• WordNet 3.6
    • v repress block the action of
    • v repress put out of one's consciousness
    • v repress conceal or hide "smother a yawn","muffle one's anger","strangle a yawn"
    • v repress put down by force or intimidation "The government quashes any attempt of an uprising","China keeps down her dissidents very efficiently","The rich landowners subjugated the peasants working the land"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Repress Hence, to check; to restrain; to keep back. "Desire of wine and all delicious drinks, . . . Thou couldst repress ."
    • n Repress The act of repressing.
    • v. t Repress To press again.
    • Repress To press back or down effectually; to crush down or out; to quell; to subdue; to supress; as, to repress sedition or rebellion; to repress the first risings of discontent.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • repress To press back or down effectually; crush; quell; put down; subdue; suppress.
    • repress To check; restrain; keep under due restraint.
    • repress Synonyms To curb, smother, overcome, overpower.
    • repress Restrict, etc. See restrain.
    • n repress The act of subduing.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Repress rē-pres′ to restrain, quell—also n.ns. Repress′er, -or
    • v.t Repress rē-pres′ to press a second time
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  • Horace
    “My liver swells with bile difficult to repress.”
  • Evelyn Waugh
    “Almost all crime is due to the repressed desire for aesthetic expression.”
  • John Enoch Powell
    John Enoch Powell
    “When I repress my emotion my stomach keeps score.”
  • Robin Wood
    Robin Wood
    “One might say that the true subject of the horror genre is the struggle for recognition of all that our civilization represses and oppresses.”
  • Calvin Coolidge
    “Little progress can be made by merely attempting to repress what is evil. Our great hope lies in developing what is good.”
  • Cyril Connolly
    “As repressed sadists are supposed to become policemen or butchers so those with an irrational fear of life become publishers.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Pref. re- + press,: cf. L. reprimere, repressum,. Cf. Reprimand


In literature:

She noticed the repression.
"A Lost Leader" by E. Phillips Oppenheim
In Willis's eyes was an ill-repressed twinkle of exultation and amusement, and on his thin lips the dawning of an actual sneer.
"Guy Livingstone;" by George A. Lawrence
But the organ was not so repressive, and as she listened she knew that the tragedy was not hers alone.
"Destiny" by Charles Neville Buck
Read rather slowly, with the help of these questions: What is meant by "centuries of repression"?
"Modern Prose And Poetry; For Secondary Schools" by Various
In the vitalized school we shall find freedom of expression, and the absence of unreasoning repression.
"The Vitalized School" by Francis B. Pearson
With an ill-repressed oath, Farnham sprang to his feet, his rising anger putting an end to all prudence.
"Beth Norvell" by Randall Parrish
She had not yet learned the trick of repression of the city folk.
"Ben Blair" by Will Lillibridge
His very vices could not repress the clearness, the sincerity of his understanding.
"History of the Girondists, Volume I" by Alphonse de Lamartine
I could not repress a start.
"Sixteen Months in Four German Prisons" by Henry Charles Mahoney
The influence of one terrible example repressed all theft.
"Historical Tales, Vol. 4 (of 15)" by Charles Morris

In poetry:

Repress the tear of grief
That washes faith away,
And brave in zeal and love
Await our meeting-day.
"Rev. Henry Albertson Post," by Lydia Howard Huntley Sigourney
The sensuous joy from all things fair
His strenuous bent of soul repressed,
And left from youth to silvered hair
Few hours for pleasure, none for rest.
"Sumner" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Ah, how my heart glows,
Could I ever have guessed it?
It is fair to suppose
That I might have repressed it:
She gave me a rose,
And I kissed it and pressed it.
"She Gave Me A Rose" by Paul Laurence Dunbar
How wonderful the self-repression must
Have been, that made you to the lovely close
The Christian crowned with universal trust,
The foe-less Father in a land of foes.
"John Bede Polding" by Henry Kendall
And repressing, it seemed, many fonder suggestions,
Calmly she spake;—I arose to my knees,
Expectantly glad, while, to quiet my questions,
The wild warbled words that she uttered were these:
"The Dream" by Charles Harpur
'Tis thine benignly to repress
All proud conceit, all vain excess;
To give the chasten'd mind its proper tone;
To make it keep in sight
The worth of others with delight,
And never look too fondly on its own.
"Hymn To Humility" by William Hayley

In news:

The voter ID statute is all about repressing turnout.
Homophobes Repressing Their Own Sexuality.
Repressing the Internet, Western-Style.
Egypt's military keeping repressive practices in place.
Egyptians Won't Permit a Repressive Government to Fill Mubarak Void.
For not only are these writers themselves victims of the repression , they are today among its most credible witnesses.
Islamists becoming more repressive in northern Mali.
Should internet companies tell how they're helping repressive governments.
Repressive secular regimes foster religious extremism.
Horrified by gains, but fearful of repression.
Revolt and repression in Syria.
A Memoir Sketches an Iranian Childhood of Repression and Rebellion.
The arrest, prosecution and imprisonment of three members of Pussy Riot have been used around the world to highlight the political repression of Putin's Russia.
Iran's New Repression Tactic: Make Husbands Inform on Activist Wives.
Activism and State Repression .

In science:

An operator at -280 base pairs that is required for repression of araBAD operon promoter: addition of DNA helical turns between the operator and promoter cyclically hinders repression, PNAS, 81:5017-5020. [Essler & Rittenberg 1996] Essler, F. H. L., and V.
Ribosome recycling, diffusion, and mRNA loop formation in translational regulation
In their experiments, they tuned the length of the DNA loop in one base pair increments and measured the resulting repression.
Concentration and Length Dependence of DNA Looping in Transcriptional Regulation
Such experiments will complement earlier in vivo work, which has already demonstrated how DNA length and repressor concentration alter repression .
Concentration and Length Dependence of DNA Looping in Transcriptional Regulation
The beautiful in vivo repression experiments of demonstrate that the length of the DNA loop formed by Lac repressor strongly affects the probability of loop formation (especially for loop lengths less than 150 bp).
Concentration and Length Dependence of DNA Looping in Transcriptional Regulation
The relatively stable looping over the entire helical repeat is also consistent with the relatively constant repression level in vivo for similar interoperator spacing .
Concentration and Length Dependence of DNA Looping in Transcriptional Regulation