• Pursued by a Pack of Ravenous Wolves 271
    Pursued by a Pack of Ravenous Wolves 271
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n ravenousness excessive desire to eat
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Apotheosis of "Grip" the Raven. Drawn by D. Maclise, R.A Apotheosis of "Grip" the Raven. Drawn by D. Maclise, R.A
The Three Ravens The Three Ravens
A  Raven cried "Croak!" A Raven cried "Croak!"
raven disrupts ride raven disrupts ride
The people accompany the body of the raven through the streets The people accompany the body of the raven through the streets
The knight and the raven The knight and the raven

Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Five NFL teams have bird nicknames: Arizona Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks.
    • n ravenousness The state or character of being ravenous; furious avidity; rage for prey.
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  • Amy Lowell
    Amy Lowell
    “Hate is ravening vulture beaks descending on a place of skulls.”
  • Friedrich Nietzsche
    “Does wisdom perhaps appear on the earth as a raven which is inspired by the smell of carrion?”


In literature:

BARNABY RUDGE, a half-witted whose companion is a raven.
"Character Sketches of Romance, Fiction and the Drama, Vol 1" by The Rev. E. Cobham Brewer, LL.D.
Just then a rude boy, who was passing, threw a dead raven in through the window.
"The Life of Jesus Christ for the Young" by Richard Newton
Wat Raven, who swept Clopton bridge, had seen two boys go up the Warwick road.
"Master Skylark" by John Bennett
In close pursuit came the ravenous pack.
"The Wolf Hunters" by James Oliver Curwood
The fourth member was a Navajo Indian, a copper-skinned, raven-haired, beady-eyed desert savage.
"Tales of lonely trails" by Zane Grey
Ravens are reported to smell out dead bodies from a great distance, and some think that sharks have the same perceptive faculty.
"A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Vol. III" by Robert Kerr
Mr. Raven found in health and safety all the people whom he had left there.
"An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales, Vol. 1" by David Collins
It was the arrival of a flight of ravens.
"The Man Who Laughs" by Victor Hugo
Why did the ancients say it was better to fall into the hands of a raven than a flatterer?
"The Works of Aristotle the Famous Philosopher" by Anonymous
Rarely had Gabriel seen anybody eat with such ravenous appetite.
"The Air Trust" by George Allan England

In poetry:

"Me vengeance waits; my poor, poor child,
Thy wound shall bleed afresh,
When ravens from the gallows tear
Thy mother's mould'ring flesh."
"Specimen Of The Former Translation Of The Lass Of Fair Wone" by Charlotte Dacre
The numbness that leaves me vacant
Of thought and will and deed
Like the moveless clock that I gaze on-
It will go where the ravens breed.
"The Knitters" by Padraic Colum
As for her, I'll declare,
Though raven her hair,
Though her eyes were so dark and her body so slim,
She hadn't a thought for a man but him.
"Mrs. McNair" by Hanford Lennox Gordon
But who the charm of words shall fling,
To brighten the unconscious eye,
And wake the soul to extasy?
"The Banks Of Wye - Book I" by Robert Bloomfield
Her white hands full of mountain flowers,
Down by the rough rocks and the sea,
Helva, the raven-tressed, for hours,
Has gazed forth earnestly.
"Helva" by Alice Cary
To dust the Arab kingdom sweep,
The ravenous beasts who tear and bite,
Who rend our scattered sons as sheep,
Whose motto is to seize by might.
"Establish Peace" by Shlomo ibn Gabirol

In news:

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VIDEO Philly's QB Michael Vick on playing the Ravens.
Ravenous bodies spewing so much 'food' they're stunting their own growth.
After his teammate joined the fight against gay marriage, Raven.
Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur, center, argues a call with referee Jeff Triplette, left, and line judge Jeff Bergman in the first quarter of an NFL football game against the Baltimore Ravens, Sunday, Nov 4, 2012, in Cleveland.
A year ago, McNair hardly knew any of his new Baltimore Ravens teammates and was similarly unfamiliar with the playbook.
Selina Raven is the spankin' maven at Good Vibes on Monday.
Gypsy Robin, owned by a group that includes New England Patriots receiver Wes Welker, won the Lexus Raven Run to remained undefeated at Keeneland.
Take it from Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco, the parade started early Sunday afternoon.
Ray Rice and the Ravens ran over the Browns on Monday night.
"I don't know what argument you can make that is not," said the hard-hitting Baltimore Ravens LB.
BALTIMORE — Based on their performance in a 55-20 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, the Oakland Raiders know where they need to improve.
The Raven Foundation lifts off with Artistic Director David Catlin (Lookingglass Alice) in this World Premiere Lookingglass Original.
Jah Reid is Ravens starting left guard if he earns it.
Rd 3 (85th overall by the Ravens) Salary.

In science:

Raven, Sin(2b) mixing and lifetime from Babar, paper presented at this conference. 28. A.
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At LP11, Gerhard Raven presented the first results from LHCb , including a remarkable new measurement of the Bs–B s mixing parameters.
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Status of the Fourth Generation - A Brief Summary of B3SM-III Workshop in Four Parts