• WordNet 3.6
    • n rabble a disorderly crowd of people
    • n rabble disparaging terms for the common people
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Rabble A confused, incoherent discourse; a medley of voices; a chatter.
    • Rabble A tumultuous crowd of vulgar, noisy people; a mob; a confused, disorderly throng. "I saw, I say, come out of London, even unto the presence of the prince, a great rabble of mean and light persons.""Jupiter, Mercury, Bacchus, Venus, Mars, and the whole rabble of licentious deities."
    • n Rabble răb"b'l (Iron Manuf) An iron bar, with the end bent, used in stirring or skimming molten iron in the process of puddling.
    • a Rabble Of or pertaining to a rabble; like, or suited to, a rabble; disorderly; vulgar.
    • Rabble To insult, or assault, by a mob; to mob; as, to rabble a curate. "The bishops' carriages were stopped and the prelates themselves rabbled on their way to the house."
    • Rabble To rumple; to crumple.
    • v. i Rabble To speak in a confused manner.
    • v. t Rabble To stir or skim with a rabble, as molten iron.
    • Rabble To utter glibly and incoherently; to mouth without intelligence.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • rabble To speak confusedly; talk incoherently; utter nonsense.
    • rabble To utter confusedly or incoherently; gabble or chatter out.
    • n rabble A tumultuous crowd of vulgar, noisy people; a confused, disorderly assemblage; a mob.
    • n rabble Specifically, the mass of common people; the ignorant populace; the mob: with the definite article.
    • n rabble Any confused crowd or assemblage; a haphazard conglomeration or aggregate, especially of things trivial or ignoble.
    • n rabble Synonyms Mob, etc. See populace.
    • rabble Pertaining to or consisting of a rabble; riotous; tumultuous; disorderly; vulgar; low.
    • rabble To assault in a violent and disorderly manner; mob.
    • n rabble An iron bar bent at right angles at one end, used in the operation of puddling for stirring the melted iron, so as to allow it to be more fully exposed to the action of the air and the lining of the furnace.
    • rabble To stirand skim with a rabble or puddling-tool, as melted iron in a furnace.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Rabble rab′l a disorderly, noisy crowd: a mob: the lowest class of people
    • adj Rabble disorderly
    • v.i Rabble to utter nonsense
    • v.t Rabble (Scot.) to mob
    • n Rabble rab′l an iron bar used in puddling
    • v.t Rabble to stir with a rabble
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  • Epicurus
    “I never desired to please the rabble. What pleased them, I did not learn; and what I knew was far removed from their understanding.”
  • Westbrook Pegler
    Westbrook Pegler
    “I am a member of the rabble in good standing.”
  • Horace
    “I hate the irreverent rabble and keep them far from me.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Akin to D. rabbelen, Prov. G. rabbeln, to prattle, to chatter: cf. L. rabula, a brawling advocate, a pettifogger, fr. rabere, to rave. Cf. Rage


In literature:

They were followed by the rabble.
"Nedra" by George Barr McCutcheon
It was like stepping into heaven to be at home again, after the rabble and rattle at Mr. Beirne's.
"V. V.'s Eyes" by Henry Sydnor Harrison
Look at the rabble that are writing.
"The Divine Fire" by May Sinclair
Far-reaching was the line of the gentility, to whose flanks clung the rabble of trade.
"The Mississippi Bubble" by Emerson Hough
The rabble was tumultuous.
"English Grammar in Familiar Lectures" by Samuel Kirkham
He fled into an inn or tavern to escape, but he was followed by the rabble and killed.
"Plutarch's Lives, Volume II" by Aubrey Stewart & George Long
Barabas is a mere monster brought in with a large painted nose to please the rabble.
"The Works of Charles Lamb in Four Volumes, Volume 4" by Charles Lamb
Don't let us be shot down by the rabble.
"France in the Nineteenth Century" by Elizabeth Latimer
Presently a tumultuous rabble came howling and hooting out of the town.
"The Shadow of a Crime A Cumbrian Romance" by Hall Caine
What depths of cruelty and obscenity it revealed in the Parisian rabble.
"The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2)" by John Holland Rose

In poetry:

I would leave the haunts of men,
All the rabble of the mart;
I would be a child again,
Close upon my Mother's heart.
"The Footfarer" by Charles Hanson Towne
For choosing friendship in the ranks
Of working people, though no rebel,
I had the honour to be stamped
As also one among the rabble.
"Change" by Boris Pasternak
I heard the rabble cry, "Shame! oh! shame!"
The rain-drops sob and sob:
I heard the drunkard's once-honored name
Shouted aloud by the mob.
"What I Have Seen #1" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Thus marched they on with hearts all stout
In quest of night's dark rabble-rout,
Which shrank dismayed, and further fled
Before the echo of their tread.
"The Watch And Ward." by Samuel Bamford
"But Febuwerry came,
And brought a rabble rout,
And me and my good dame
And children did turn out,
And us, in spite of all our right.
Sent to the right about.
"The Three Christmas Waits" by William Makepeace Thackeray
I’ve not seen some sadder than your rabble,
And such black as all your lakes and streams,
In your skies – old, faded and unstable –
Yellow clouds of my painful dreams.
"You're Again With Me" by Innokentii Fedorovich Annensky

In news:

The rabble and the homeless must be cleared from the gates each morning.
Things didn't look good for Goolwa, a drought-stricken Australian outpost best known for yacht racing and rabble-rousing — that is, until one salty boat-rigger rallied the locals and helped bring his town back from the brink.
A changing of the Rabble, news from How to Dress Well, and more.
The Western world knows Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the rabble-rouser, the Holocaust denier and the election-rigger.
A Rabble -Rouser, Then and Now.
Cricket Lets In the Rabble .
Adam Niewood and His Rabble Rousers Epic Journey Volumes I & II Innova Recordings.
I was disappointed by Dinitia Smith's survey of the American poetry scene ("The Poet Kings and the Versifying Rabble ," Feb 19).
A Rabble-Rouser , Then and Now.
With the release of Silent Light, Carlos Reygadas may have to surrender his title as Mexican cinema's resident rabble rouser.
Rabble- rouser at the New Orleans Jazz Fest.
A Rabble- Rouser , Then and Now.
NYPD raiders roust OWS rabble.
When did our taste in populist rabble-rousers decline so badly.
'Nothing but a rabble rouser'.