radio link


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n radio link a two-way radio communication system (usually microwave); part of a more extensive telecommunication network
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In literature:

Apart from the liking that drew them together, the boys had another link in their common interest in radio.
"The Radio Boys Trailing a Voice" by Allen Chapman
He's just cut his radio link with Flight Control.
"Project Daedalus" by Thomas Hoover

In news:

Dale's Daily Data: Radio's Success Linked To A Boxing Match .
On my way home I heard a call on my fire radio for a first alarm call at Century Link on East 10th and Oak.
The technology links non-wire-line cellular systems with wire-line cellular systems, which operate on different radio frequencies.
Oprah Radio host Dr Laura Berman talks with actress Portia de Rossi about her book, Unbearable Lightness , and the link between Portia's battle with an eating disorder and her sexuality.
The device in question consists of four electrode sensors attached to the skin and linked to a radio module and computer chip that clips onto a patient's belt.
So far, there does not appear to be clear link to talk radio or hyperpartisanship, though that could change.
Native America Calling is a live call -in program linking public radio stations, the Internet and listeners together in a thought-provoking national conversation about issues specific to Native communities.
Traxxas has updated their popular Nitro 4-Tec on-road car with a TQi radio system with Traxxas Link, plus factory-installed telemetry sensors measuring RPM, speed, temperature, and voltage.
The Sydney radio presenters behind the prank call that has been linked to a British nurse's death are said to be " fragile " and undergoing intensive psychological counselling.
The Left's effort to link Jared Loughner's actions to conservative talk radio, hate speech, Sarah Palin's targets, etc.
This service links radio stations to outside teams of creative writers and freelance producers .
Many amateur wish to control their station over an Internet or radio link.
We also share links to other online resources we think will help you understand concepts that are important to your preparation for a ham radio license.
Click on the Stations Link to visit the website of any Hall radio station .
Learn more about supporting Northwest Public Radio by following one of the links below.

In science:

To analyse the possibility of linking the proper motion system of an astrometric satellite with QSOs we made Monte-Carlo simulations of observations of QSOs and for comparison also of observations of radio stars.
Formalism and quality of a proper motion link with extragalactic objects for astrometric satellite missions
Our complexity approach to this question provides a means to actually compute such a probability (see Table 1). A power function gives a good approximation of the link between P (R|s) and the Radio Zenith observed probability of s, RZ (s): RZ = P (R|s)4.37 ; r = 0.736; F = 16.544; p < 0.001.
Assessing Cognitive Randomness: A Kolmogorov Complexity Approach
Tortora. A test of general relativity using radio links with the Cassini spacecraft.
The experimental status of Special and General Relativity
There are also a few other arguments that support the link between the radio-weak quasars and the flat-spectrum radio-intermediate quasars.
The Nature of Radio-Intermediate Quasars: What is Radio-Loud and what is Radio-Quiet?
It is interesting to note that the radio, near-infrared and X-ray emission all varied by about the same factor (∼ 4 times fainter) between 1981 and 1997, which favors a direct link, if not a common physical origin for all three spectral components.
Near-infrared synchrotron emission from the compact jet of GX339-4