• WordNet 3.6
    • v resole put a new sole on "sole the shoes"
    • ***


In literature:

You noticed, of course, that his boots had been resoled.
"Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
I find I can wear Sprout's boots the whole winter through and then have them resoled.
"The Prime Minister" by Anthony Trollope
She felt herself that she was too closely observed at Resole.
"The Red Lily, Complete" by Anatole France
He has to put brown paper in his boots because he can't afford to have them resoled.
"The Nebuly Coat" by John Meade Falkner
They had been mended and resoled, but the new soles had large concentric holes.
"The Innocents" by Sinclair Lewis
I'll resole both boots.
"The Story of Nathan Hale" by Henry Fisk Carlton
Hides were used to resole boots and make mitts.
"The Cariboo Trail" by Agnes C. Laut
Then, as her eyes moved to the screen round the bed, she remembered that her boots must be resoled.
"The Story of Louie" by Oliver Onions
The 6^{th} Resol: in the Report from the Com^e of the whole House, which had been postponed in order to consider the 7 & 8^{th} Resol^{ns}.
"The Journal of the Debates in the Convention which Framed the Constitution of the United States" by James Madison
Resol:^n 17. that provision ought to be made for future amendments of the Articles of Union, agreed to, nem.
"The Journal of the Debates in the Convention which framed the Constitution of the United States, Volume II (of 2)" by James Madison

In news:

Over time, they were resoled twice.

In science:

We write Rω ,x,L(z ) = (Hω ,x,L − z )−1 for the resol vent of the finite volume operator Hω ,x,L and Eω ,x,L (·) for its spectral projection.
Multiscale Analysis and Localization of Random Operators
This is true for models with Bq/Bd > −1, where the changes in longitudinal magnetic field and magnetic field modulus result in very narrow phase-resol ved variations in magnetic force term.
The Lorentz force in atmospheres of CP stars: 56 Arietis
Because in an number of cases the apparent source is resol ved, the χ2 in some of these sources is poor.
A study of the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich increment using archival SCUBA data
There is a considerable uncertainty in interpreting the available data, primarily due to insufficient spatial resol ution (rarely better than a few parsec).
Astrophysical gyrokinetics: kinetic and fluid turbulent cascades in magnetized weakly collisional plasmas
It is interesting to know that, twenty years later, TMA-2 is still the best X-ray telescope in the world considering only angular resol ution and encircled energy.
The Making of the Chandra X-ray Observatory: the Project Scientist's Perspective