put across


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v put across transmit information "Please communicate this message to all employees","pass along the good news"
    • ***


In literature:

Miss Kitty across the street is going to put it together for me.
"The Little Red Chimney" by Mary Finley Leonard
She put it on again in a great hurry, but, as she was going across the hall, her father turned round.
"Young Folks Treasury, Volume 3 (of 12)" by Various
John Benham had put a question to the Governor across the table; and he sat now, leaning a little forward, while he waited for an answer.
"One Man in His Time" by Ellen Glasgow
He went straight out, and she saw him walk hastily across the courtyard, putting on his hat as he traversed it.
"Verner's Pride" by Mrs. Henry Wood
Pained and distressed, she put aside all the play finery and threw herself across the bed.
"Dorothy Dale's Queer Holidays" by Margaret Penrose
When the British ships endeavoured to attack from the seaward, the channel was closed by chains and booms put across it.
"My Adventures as a Spy" by Robert Baden-Powell
I'd give a doughnut to know how he happened to put that rope across the road.
"Pee-wee Harris on the Trail" by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
Right across the top of the entrance he put a nice sharp beam.
""Same old Bill, eh Mable!"" by Edward Streeter
Loftus stopped rowing, bent forward and put his hand across her mouth.
"The Honorable Miss" by L. T. Meade
You two athletes put these buttons on the floor and push them across to the other side of the room with your noses.
"Winning His "W"" by Everett Titsworth Tomlinson

In poetry:

They put the net across my cot,
Or else downstairs again I'd creep.
But, see, I'll suck the counterpane
To PULP before I go to sleep!
"The Naughty Day" by Fay Inchfawn
I am the singer who of late put by
The verse azulean and the chant profane,
Across whose nights a rossignol would cry
And prove himself a lark at morn again.
"Portico" by Ruben Dario
From days laid waste across disastrous years,
From hopes cut down across a world of fears,
We gaze with eyes too passionate for tears,
Where faith abides though hope be put to flight.
"A Year's Burden -- 1870" by Algernon Charles Swinburne
But they're telling bedtime stories to bananas,
And putting plums to by-by on a ship,
And they never have a notion
They have been across the ocean,
So they even miss the pleasure of the trip.
"The Banana's Lullaby" by C J Dennis
"Lights out" along the land,
"Lights out" upon the sea.
The night must put her hiding hand
O'er peaceful towns where children sleep,
And peaceful ships that darkly creep
Across the waves, as if they were not free.
"Lights Out" by Henry Van Dyke
He gives me such a bold and curious look,
That young American across the way,
As if he'd like to put me in a book
(Fancies himself a poet, so they say.)
Ah well! He'll make no "document" of me.
I lock my door. Ha! ha! Now none shall see. . . .
"Room 4: The Painter Chap" by Robert W Service

In news:

Now, take a look at what goes on behind the scenes at the studio in Manchester and across the state as reporters put together their stories.
Now MPS and its partner, Interfaith Older Adult Programs Inc, are putting out the call for volunteers to act as reading tutors in 16 schools across the city.
A few hundred people from across Tennessee gather near the state Capitol to try to put the brakes - 5:39 pm.
Eighteen Emergency Medical Services teams from the metro and across the country put their lifesaving skills to the test Saturday in the second annual EMS competition at Creighton University.
I've been putting on socks with general success for 42 years, and the Recovery Sox are the first I've run across that require instructions.
R etiring Sen Joe Lieberman in his final Senate floor speech is urging Congress to put partisan rancor aside and reach across party lines to break Washington's gridlock.
As well as staying within walking distance of a few of the city's best attractions, this kind of location puts visitors close to the underground train, the most common method of transport across the city.
The folks at hint.fm put together a map that shows the wind across the United States in real time and animated.
Police still have no idea who is behind the devices and have taken the unusual step of putting up 22 billboards across the sprawling metro area to warn residents about discarded flashlights .
The American Lung Association has been putting on stair climb events across the nation for decades as a fun twist on the athletic fundraiser.
Toast, so why not take it across the border and put a tasty twist on it.
Have you put up your holiday lights, or do you live across the street from The Griswolds.
In the United States and across Southwest Florida there are liberals, conservatives, centrists and eccentrics putting themselves out there each day.
That could be the scenario this summer for day camps and similar programs across New York, where a lawmaker says new state Department of Health regulations will put a serious crimp in the fun of thousands of children.
A few hundred people from across Tennessee gather near the state Capitol to try to put the brakes - 11:13 pm.

In science:

To clearly put across the topological point at issue here we use some mathematical notation.
DNA Elasticity : Topology of Self-Avoidance
Given a map m, the dual map is obtained by exchanging the role of vertices and faces and keeping incidence relations: more precisely to construct the dual map m∗ of m, put a vertex in each face of m and connect these vertices by a dual edge e∗ across each edge of m.
A bijection for rooted maps on orientable surfaces
They put the slit along two position angles across the nucleus of Cen A, centred on the AGN.
The Supermassive Black Hole at the Heart of Centaurus A: Revealed by Gas- and Stellar Kinematics
We assume that there are input-out put instructions manipulating the tapes (read and write), instructions moving data across memory (load and store), arithmetic instructions (add, sub, mult, and div), branching instructions (jump, jzero and jgtz) and, finally, halt to stop the computation.
Random Generation and Approximate Counting of Combinatorial Structures
Note that due to the startup cost across segment boundwe should not expect that putting together the solutions to each segment will lead to an overall optimal offline solution.
Online Energy Generation Scheduling for Microgrids with Intermittent Energy Sources and Co-Generation