• WordNet 3.6
    • v re-arm arm anew "After the war, the defeated country was not allowed to rearm"
    • ***


  • Elizabeth Fuller
    Elizabeth Fuller
    “Never reach out your hand unless you're willing to extend an arm.”


In literature:

Come, Phil, shake the kinks out of your arm with me, while they're taking their turn on the field.
"Rival Pitchers of Oakdale" by Morgan Scott
They're escaping from my arms!...
"The Blue Bird for Children" by Georgette Leblanc
They're armed and not particular about murder.
"Heart of the Blue Ridge" by Waldron Baily
Tom made but two steps upstairs, and re-appeared with Jenny in his arms, in her night-clothes.
"The Grey Woman and other Tales" by Mrs. (Elizabeth) Gaskell
You're hurting my arm!
"Audrey Craven" by May Sinclair
They're got arms and lights.
"The Fifth-Dimension Tube" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
What are you riding the road so early for, all armed and suspicious, if you're such honest men?
"The Rustler of Wind River" by G. W. Ogden
We are all alone, and we're not armed.
"The Rover Boys in the Land of Luck" by Edward Stratemeyer
They're collecting and arming for battle.
"The Plow-Woman" by Eleanor Gates
Here, give me your arm; you're not fit to go alone with that white face.
"Under False Pretences" by Adeline Sergeant

In poetry:

You hold me in your arms.
How strange that you're so tender!
Child-woman that I am,
you think that you can mend her.
"Cripples And Other Stories" by Anne Sexton
There Twardowski heads the table,
Arms akimbo, pasha-wise, And he shouts,
"Show what you're able"
Jokes and tricks and terrifies.
"Twardowski's Wife" by Adam Mickiewicz
Friend, you're lost, so it appears:
For the princes have long arms,
And the preachers have long tongues,
—And the masses have long ears!
"A Warning" by Heinrich Heine
Write me what you're wearing! Is it warm?
Write me how you lie! Do you lie there softly?
Write me how you look! Is it still the same?
Write me what you're missing! Is it my arm?
"Questions" by Bertolt Brecht
For look! I raise my arm to drink-
A voluntary act, you think
(Nay, Sir, you're grinning)>
You're wrong: this stein of beer I've drained
to emptiness was pre-ordained
Since Time's beginning.
"Dram-Shop Ditty" by Robert W Service
Said the Digger: "Soon forgot! Soon forgot, the deeds of war.
Better so, may be. . . Why not?
Beauty fades and laurels rot;
Last year's roses are no more.
Fame?" the one-armed Digger said,
"What of glory when you're dead?"
"Anzac Square: What The Digger Said" by C J Dennis

In news:

We're Wrong About an Iranian Nuclear Arms Race .
We walk by various tailor shops every day where they claim they can restructure from the basic hem to the most complex attire, but if this were true, we're sure it'd cost an arm and a leg (there goes your outfit).
You're Doing It Wrong: Arm Wresting.
Tim Farrell/The Star-Ledger Osi Umenyiora is enjoying Giants training camp, armed with a re-worked contract.
Local governments that missed a June deadline to send absentee ballots to Michigan members of the armed forces still can count the votes if they're returned after Tuesday.
They're stepping outside their comfort zone, and into costumes, as members of the new DC ladies arm wrestling team, D/CLAW.
Unless you're a competitive athlete, you probably focus your stretching on the legs first, arms second and trunk a distant third.
It's a teenager named Tyler who broke his arm playing hockey, so the doctors him on drugs to re-set it.
Earlier this month, the National Rifle Association's political arm backed Rep Bill Owens' re-election bid – a snub to the congressman's Republican challenger, Matt Doheny.
Police officers respond more effectively when they're armed with the exact sensor location that causes an alarm.
If this keeps up, they're going to start surgically implanting new phones into developers' arms.
When you see a guy banging out a set of one-armed pull -ups at the gym (while you wait your turn to do a few sets of the two-armed variety) you're impressed.
Men arm wrestling 7 Reasons You're Not Getting Stronger.
We're told the armed robbery was reported at the Domino's Pizza on Main Street in Willimaston.
Now you're left with an armful of ribbons .

In science:

The small part of the laser beam, sent into the delayed probe arm, was recombined with the XUV pump immediately after the spatial filter, using the coated surface of the aperture to reflect the probe beam.
Macroscopic effects in attosecond pulse generation
The FTS is a dual output interferometer with a cat’s eye mirror combination in each arm, which are afocal, offaxis reflective systems made of a large concave mirror and a small convex mirror, instead of cube corners traditionnally used.
The Molecular Hydrogen Explorer H2EX
After the output beam splitter (plate in the middle of the graph) a 3-off axis mirror wide-field corrector is placed on the reflected and transmitted beams from the two arms of the interferometer, to image the entrance field on a 1K×1K Si:As detector (25 µm pitch).
The Molecular Hydrogen Explorer H2EX
In the inter-arm field such objects are comparatively ra re, with their short lifespans and the IMF suppressing their frequency.
High Spatial Resolution Galactic 3D Extinction Mapping with IPHAS
The light captured through the hole is used as a reference arm for the precision wave front calibration system (see Section 6.) The light not entering the hole is reflected on to OAP3.
A New High Contrast Imaging Program at Palomar Observatory