• WordNet 3.6
    • v queen become a queen "her pawn queened"
    • v queen promote to a queen, as of a pawn in chess
    • n queen female cat
    • n queen the only fertile female in a colony of social insects such as bees and ants and termites; its function is to lay eggs
    • n queen an especially large mole rat and the only member of a colony of naked mole rats to bear offspring which are sired by only a few males
    • n queen (chess) the most powerful piece
    • n queen one of four face cards in a deck bearing a picture of a queen
    • n queen offensive term for an openly homosexual man
    • n queen a competitor who holds a preeminent position
    • n queen a female sovereign ruler
    • n queen the wife or widow of a king
    • n queen something personified as a woman who is considered the best or most important of her kind "Paris is the queen of cities","the queen of ocean liners"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

The Queen and senseless Snow-White The Queen and senseless Snow-White
The queen The queen
The Undine queen asks Youri to stay The Undine queen asks Youri to stay
The robber-chief catches the queen The robber-chief catches the queen
A Queen of the Beach A Queen of the Beach

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: When the only queen ant dies, so does the entire colony, because no new workers are born
    • Queen A playing card bearing the picture of a queen; as, the queen of spades.
    • Queen A woman eminent in power or attractions; the highest of her kind; as, a queen in society; -- also used figuratively of cities, countries, etc. "This queen of cities.""Albion, queen of isles."
    • Queen A woman who is the sovereign of a kingdom; a female monarch; as, Elizabeth, queen of England; Mary, queen of Scots. "In faith, and by the heaven's quene ."
    • Queen The fertile, or fully developed, female of social bees, ants, and termites.
    • Queen (Chess) The most powerful, and except the king the most important, piece in a set of chessmen.
    • Queen The wife of a king.
    • v. i Queen To act the part of a queen.
    • v. i Queen (Chess) To make a queen (or other piece, at the player's discretion) of by moving it to the eighth row; as, to queen a pawn.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Sir John Harington, the godson of Queen Elizabeth I, was the inventor of the toilet
    • n queen The consort of a king.
    • n queen A woman who is the sovereign of a realm; a female sovereign. In countries under monarchical rule females are sometimes excluded from the throne, and seldom if ever succeed in direct lineal descent. In the line of succession to the British throne the eldest son of the sovereign is the heir, to the exclusion of older sisters; but a daughter who has no brothers succeeds, to the exclusion of younger brothers of her father or their male descendants. The exceptionally long reign of Queen Victoria (who succeeded in right of her deceased father, the Duke of Kent, to the exclusion of his younger brothers) has familiarized English-speaking communities of the present day with the form queen's instead of king's in such phrases as queen's counsel, the queen's English, etc.
    • n queen Figuratively, a woman who is chief or preeminent among others; one who presides: as, queen of beauty; queen of the May (see Mayqueen).
    • n queen Hence, anything personified as chief or greatest, when considered as possessing female attributes.
    • n queen In entomology, a queen bee or queen ant.
    • n queen A playing-card on which a queen is depicted.
    • n queen In chess, the piece which is by far the most powerful of all for attack. See chess. Abbreviated Q.
    • n queen A variety of roofing-slate, measuring 3 feet long and 2 feet wide. Compare duchess, 2.
    • n queen Among Roman Catholics, a title given to the Virgin Mary.
    • queen To play the queen; act the part or character of a queen; domineer: with an indefinite it.
    • queen In chess, to make a queen of: said of a pawn on its reaching the eighth square.
    • queen In apiculture, to supply with a queen; introduce a queen to: said of a colony of bees.
    • n queen Same as quin.
    • n queen Same as queen-wasp.
    • n queen A female eat. In modern catteries the name is given only to female cats used for careful and scientific breeding. Also called queen-cat.
    • n queen The female of a termite or white ant. See king, 6.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The queen of England has two birthdays.
    • n Queen kwēn the wife of a king: a female sovereign: the best or chief of her kind: a queen-bee or queen-ant: of playing-cards, one with the queen painted on it: the piece in chess which is the most deadly in attack
    • v.i Queen to play the queen
    • ***


  • Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
    “We are no more free agents than the queen of clubs when she victoriously takes prisoner the knave of hearts.”
  • Oprah Winfrey
    “Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.”
  • Mark Twain
    “There is no such thing as the Queen's English. The property has gone into the hands of a joint stock company and we own the bulk of the shares!”
  • Sir Thomas Malory
    Sir Thomas Malory
    “Queen Guenever, for whom I make here a little mention, that while she lived she was a true lover, and therefore she had a good end.”
  • Elizabeth I
    Elizabeth I
    “I would rather be a beggar and single than a queen and married.”
  • Pierre Auguste Renoir
    Pierre Auguste Renoir
    “I've been forty years discovering that the queen of all colors is black.”


Queen bee - The queen bee is a woman who holds the most important position in a place.
Queen of Hearts - A woman who is pre-eminent in her area is a Queen of Hearts.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. quen, quene, queen, quean, AS. cwēn, wife, queen, woman; akin to OS. quān, wife, woman, Icel. kvān, wife, queen, Goth. qēns,. √221. See Quean


In literature:

The queen of the fairies came in at the window as the mother was sitting up in bed admiring the child.
"Children's Literature" by Charles Madison Curry
The King and Queen were in royal robes, and they both bowed and smiled, and the Queen's fair hair shone out like gold.
"The Children's Book of London" by Geraldine Edith Mitton
Queen Ute also sent messages to Queen Kriemhild beseeching her to come again to her own country.
"Stories of Siegfried" by Mary MacGregor
In the next place, we introduced a very fertile queen into this hive; after painting the thorax to distinguish her from the reigning queen.
"New observations on the natural history of bees" by Francis Huber
Queen Guenevere also she awaited, and the Queen of Orkney, Sir Gareth's mother.
"The Book of Romance" by Various
To latter-day Englishmen this year is principally noted for the birth of Queen Victoria.
"A History of the Nineteenth Century, Year by Year" by Edwin Emerson
Thus the Queen of France would be the Queen of Spain.
"Louis XIV., Makers of History Series" by John S. C. Abbott
Now, where the Queen was so deeply implicated it was not likely that Mdme.
"Political Women (Vol. 1 of 2)" by Sutherland Menzies
He would have both the Queen's door-keeper and the Queen's mad lover.
"The Fifth Queen Crowned" by Ford Madox Ford
Raleigh gazed helplessly from Rebecca to the Queen and back again from the Queen to Rebecca.
"The Panchronicon" by Harold Steele Mackaye

In poetry:

Hearts remote, yet not asunder;
Distance and no space was seen
'Twixt this Turtle and his queen:
But in them it were a wonder.
"The Phoenix And The Turtle" by William Shakespeare
Never more shalt thou behold her—
She, the noblest, fairest, best:
She that rose in fullest beauty,
Like a queen, above the rest.
"The Buried Flower" by William Edmondstoune Aytoun
"Kyng Adland hath a daughter, brother,
Men call her bright and sheene;
If I were kyng here in your stead,
That ladye shold be queene."
"King Estmere" by Anonymous British
Att home in Brittaine with my queene:
Therfore I came with speede
To Brittaine backe, with all my power,
To quitt that traiterous deede;
"The Legend of King Arthur" by Thomas Percy
The world that once had been my throne
Underfoot hath trod me down;
And I, that should have been a queen,
Gather roses for another's crown.
"The Captive Princess" by Ethel Clifford
Oh! come to my bower! My Queen!
Sweet with the breath of the flow'rs;
Shaded with curtains of green;--
Here let us dream through the hours.
"In My Garden Of Roses" by John Hartley

In news:

Mayor Michael R Bloomberg with other officials Monday at a school in Howard Beach, Queens.
A crash in Queens early Sunday morning killed two children and three adults.
When asking Eric Himan what he's got planned for this coming weekend and his response is simply "Oh, just a little Queen tribute," I know there's a sly grin at the aother end of the phone call.
Queen Embrace 'Magic' in Budapest in 1986.
Sept 19 — The question came by way of an e-mail message to Oprah, the queen of confessional television, and Gov George W Bush took it head on: What is the public's biggest misconception of him.
Robert Rodriguez Is Fonda of Rose McGowan in Queen of the Galaxy Role, But Universal Winces.
Barrowman and The Virgin Queen.
Douglas Allen Woody, a former bassist for the Allman Brothers Band and a spin-off group, Gov't Mule, died on Saturday at the Marriott Courtyard motel in Queens.
It's hard to believe that a glam queen like Kim Kardashian left any part of her body untouched by a professional--but she's never had her eyebrows done.
Visitors at Jacob Riis Park in Queens sat in front of the bathhouse on Friday.
Bauble Queen Bursts to Robert Frankel Victory.
Kings And Queens ALBUM: Kings And (2012) Last 200 Songs.
Queens gym teacher says he was beaten up by 6-year-old.
Queen Anne Urban Bed and Breakfast .
This historic property on Lake Road is known as the Great White Queen Anne of Oconomowoc.

In science:

Table 2 presents an aLiX program to solve the n queens problems.
Component Programming and Interoperability in Constraint Solver Design
Time of complete transformation chains of the N-Queens problem.
Using ATL to define advanced and flexible constraint model transformations
Table 2 presents seven different sizes of the N-Queens problem where the loop unrolling step has been applied.
Using ATL to define advanced and flexible constraint model transformations
As shown on this table, the ratio first decreases, but after 50-Queens it slowly grows up.
Using ATL to define advanced and flexible constraint model transformations
Chaotic stability in spatially-resolved hostparasite replicators: The red queen on a lattice.
Nonlinear deterministic equations in biological evolution