• WordNet 3.6
    • v rebate join with a rebate "rebate the pieces of timber and stone"
    • v rebate cut a rebate in (timber or stone)
    • v rebate give a reduction in the price during a sale "The store is rebating refrigerators this week"
    • n rebate a rectangular groove made to hold two pieces together
    • n rebate a refund of some fraction of the amount paid
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Rebate A kind of hard freestone used in making pavements.
    • Rebate A piece of wood hafted into a long stick, and serving to beat out mortar.
    • Rebate A portion of a sum paid, returned to the purchaser, as a method of discounting. The rebate is sometimes returned by the manufacturer, after the full price is paid to the retailer by the purchaser.
    • Rebate (Arch) A rectangular longitudinal recess or groove, cut in the corner or edge of any body; a rabbet. See Rabbet.
    • Rebate An iron tool sharpened something like a chisel, and used for dressing and polishing wood.
    • Rebate (Com) Deduction; abatement; as, a rebate of interest for immediate payment; a rebate of importation duties.
    • Rebate Diminution.
    • v. i Rebate To abate; to withdraw.
    • Rebate To beat to obtuseness; to deprive of keenness; to blunt; to turn back the point of, as a lance used for exercise. "But doth rebate and blunt his natural edge."
    • v. t Rebate To cut a rebate in. See Rabbet v.
    • Rebate To deduct from; to make a discount from, as interest due, or customs duties.
    • Rebate To return a portion of a sum paid, as a method of discounting of prices.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • rebate To beat back; drive back by beating; fend or ward off; repulse.
    • rebate To beat down; beat to bluntness; make obtuse or dull, literally or figuratively; blunt; bate.
    • rebate To set or throw off; allow as a discount or abatement; make a drawback of. See the noun.
    • rebate To draw back or away; withdraw; recede.
    • n rebate Diminution; retrenchment; specifically, an allowance by way of discount or drawback; a deduction from a gross amount.
    • n rebate A longitudinal space or groove cut back or sunk in a piece of joinery, timber, or the like, to receive the edge of some other part.
    • n rebate A kind of hard freestone used in pavements.
    • n rebate A piece of wood fastened to a handle, used for beating mortar.
    • rebate To make a rebate or rabbet in, as a piece of joinery or other work; rabbet.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Rebate rē-bāt′ (Shak.) to beat to obtuseness, to blunt: to beat back: to allow as discount
    • n Rebate rē-bāt′ same as Rabate—also a hard freestone used in pavements: wood fastened to a handle in beating mortar.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. rebattre, to beat again; pref. re-, re- + battre, to beat, L. batuere, to beat, strike. See Abate


In literature:

He is simply forced to pay it under rebate, in order to get possession of the grain.
"Elements of Foreign Exchange" by Franklin Escher
Discovery of a rebate in his pocket proved that he must have done so, however.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930" by Various
It's the tariff rebate, you know.
"Calumet 'K'" by Samuel Merwin
To the carrying corporation the giving of a rebate would merely mean a surrendering of some possible profits.
"Essentials of Economic Theory" by John Bates Clark
He knew also about commissions, rebates, long-time contracts, and so forth.
"The "Genius"" by Theodore Dreiser
He got no rebates, nor franchises, nor subsidies.
"The Romance of the Reaper" by Herbert Newton Casson
The War Office, in the early stages of the war, asked us to pay a rebate of 10 per cent.
"The Romance of the Red Triangle" by Arthur Keysall Yapp
There is a rebate of 3% on most goods from the United Kingdom, machinery from Great Britain thus entering free.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 5, Slice 2" by Various
There are no rebates and you can't play one paper against the others.
"H. R." by Edwin Lefevre
We get rebates on them, and have to count the bad ones.
"The Cottage of Delight" by Will N. Harben

In poetry:

Rebate thy tender suit,
Lest to herself impute
Some worth
Thy bride of earth!
"Any Saint" by Francis Thompson

In news:

The government is attempting to help thousands of families trade there less-efficient appliances for newer energy saving appliances through rebates.
Still time to cash in on appliance rebates.
If you haven't taken advantage of the state's appliance rebate program, there's still money available.
URBANA — City council members this week will take a look at proposals to pay rebates to property owners for two renovation projects — one on the northern edge of the city and one in downtown.
The bus leaves 10 am and returns 10 pm Tickets are $23 per person with a $25 rebate.
My inbox is constantly filling up with stories of rebates gone wrong.
In other words, all of those billions we have been throwing at rebates, bailouts and stimulus programs have been a waste of money.
1.3 bil in health-care rebates set.
Browse comprehensive car pricing info, current rebates & incentives, safety ratings, car photos, specs & more on the all new 2012 Dodge Caliber SXT Plus Wagon.
Browse comprehensive car pricing info, current rebates & incentives, safety ratings, car photos, specs & more on the all new 2012 Dodge Caliber SXT Wagon.
Atrix International announces a manufacturer rebate for three of Atrix's vacuum models that they manufacture in Burnsville, Minn.
Proceed with caution on rebates.
Kenworth Truck Company announced that it will extend a successful rebate program with Landstar System, Inc through 2008.
Cool story from our sister publication, Furniture Today, about a Boston furniture store that ran a five-week promotion last spring promising customers who bought during the period they'd be rebated if the Red Sox win the series.
Commissioners vote 2-1 to roll back property tax rebate.

In science:

Economic issues Certainly, municipalities have been challenged by the high initial cost of LED traffic signals and, in response, several electric utilities offer rebates or other financial incentives to municipalities for LED traffic signal installations.
Increasing Market Penetration of LED Traffic Signals in New York State: Review of Articles and Information on LED Traffic Signals
Several electric utilities have programs by which they offer rebates or other financial assistance for municipalities using LED traffic signals (CEE, 1999; Howe, 2000).
Increasing Market Penetration of LED Traffic Signals in New York State: Review of Articles and Information on LED Traffic Signals
View a two-priced mechanism ¯x = ¯xval + ¯xC as charging v with probability ¯x(v) and giving a rebate of C with probability ¯xC (v).
Prior-independent Auctions for Risk-averse Agents