• WordNet 3.6
    • v quip make jokes or quips "The students were gagging during dinner"
    • n quip witty remark
    • n quip a witty saying
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Quip A short humorous or witty comment or observation, usually spontaneously formed in response to a prior comment.
    • Quip A smart, sarcastic turn or jest; a taunt; a severe retort; a gibe. "Quips , and cranks, and wanton wiles.""He was full of joke and jest,
      But all his merry quips are o'er."
    • v. i Quip To scoff; to use taunts.
    • v. t Quip To taunt; to treat with quips. "The more he laughs, and does her closely quip ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n quip A smart sarcastic turn; a sharp or cutting jest; a severe retort; a gibe.
    • quip To use quips or sarcasms; gibe; scoff.
    • quip To utter quips or sarcasms on; taunt; treat with a sarcastic retort; sneer at.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Quip kwip a sharp, sarcastic turn, a gibe: a quick retort
    • v.i Quip to use sarcasms
    • v.t Quip to sneer at
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. W. chwip, a quick flirt or turn, chwipio, to whip, to move briskly, and E. whip,. Cf. Quib Quibble


In literature:

Such a quip, however, could not go unrequited, and she sought for means of retaliation.
"The New Girl at St. Chad's" by Angela Brazil
I cannot suppose that Sir Galahad found any delight in the quips of fools.
"Gossamer" by George A. Birmingham
The stuttering which in some persons might have seemed an annoyance only served to add a certain spiciness to his good-natured quips.
"Journeys Through Bookland, Vol. 8" by Charles H. Sylvester
The quip came to mind now with sinister significance; he wished most heartily he had missed that pheasant.
"A Son of the Immortals" by Louis Tracy
Mary bears her quips and cranks like a saint.
"Penshurst Castle" by Emma Marshall
Into these foreign courts all the jargon, the quips and quibbles of English law were imported.
"The Empire of the East" by H. B. Montgomery
He waited impatiently until one of the men shook his head, when he snatched at the opportunity of firing his quip.
"The Twins of Suffering Creek" by Ridgwell Cullum
He did not in the least appreciate the sorry quip.
"Mixed Faces" by Roy Norton
He was as full of quip and jest as ever, and none was in higher or more buoyant spirits than he.
"A Waif of the Mountains" by Edward S. Ellis
These digressions or deviations are studded with quips and jests, good, bad, and indifferent.
"Essays in English Literature, 1780-1860" by George Saintsbury

In poetry:

Quip, quirk, and derision;
And what my heart feels,
My soul's purest vision,
Are under the seals.
"Seals" by Gamaliel Bradford
Smart quips of loathsome children
I only yearn to smack,
And what is in the parcels
They balance on the rack.
"The Misanthrope" by Cicely Fox Smith
But we were used to each, and knew
The harmless fence of tongue;
So quip and jest rose up and flew
And prick'd, but never stung.
"A Walk To Pamphy Linns" by Alexander Anderson
Nor tell him stories of thine own,
Nor chestnut of antiquitee;
Nor quip, nor crank, nor anything
If thou has ought of love for me.
"The Bore" by C J Dennis
Another, keen, and swift, and bold,
With ready jest and quip to tell—
A bright Mercutio grown old,
He, too, has bidden us farewell.
"To My Friend" by Alexander Anderson
I can go nigh and lift the mournful veil,
I can look down and touch the chiselled lips,--
Remember that they were not always pale,
But red--ah, rosy-red--with smiles and quips.
"The Death of Love " by James Herbert Morse

In news:

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) -- "Brazil is not for beginners ," the late, great Brazilian composer Tom Jobim once quipped.
Obama makes another birth certificate quip.
Romney Gets In ' Birth Certificate ' Quip.
As for her father 's quips, Simone just shakes her head.
The pig-flying reference is commonly used as a sarcastic quip to emphasize the sheer foolishness of an idea or plan.
Did Matt Lauer go too far with Anne Hathaway upskirt quip.
The wisdom in some of my grandmother 's quips was not always immediately apparent to me, but over time, when I have found myself worked up or hurt, they have provided great counsel.
"I'm renting a space ship," quipped Santana, who may up his pitch count to 80.
The Who guitarist trades quips with 'The Late Show' host.
Power Balladz (Feb. 9), an interactive 1980s rock sing-along concert ("the ultimate karaoke," Shaw quipped).
Did Lauer go too far with Hathaway upskirt quip.
A Lone Star original, Darrell Royal built an enduring legacy at the University of Texas and in college football by having the right scheme, the proper call or the perfect quip.
Ohio Dem seeks apology for GOP leader's Obama quip .
Obama's salmon quip : Is salmon management a joke.
Obama's Salmon Quip : The Truth Is Murky.

In science:

In this paper, we outline the prototype of an automated inference tool, called QUIP, which provides a uniform implementation for several nonmonotonic reasoning formalisms.
QUIP - A Tool for Computing Nonmonotonic Reasoning Tasks
In this paper, we describe the prototype system QUIP (Egly et al. 2000a; Egly et al. 2000b), an automated reasoning tool utilizing transformations of the latter kind to implement several different reasoning formalisms.
QUIP - A Tool for Computing Nonmonotonic Reasoning Tasks
QBFs mentioned above), in principle any formalism having a decision problem in PSPACE can be handled by QUIP, provided a proper transformation has been found.
QUIP - A Tool for Computing Nonmonotonic Reasoning Tasks
Description of the System System Architecture The overall architecture of QUIP is depicted in Figure 1.
QUIP - A Tool for Computing Nonmonotonic Reasoning Tasks
Although these provers can in principle also be employed in QUIP, their inclusion would require an additional normal form translation, since the “natural” reductions of nonmonotonic reasoning tasks to QBFs do in general not result in formulae being in a particular normal form.
QUIP - A Tool for Computing Nonmonotonic Reasoning Tasks