• WordNet 3.6
    • adj pushful marked by aggressive ambition and energy and initiative "an aggressive young executive","a pushful insurance agent"
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The world's tallest mountains, the Himalayas, are also the fastest growing. Their growth about half an inch a year is caused by the pressure exerted by two of Earth's continental plates (the Eurasian plate and the Indo-Australian plate) pushing against one another.
    • pushful Full of push; active; energetic; enterprising: as, a pushful young man.
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  • Elmer G. Letterman
    Elmer G. Letterman
    “A man may fall many times but he won't be a failure until he says someone pushed him.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Business is like a wheelbarrow--it stands still until someone pushes it.”
  • Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
    “Happiness is a ball after which we run wherever it rolls, and we push it with our feet when it stops.”
  • Jack Herbert
    Jack Herbert
    “Some of us are like wheelbarrows, only useful when pushed and easily upset.”
  • Richard Marcinko
    Richard Marcinko
    “Pain was their body's way of telling them that they'd pushed themselves to their limits -- which was exactly where they were supposed to be.”
  • Christian Nevell Bovee
    “We make way for the man who boldly pushes past us.”


Don't push my buttons! - This can be said to someone who is starting to annoy you.
Push comes to shove - If or when push comes to shove, the situation has become some bad that you are forced to do something: If push comes to shove, we'll just have to use our savings.
Push the envelope - This means to go to the limits, to do something to the maximum possible.
Push the panic button - If someone pushes the panic button, they respond to a situation by becoming very frightened or excited.
Pushing at an open door - If you're pushing at an open door, you achieve what you want easily because many people agree with you or support you.
Pushing up the daisies - If someone is said to be pushing up the daisies, they are dead.


In literature:

Sherman pushed out from Chattanooga May 6, 1864, with 100,000 men and 254 cannon.
"History of the United States, Volume 4" by E. Benjamin Andrews
But she could not very well invite a stranger into her difficulty any more than I could push myself into her confidence.
"The Pirate of Panama" by William MacLeod Raine
The two brothers made their way quickly down the path, Paul pushing Alexander before him.
"Paul Patoff" by F. Marion Crawford
Maybe I just don't like people pushing other people around.
"The Best Made Plans" by Everett B. Cole
The little band pushed forward, and, on the 24th, Omercote opened its gates.
"Our Soldiers" by W.H.G. Kingston
Still we pushed on, hoping that the terrified animal might turn, and bring his murderer closer to us.
"In the Wilds of Africa" by W.H.G. Kingston
I did so for some time, and then again we pushed on.
"Taking Tales" by W.H.G. Kingston
The ship pushed off and hoisted sail just at daylight, on the turn of the tide.
"Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great, Volume 11 (of 14)" by Elbert Hubbard
When they had pushed through the hedge they were faced by a lane running in the general northwest direction.
"Ride Proud, Rebel!" by Andre Alice Norton
Nevertheless the British front had been pushed forward from 600 to 700 yards in some places.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume V (of 12)"

In poetry:

Push the curls of golden hue
From thine eyes of starlit dew,
And behold me where I stand,
Beckoning thy boat to land.
"Death's Ferryman" by Alice Cary
Laughs the happy April morn
Thro' my grimy, little window,
And a shaft of sunshine pushes
Thro' the shadows in the square.
" Anterotics" by William Ernest Henley
The boat pushed from the vessel’s side
Amid the ringing cheers;
And now beneath Old Ocean sleep
The Seabolt’s volunteers.
"'The Seabolt's Volunteers'" by Henry Lawson
Undebauch'd by rules of honour,
Innocence with Nature charms;
One bids gently push me from her,
The other take me in her arms.
"Songs Set To Music: 17. Set" by Matthew Prior
Not as when some great Captain falls
In battle, where his Country calls,
Beyond the struggling lines
That push his dread designs
"Abraham Lincoln: An Horatian Ode" by Richard Henry Stoddard
Not as when some great captain falls
In battle, where his country calls,
Beyond the struggling lines
That push his dread designs
"An Horatian Ode" by Richard Henry Stoddard

In news:

Not Just a Copy Shop Any Longer , Kinko's Pushes Its Computer Services.
BATON ROUGE, LA — **UPDATE: Game 3 of the Super Regional has been pushed back to 7pm.
Also, the easy-to-use, push/pull spout seals tightly to eliminate waste caused by dried-out product.
After an early safety, Aquinas pushed its advantage to 9-0 on a Josiah Moore 12-yard touchdown run.
How Obama's Health-Care Push Went Astray .
Mount Si football's Trent Riley on the push to state.
Rotation on the UCF defensive line has added athleticism and a much-needed push.
Rotation on UCF defensive line has added athleticism , much-needed push.
The wind dramatically pushes the trees around which are in varying stages of dying.
New Jersey local Mike Gleason on how his roots push him to excel.
Republicans push back against Reid's unsubstantiated claims, calling him a liar.
A morbid scene from Pushing Daisies.
When I'm 164: How Can Bioscience Push the Limits of Lifespan.
Twenty years after launching the garagiste movement, Jean-Luc Thunevin is still pushing the envelope.
I am pushing myself out the door on this brisk beautiful mornings.

In science:

Now using the local group structure we may push σ0 forward along the fibers.
Mirror Symmetry and Generalized Complex Manifolds
However, we suggest that these are actually the bright rims of a stack of weak flattened bubbles accumulated in the past, which have been flattened by the resistance of the environment ICM they push through.
Feedback Heating with Slow Jets in Cooling Flow Clusters
With the repulsive light forces, which push atoms towards the dark regions near the trap center where the radiation losses should be minimal, the cold atoms can be significantly compressed ad iabatically, thus yielding a background-free sub-10-nm spot .
Broken Symmetry and Coherence of Molecular Vibrations in Tunnel Transitions
Along Slits II and III, however, the absorption line velocities decrease, but stay red-shifted relative to the star by ≈ 20 km s−1 perhaps because the material, in the same plane, is being pushed by the expanding arc.
High Resolution, Long - Slit Spectroscopy of VY CMa: The Evidence for Localized High Mass Loss Events
We can push the factor qhλ from before each copy R2 to the left till it meets the factor q−hλ following the corresponding component γ 2j (R1 ).
Quantum conjugacy classes of simple matrix groups