religious ritual


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n religious ritual a ceremony having religious meaning
    • ***


In literature:

No doubt there is a danger of religious ritual, especially when its meaning is lost, being engaged in for its own sake.
"Bygone Beliefs" by H. Stanley Redgrove
The Greek system of gymnastics originated as part of a religious ritual.
"The Renaissance" by Walter Pater
This "cowardice" has in all ages and countries secured the permanence of ritual and religious traditions.
"Myth, Ritual, and Religion, Vol. 1" by Andrew Lang
That seemed to be all the religious ritual Khinjan remembered or could tolerate.
"King--of the Khyber Rifles" by Talbot Mundy
Religious ritual attracts because there is some sense in it.
"All Things Considered" by G. K. Chesterton
Even the degraded ritual vestiges of the religious recognition of coitus are difficult to find in Europe.
"Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 6 (of 6)" by Havelock Ellis
At higher stages it gives way to religious ritual or to priestly blessing.
"Folkways" by William Graham Sumner
Its ritual is permeated, in word and in sentiment, by the religious spirit.
"Chapters in Rural Progress" by Kenyon L. Butterfield
Over six thousand years ago Egypt made use of the dance in its religious ritual.
"The Art of Stage Dancing" by Ned Wayburn
It gives the form at once to their religious ritual and to their art.
"Introduction to the Science of Sociology" by Robert E. Park

In news:

European opponents of circumcision have been able to frame the debate over banning a ritual integral to Jewish identity as one where medical and humanitarian concerns should override the right of religious believers.
Published by the University of Texas Press and on sale for $50, the Oaxaca book is academic-tome-meets-sociological-study (with chapters about the religious, ritual importance of chocolate, chilies and corn).
But soon after, religious ritual gives way to a more secular one: the night patrol of police and soldiers from the Indonesian military.
Religious ritual part of human nature .
From a buddy's suicide to a religious ritual, young troops count on Lt Michael Baker.
Religious ritual part of human nature.
The ear-splitting decline of a religious ritual in Turkey.
In his upcoming debut feature film, Lavender Rocks, Ohio University graduate student Bilal Sami uses a post-apocalyptic cult as a tool to explore religious extremism, family conflicts, and rituals at large.
Meticulous mapping and excavations at an ancient cave in the Yucatan Peninsula are revealing the vitality of the site to the ancient Maya -- for both religious ritual and human survival.
All religion is more than belief, religion is also very much about ritual, and food often features in important religious rites.
Contrary to what some of the readers of this space may think, I did not expect very much more religious sensitivity from the German government when it banned milah – ritual circumcision – from being practiced in the country.
Shot around the globe, this ponderous documentary might be worth seeing for its colorful 70-millimeter cinematography of everything from abattoirs to cityscapes and religious rituals.
From the early days of ancient Greece to modern times of today, religious beliefs, rituals and tradition play a compelling role not only for natives of Greece, but also in the lives of Greek-Americans.
WARSAW, Poland (AP) — A top court in Poland said Tuesday that the ritual slaughter of animals by religious groups, including Jews and Muslims, violates the country's constitution and animal protection laws.
The Women Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER) is a great example of how non-denominational religious and spiritual practices can be marshaled for social justice.