifically Having a pleasing or otherwise marked effect upon the senses by virtue of the abundance of some characteristic quality. As applied to articles of food, highly seasoned, or containing an excess of nutritive, saccharine, or oily matter; pleasing to the palate; or to articles of drink, highly flavored, stimulating, or strong: as, rich wine; rich cream; rich cake; rich gravy; rich sauce.
    • rich Pleasing to the ear; full or mellow in tone; harmonious; sweet.
    • rich Pleasing to the eye, through strength and beauty of hue; pure and strong; vivid: applied especially to color.
    • rich [Rich as applied to colors in zoölogy has a restricted meaning, which, however, is very difficult to define. A metallic, lustrous, or iridescent color is not rich; the word is generally applied to soft and velvety colors which are pure and distinct, as a rich black, a rich scarlet spot, etc., just as we speak of rich velvets, but generally of bright or glossy silks. Vivid is very rich or very distinct.]
    • rich Pleasing to the sense of smell; full of fragrance; sweet-scented; aromatic.
    • rich Excessive; extravagant; inordinate; outrageous; preposterous: commonly applied to ideas, fancies, fabrications, claims, demands, pretensions, conceits, jests, tricks, etc.: as, a rich notion; a rich idea; rich impudence; a rich joke; a rich hoax.
    • rich [This word is often used in the formation of compounds which are self-explanatory: as, rich-colored, rich-fleeced, rich-haired, rich-laden, etc.]
    • rich Synonyms and Affluent.
    • rich Fertile. etc. (see fruitful), luxuriant, teeming.
    • rich Splendid, valuable.
    • rich Copious, plenteous.
    • rich Savory, delicious.
    • rich To enrich.
    • rich To grow rich.
    • rich Richly.
    • rich To stretch; pull.
    • rich To direct.
    • rich To adjust; set right.
    • rich To address; set (one's self to do a thing).
    • rich To dress.
    • rich To mend; improve.
    • rich To avenge.
    • rich To take one's way.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: To bulk up, rikishi eat huge portions of protein-rich stews called chankonabe, packed with fish or meat and vegetables, plus vast quantities of less healthful foods, including fast food. They often force themselves to eat when they are full, and they have a nap after lunch, thus acquiring flab on top of their strong muscles, which helps to keep their center of gravity low.
    • superl Rich rich (comp. Rich′er, Rich′est), adj. abounding in possessions: wealthy: valuable: sumptuous: fertile: full of agreeable or nutritive qualities: affluent: productive, as a rich mine: costly: mighty: ruling: ample: of superior quality: luxurious: of great moral worth: highly seasoned or flavoured, as rich pastry: bright, as a colour: full of harmonious sounds, as a rich voice: full of beauty, as a rich landscape: of a vivid colour: extravagant, as a rich joke
    • v.t Rich (Shak.) to enrich
    • v.i Rich to grow rich
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  • Francis Bacon
    “Riches are for spending.”
  • Benjamin Franklin
    “If your riches are yours, why don't you take them with to the other world?”
  • Napoleon Hill
    “Think and grow rich.”
  • Lao-Tzu
    “He who knows he has enough is rich.”
  • Proverb
    “Riches have wings.”
  • Stephen Swid
    Stephen Swid
    “Being rich is having money; being wealthy is having time.”


From rags to riches - Someone who starts life very poor and makes a fortune goes from rags to riches.
Rags to riches - Someone who starts life very poor and becomes rich goes from rags to riches.
Rich as Croesus - Someone who is as rich as Croesus is very wealthy indeed.
Rich man's family - A rich man's family consists of one son and one daughter.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. riche, AS. rīce, rich, powerful; akin to OS. rīki, D. rijk, G. reich, OHG. rīhhi, Icel. rīkr, Sw. rik, Dan. rig, Goth. reiks,; from a word meaning, ruler, king, probably borrowed from Celtic, and akin to L. rex, regis, king, regere, to guide, rule. √283. See Right, and cf. Derrick Enrich Rajah Riches Royal


In literature:

Yet he was wealthy above most: his wisdom being to him the source of riches.
"Eastern Tales by Many Story Tellers" by Various
My father said that perhaps the fertilizer hadn't been rich enough.
"Fairy Prince and Other Stories" by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott
The convent of Santo Domingo is very rich.
"Travels in Peru, on the Coast, in the Sierra, Across the Cordilleras and the Andes, into the Primeval Forests" by J. J. von Tschudi
His rich cousin at Thyland is dead, and his widow is to have the rich inheritance.
"Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen" by Hans Christian Andersen
Their general character is good, and some tracts are rich cotton lands.
"A New Guide for Emigrants to the West" by J. M. Peck
It contains many rich families.
"Travels in North America, From Modern Writers" by William Bingley
Riches are directly responsible for poverty, and the art of being rich is the art of keeping one's neighbour poor.
"British Socialism" by J. Ellis Barker
She was a rich woman enjoying her riches.
"The Rainbow" by D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
Make a rich jelly of the water with loaf sugar, boiling them with the thin rind and juice of a lemon.
"The Cook and Housekeeper's Complete and Universal Dictionary; Including a System of Modern Cookery, in all Its Various Branches," by Mary Eaton
Thus in ancient times, with regard to men who wished to grow rich, they could grow rich if their hearts were as good as possible.
"Aino Folk-Tales" by Basil Hall Chamberlain

In poetry:

Then; and then
Gold again.
"The Oak" by Alfred Lord Tennyson
God has given us
House and mill, land and riches, but not
"The Miracle Of The Corn" by Padraic Colum
"I got no riches.
I died a debtor.
I died free-hearted
And that was better.
"Thomas Jefferson" by Stephen Vincent Benet
Hast thou not alway
Gold and grain rich stored?
For thy friend a feast?
For thy foe a sword?
"To Russia" by Ivan Nikitin
Poor, weak and worthless though I am
I have a rich almighty friend;
Jesus, the Saviour, is His Name;
He freely loves, and without end.
"Is This Thy Kindness To Thy Friend (Christ A Redeemer And Friend)" by John Newton
Forgael. Have I not given
More riches than they ever hoped to find?
And now they will not follow, while I seek
The only riches that have hit my fancy.
"The Shadowy Waters: The Shadowy Waters" by William Butler Yeats

In news:

There's something special about Chargers' Rich Bisaccia .
Emeril Lagasse, star of Food Network's The Essence of Emeril, uses a rich, homemade shrimp stock here, which makes all the difference in this creamy, corn-flecked shrimp soup.
It's hard to believe how rich and creamy this potato-leek soup is even though there's not a drop of cream in it.
Rich Adlin knows his way around an acoustic guitar, and Mark Appleford can shred through a harmonica solo.
The story of black presence in America is as rich and about as old as America itself.
Between the parties, parades and all those rich foods, what's not to love.
Well, perhaps the after effects of all those rich foods.
Rich Rates Bush's Blarney .
A government which decrees how much it should take from the rich (who gets to decide what is rich?
The Two Sides of Rich Bloch .
Rich Bloch performs later this month at Woolly Mammoth Theatre.
Rich Miller / After the bloodbath, who will pull us together.
Carlisle Cullen is rich, young and immortal.
Marilynne Robinson's Small, Rich Body of Work .
Scallops are very rich so 4 per person is probably enough for an entree, or 6-8 for lunch.

In science:

All the domains for the cps's we have considered are easily seen to be rich.
Conditional Plausibility Measures and Bayesian Networks
In general, the classification of polynomial maps f : C2 → C is an open problem with extremely rich structure.
Rational polynomials of simple type
The particular field in the LMC was chosen because of its richness of X-ray emission seen already by the Einstein (Wang et al. 1991) and ROSAT (Tr¨umper et al. 1991) satellites.
AGN in the XMM-Newton first-light image as probes for the interstellar medium in the LMC
In addition, a clear prediction from Ashman & Zepf is that the ratio of red (metal-rich) to blue clusters should increase for high SN galaxies.
The Formation of Star Clusters
Be in 16 Cyg A and other anomolously Li-rich F and G stars.
A Differential Spectroscopic Analysis of 16 Cygni A and B