• WordNet 3.6
    • n rhododendron any shrub of the genus Rhododendron: evergreen shrubs or small shrubby trees having leathery leaves and showy clusters of campanulate (bell-shaped) flowers
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Rhododendron Flavum, G. Don. / Azalea Pontica, L Rhododendron Flavum, G. Don. / Azalea Pontica, L
Rhododendron Ferrugineum, L Rhododendron Ferrugineum, L
Rhododendron Ponticum, L Rhododendron Ponticum, L

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: There are more than 700 species of plants that grow in the United States that have been identified as dangerous if eaten. Among them are some that are commonly favored by gardeners: buttercups, daffodils, lily of the valley, sweet peas, oleander, azalea, bleeding heart, delphinium, and rhododendron.
    • n Rhododendron (Bot) A genus of shrubs or small trees, often having handsome evergreen leaves, and remarkable for the beauty of their flowers; rosebay.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n rhododendron A large genus of shrubs of the order Ericaceæ and tribe Rhodoreæ.
    • n rhododendron It is characterized by a broad, spreading, and oblique corolla, usually with five imbricating lobes; eight to ten stamens, the anthers opening by pores; and a five to twenty-celled ovary with numerous ovules in many crowded rows, the seeds appendaged. There are about 170 species, natives of the mountains of Europe, Asia, the Malay archipelago, and North America, most abundant in the Himalayas. They are commonly shrubs, less often trees, smooth, hairy, woolly, or scurfy, and often with whorled branches. They bear alternate entire leaves, most often crowded at the ends of the branches. Their handsome flowers are commonly borne in corymbs, and have conspicuous, more or less unequal, long, slender, and curving stamens, with long hairs clothing their base. The fruit is a woody pod, splitting septicidally from the apex into valves, and filled with seeds like fine sawdust, each containing a cylindrical embryo and fleshy albumen. Most of the species, and all of those best known, produce their new growths below the flowers, which form a terminal inflorescence destitute of leaves, and developed from a large scaly bud. The leaves in the typical species, forming the section Rhododendron proper, are evergreen and coriaceous; but they are deciduous in the sections Azalea and Tsusia, which include the American species commonly known as azaleas, and produce leaves closely encircling the flowers, or, in Tsusia, mixed with them. The flowers, nearly or quite 2 inches across, often reach in R. Aucklandiæ a breadth of 6 inches. See pinkster-flower.
    • n rhododendron [lowercase] Any one of the many species of the above genus, belonging to the section Rhododendron; the rose-bay. The rhododendrons are handsome shrubs, much cultivated for their evergreen leathery leaves and profusion of beautifully formed and colored flowers. The ordinary species of American outdoor plantations is R. Catawbiense, the Catawba or Carolina rhododendron, hybridized with the more tender exotics R. Ponticum and R. arboreum. The Catawba species grows from 3 to 6. rarely 20, feet high, has oval or oblong leaves and broadly bell-shaped lilac-purple or (in culture) variously colored flowers. It is native in the Alleghanies from Virginia southward. It has also been largely cultivated in Europe, and there are hundreds of varieties. The great rhododendron (or laurel), R. maximum, abounds in the Al-leghanies, and is found as far north as Maine and Canada. It is commonly taller than R. Catawbiense, with narrower leaves, and flowers pink or nearly white with a greenish throat. It is a fine species, but much less cultivated than the last; it affords some hybrids. The Californian rhododendron, R. Californicum, resembles the Catawba rhododendron, but has more showy flowers. It deserves cultivation, and has proved hardy in England. The Pontic rhododendron, R. Ponticum, is the most common species of European gardens, hardy only as a low shrub in the northern United States. R. arboreum, the tree rhododendron, is a fine Himalayan species, 25 feet high, with the leaves silvery-white beneath, and the flowers scarlet varying to white. The Lapland rhododendron, R. Lapponicum, is a dwarf arctic and alpine species of both hemispheres, growing prostrate in broad tufts. The Siberian or Dahurian rhododendron, R. Dauricum, a dwarf species, somewhat cultivated, bears its bright rose-purple flowers on naked shoots in early spring.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Rhododendron rō-dō-den′dron a genus of trees and shrubs of the natural order Ericaceæ, having evergreen leaves and large, beautiful flowers like roses.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L., fr. Gr. "rodo`dendron, literally, rose tree; "ro`don rose + de`ndron tree. See Rose
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Gr. rhodon, rose, dendron, tree.


In literature:

As it crossed a space between two rhododendrons she recognized it in a moment.
"A Patriotic Schoolgirl" by Angela Brazil
They went to the rhododendron dell round the lake.
"The Squire's Daughter" by Archibald Marshall
The Chaplain took his place in front of the rhododendron-filled fireplace.
"Si Klegg, Book 4 (of 6) Experiences Of Si And Shorty On The Great Tullahoma Campaign" by John McElroy
And purple rhododendrons grow Beside the roses in a row.
"A Little Freckled Person" by Mary Carolyn Davies
For the same reason, it is doubtful whether Rhododendrons should be planted within range of our windows.
"Trees and Shrubs for English Gardens" by Ernest Thomas Cook
The rest of that February went by with lengthening eyes that died on the dusky riot of blackbirds in the rhododendrons.
"Plashers Mead" by Compton Mackenzie
Lilies have been planted amongst rhododendrons and azaleas for some time past, and now the system has been extended.
"Small Gardens" by Violet Purton Biddle
At other times, I would sleep among the rhododendrons and rocks in the wilder part of the grounds of Howth Castle.
"Reveries over Childhood and Youth" by William Butler Yeats
They went into the park and sat down on two chairs that faced the stream of carriages and had rhododendrons behind them.
"The Nest, The White Pagoda, The Suicide, A Forsaken Temple, Miss Jones and The Masterpiece" by Anne Douglas Sedgwick
They saw the Vicar's hat above the rhododendrons, and a bare curly head beside him.
"The Wonderful Visit" by Herbert George Wells

In poetry:

'Tis evening, and we leave the porch,
And for the hundredth time admire
The rhododendron's cones of fire
Rise round the tree, like torch o'er torch.
"Recollections" by Denis Florence MacCarthy

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