• WordNet 3.6
    • v rant talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner
    • n rant pompous or pretentious talk or writing
    • n rant a loud bombastic declamation expressed with strong emotion
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Rant High-sounding language, without importance or dignity of thought; boisterous, empty declamation; bombast; as, the rant of fanatics. "This is a stoical rant , without any foundation in the nature of man or reason of things."
    • v. i Rant rănt To rave in violent, high-sounding, or extravagant language, without dignity of thought; to be noisy, boisterous, and bombastic in talk or declamation; as, a ranting preacher. "Look where my ranting host of the Garter comes!"
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • rant To speak or declaim violently and with little sense; rave: used of both the matter and the manner of utterance, or of either alone: as, a ranting preacher or actor.
    • rant To be jovial or jolly in a noisy way; make noisy mirth.
    • n rant Boisterous, empty declamation; fierce or high-sounding language without much meaning or dignity of thought; bombast.
    • n rant A ranting speech; a bombastic or boisterous utterance.
    • n rant The act of frolicking; a frolic; a boisterous merrymaking, generally accompanied with dancing.
    • n rant A kind of dance, or the music to which it was danced. Synonyms Fustian, Turgidness, etc. See bombast.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.i Rant rant to use extravagant language: to be noisy in words: to be noisily merry
    • n Rant empty declamation: bombast:
    • n Rant a reckless fellow
    • n Rant (Scot.) a frolic
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OD. ranten, randen, to dote, to be enraged


In literature:

No boastful rant was this, but a majestic story of the past, the story of a nation gone forever.
"The Bridge of the Gods" by Frederic Homer Balch
My seventh is in bluster, not in rant.
"Harper's Young People, August 17, 1880" by Various
Which I'm a heap like Enright in sech reespects, an' shore tol'rant.
"Faro Nell and Her Friends" by Alfred Henry Lewis
Ty-rants shall no more our coun-try con-trol!
"Graham's Magazine Vol XXXIII No. 1 July 1848" by Various
Through the whole range of rant he rages like a man inspired.
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine - Volume 57, No. 352, February 1845" by Various
The Word of God comes to 'em, but they're too ign'rant to onderstand.
"Kildares of Storm" by Eleanor Mercein Kelly
He was not a mild man and he usually stormed and ranted at the slightest provocation.
"Black Eyes and the Daily Grind" by Milton Lesser
Where devils rant blood-curdling hymns, A raving wench drowns in a well.
"Betelguese" by Jean Louis de Esque
He was just a ranting, roaring, dark-visaged brute with murder in his heart.
"The Rustler of Wind River" by G. W. Ogden
But he who could not taste the delicacy of Addison, it may be imagined might be in raptures with the rant of Lee.
"Calamities and Quarrels of Authors" by Isaac Disraeli

In poetry:

Sae rantingly, sae wantonly,
Sae dauntingly gaed he;
He play'd a spring , and danc'd it round,
Below the gallows-tree.
"M'Pherson's Rant" by Robert Burns
I've liv'd a life of sturt and strife;
I die by treacherie:
It burns my heart I must depart,
And not avenged be.
Sae rantingly, &c.
"M'Pherson's Rant" by Robert Burns
Heigh, ho! But they're talking, talking,
As the cold, hard streets we're walking
Seeking work at any wage,
While the talkers rant and rage.
"Heigh, Ho!" by C J Dennis
O, what is death but parting breath?
On many a bloody plain
I've dared his face, and in this place
I scorn him yet again!
Sae rantingly, &c.
"M'Pherson's Rant" by Robert Burns
Some famous heroes did not fail
To sink beneath the powers of ale;
While others, us'd to rant and roaring,
Began to change their note for snoring.
"The Virtues Of Election Ale" by William Hutton
Here are the hills that are 'stablished for ever,
The meadows and moors that are fragrant and free,
The peace of the pools and the rant of the river,
And here is the hushing of summer — but never
A sight or a scent or a sound of the sea.
"Inland" by John Joy Bell

In news:

Twitter reaction to Chris Perez's latest rant.
Reese Witherspoon went on a rant against a certain breed of celebrity at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night.
The Clemson coach is known for his curious rants, but this time Swinney hit the right note.
Tracy Morgan gets 'Rock'-ed after tasteless anti-gay rant.
Rant & Rave: Tattered Cover.
Sheen made the phrase popular in several of this bizarre online rants, and was even caught on video waving a bottle labeled "Tiger Blood" on the roof of Live Nation.
Police say a Maryland linebacker has been charged with disorderly conduct after an officer spotted him ranting and punching cars.
Advertisers, Italian Americans Angered by Unaired 'Jersey Shore' Homophobic Rant.
Donald Trump Calls Arianna Huffington ' Unattractive ' in Twitter Rant.
Dad Shoots Ungrateful Daughter's Laptop In Epic NSFW Parenting Rant.
Marc Orfaly, chef and owner of Boston's acclaimed French restaurant Pigalle, ranted back at an unsatisfied customer after the diner posted a scathing review of her Thanksgiving dinner from the establishment on Facebook.
In one episode, he was ranting about food dangers.
Michelle Malkin's vacuous rants misleading on fuel efficiency (Letter).
We Spoke to Him Right Before That Controversial Obama Rant.
Thanks for stopping by our blog, this is the place for you to join the conversation and various rants with George and Jess each day.

In science:

Not only was Eirini an invaluable resource for new physics ideas, but she would also patiently sit and listen to me rant on endlessly about a litany of topics.
Variational Principles in General Relativity
All three points mentioned above war rant further investigation using |V | to determine more accurately the nature of V in pulsars.
Radio Pulsars
We note that the discrepancy for young pulsars is easily explained if the per iod Po of the pulsar at birth is too close to the cur rent per iod P to war rant the 2 (cid:9) P2 .
Radio Pulsars
DuExtreme-value copulas. rante, W. H¨ardle, and W.
A class of goodness-of-fit tests for spatial extremes models based on max-stable processes