• WordNet 3.6
    • v pulsate produce or modulate (as electromagnetic waves) in the form of short bursts or pulses or cause an apparatus to produce pulses "pulse waves","a transmitter pulsed by an electronic tube"
    • v pulsate expand and contract rhythmically; beat rhythmically "The baby's heart was pulsating again after the surgeon massaged it"
    • v pulsate move with or as if with a regular alternating motion "the city pulsated with music and excitement"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • v. i Pulsate To throb, as a pulse; to beat, as the heart. "The heart of a viper or frog will continue to pulsate long after it is taken from the body."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • pulsate To beat or throb, as the heart or a blood-vessel; contract and dilate in alternation or rhythmically, as the heart in systole and diastole, the disk of a jellyfish in swimming, the vacuoles in some protozoans, etc.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.i Pulsate pul′sāt to beat, as the heart or as a vein: to throb
    • n Pulsate any musical instrument played by being beaten on
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  • Napoleon Hill
    “Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.”
  • Peter De Vries
    “Anyone informed that the universe is expanding and contracting in pulsations of eighty billion years has a right to ask, What's in it for me?”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. pulsatus, p. p. of pulsare, to beat, strike, v. intens. fr. pellere, to beat, strike, drive. See Pulse a beating, and cf. Pulse (v.)


In literature:

My pulsations were quickened, and the prevalence of fever could no longer be doubted.
"Arthur Mervyn" by Charles Brockden Brown
He put his ear close down, and held it for a minute, to get the pulsation of the heart.
"Continental Monthly, Vol. 5, Issue 2, February, 1864" by Various
The walls and hull of the spaceship picked up a crawling, quivering pulsation and turned it into sound.
"Space Tug" by Murray Leinster
She was conscious of a new exhilaration in the sunlight, of a quicker pulsation in her blood.
"The Four Feathers" by A. E. W. Mason
Endowed with the glorious attribute of pulsating life, they fascinated.
"Daughter of the Sun" by Jackson Gregory
It pulsates with human interest, with human feeling, love and joy and sorrow.
"Platform Monologues" by T. G. Tucker
Throbbing and pulsation of all the arteries in the body; flushing of the face and collapse may follow.
"Aids to Forensic Medicine and Toxicology" by W. G. Aitchison Robertson
Ash Hollow looked a darkling descent, the thin pulsations of the little leaves of ash trees flickering along its sides.
"The Emigrant Trail" by Geraldine Bonner
Like the receding waves of the great ocean the uproar died down, growing fainter with each pulsation.
"The Saddle Boys of the Rockies" by James Carson
Thou seest from afar every pulsation of my praying heart.
"History of Rationalism Embracing a Survey of the Present State of Protestant Theology" by John F. Hurst

In poetry:

And in her bright veins seemed to run,
Pulsating, glowing,
The music of the wind and sun,
And waters flowing.
"The River Maiden" by Victor James Daley
Yet so it is, for ev'ry throb
That man's pulsating bosom gives,
And ev'ry smile, and ev'ry sob
Speaks of a mystery that lives.
"Things Mysterious" by Thomas Frederick Young
Awake to each lovely pulsation
Of wings, that ambassadors come
To herald her step ; 'tis elation,
‘Tis rapture, where all was now dumb.
"The Afterglow" by Manmohan Ghose

She lives--that first pulsation of the heart
Is life!--receive, dear babe, thy destin'd part;
Yet frail thy being as the op'ning rose
When chill the rude wind blows.
"Lines To Helen," by Helen Maria Williams
Whimsy and song in my little gray study!
Words out of wonderland, praising her fineness,
Touched with her pulsating, delicate laughter,
Saying, "The girl is all daring and kindness!"
"Rhymes For Gloriana" by Vachel Lindsay
Whimsy and song in my little gray study!
Words out of wonderland, praising her fineness,
Touched with her pulsating, delicate laughter,
Saying, “The girl is all daring and kindness!”
"On Suddenly Receiving A Curl Long Refused" by Vachel Lindsay

In news:

The a pulsating two-minute reel previewed the first seven episodes of the freshman drama and was screened at New York Comic-Con.
More than 100 video game screens blanket the walls, pulsating with flashing lights.
And all this came after a pulsating and.
Mofongo is only the beginning at this pulsating Washington Heights bar and restaurant.
TearScience Achieves FDA Clearance for Second Generation LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation System.
MasoSine sine pumps provide fast transfer, powerful suction, low shear and low pulsation for the ready-to-pour and frozen concentrate juice market segments.
The MasoSine sine pump produces powerful suction with low shear and no pulsation.
Roger Luchs recalls feeling intense gratitude when he finally got an accurate explanation for the pulsating sound in his ear.
Urgently pulsating electronic track was created for the Olympics' cycling venue.
Cultural heritage site pulsates with music, history and a touch of the macabre.
His process and love for audience participation translates from stage to record, and even with his recent performance for The Current, it's difficult for your body not to pulsate with the rhythm.
Pulsating drums will get Maui Memorial Gymnasium in Wailuku moving with the sights and sounds of the 13th annual Heiva I Maui Tahitian Dance & Drumming Competition from 10 am to 4 pm Saturday and Sunday.
Lately I've been listening to a handful of rappers who submerge their voices in dark, pulsating instrumentals that seethe with bleak undertones, and I think it's starting to affect my mood.
The bait features a pulsating paddle tail and an Eagle Claw treble hook.
Calvin Harris, the producer-DJ behind Rihanna's pulsating hit "We Found Love," which topped the Hot 100 for ten weeks, will release his third solo album "18 Months" on October 30.

In science:

Using the standard pulsation equation for Miras of Fox and Wood (1982) and assuming that the star is pulsating in its fundamental mode (Q =0.09), we derive a stellar mass of 1.15 M⊙ , which is a typical value for the stars of this class.
HCN in the inner envelope of {chi} Cygni
In this case, ψ refers to the radial pulsating of the bubbles.
Localize energy in random media: A new phase state
Stellar rotation also plays a role in the observed properties of spin modulation pulsations.
Oscillations During Thermonuclear X-ray Bursts
Shibata: ‘Search for X-ray pulsations from Rotation-Powered Pulsars with ASCA’.
Neutron Stars as Sources of High Energy Particles - the case of RPP
Periods of accreting NSs in GCs (no pulsations were detected from dim GC sources) and rotational equilibrium (period changes). 4.
Evolution of isolated neutron stars in globular clusters: number of Accretors