propeller plane


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n propeller plane an airplane that is driven by a propeller
    • ***


In literature:

For steering in the vertical plane two propellers were mounted on each side of the car, swivelling to give an upward or downward thrust.
"British Airships, Past, Present, and Future" by George Whale
The propeller of a water-plane has to be set higher than that of a land aeroplane, so that it may not come into contact with the waves.
"The Mastery of the Air" by William J. Claxton
There was not room enough to make a flying start, and ascend by means of the planes and propellers, so the gas-bag method was used.
"Tom Swift in the Caves of Ice" by Victor Appleton
Uptilting the planes caused it to leave the ground and start to curve gracefully upward, as the whizzing propeller did its noisy duty.
"The Aeroplane Boys Flight" by John Luther Langworthy
The plane was propelled by rockets!
"The Black Star Passes" by John W Campbell
The propeller and the rudders were to go in the plane crate.
"On the Edge of the Arctic" by Harry Lincoln Sayler
The propeller of the mysterious plane ahead had roared over.
"Raiders Invisible" by Desmond Winter Hall
The plane dropped away, fluttering like a falling leaf for a moment, before the aviator started his three propellers again.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science April 1930" by Various
Still, the spinning propeller of their plane gave them strength to hope.
"Lords of the Stratosphere" by Arthur J. Burks
The parts of the wings close to the body are supporting planes, while the portions that can be flapped are the propellers.
"Modern Americans" by Chester Sanford

In news:

Flying over this country's bountiful rain forest in a noisy propeller plane seating nine people can unnerve the most seasoned traveler.
In order to generate more money, Van Nuys Airport in Southern California, has been forcing propeller planes off the property by allowing leaseholders to raise hangar rents to amounts that only business jet and charter companies can afford.
Authorities say a small plane that was forced to land on an Adirondack lake last week had lost its propeller in midair.
The model and fashion editor who lost her left hand and had her face slashed in a plane propeller accident on Saturday is finally talking and expressing her gratitude to those trying to nurse her back to health.
Online fashion magazine editor, Lauren Scruggs, survived a freak accident of walking into a small plane propeller .
JET-PROPELLED: Vern Raburn already has more than 2,500 orders (worth $4 billion) for his featherweight planes.
Four guys are incredibly lucky to be alive after the small propeller plane they were flying in crashed.
The former model/fashion blogger badly injured last month when she walked into a plane's spinning propeller -- is clearly feeling the stress of coping with her daughter's horrific accident.
Propeller Planes, Fueled By Economics, Take Off.
Plane lost propeller in mid-air .
A small, private plane lost its propeller in mid-air before its pilot safely landed it in a remote Adirondack lake Thursday morning, a state police captain said Monday.
"The propeller came off the plane, in mid-air ," state police Capt.
Instead of shying away from her injuries, Lauren Scruggs has bravely showed off her amputated arm for the first time since a small plane propeller cut off her left hand four months ago.
When the propeller departed his Relentless 42 race plane, pilot Kevin Eldredge kept his cool and landed safely.
Early in December, 23-year-old model Lauren Scruggs stepped in front of a propeller plane while the propeller was still spinning.

In science:

State Police said witnesses told them the propel ler was not turning as the plane descended quickly toward the highway in Wareham near Exit 2.
Evaluating a Focus-Based Approach to Anaphora Resolution
EE-4: the plane descended Intra-AFL = the plane CF = the plane (theme) AF = witnesses (unchanged) FS = propel ler, State Police, tell event AFL = the plane, propel ler, witnesses In the current algorithm the AFL is reset at this point, because EE-4 ends the sentence.
Evaluating a Focus-Based Approach to Anaphora Resolution