• Profile of Head Of a Mummy, (a Man) Thebes
    Profile of Head Of a Mummy, (a Man) Thebes
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v profile represent in profile, by drawing or painting
    • v profile write about "The author of this article profiles a famous painter"
    • n profile biographical sketch
    • n profile an analysis (often in graphical form) representing the extent to which something exhibits various characteristics "a biochemical profile of blood","a psychological profile of serial killers"
    • n profile a vertical section of the Earth's crust showing the different horizons or layers
    • n profile an outline of something (especially a human face as seen from one side)
    • n profile degree of exposure to public notice "that candidate does not have sufficient visibility to win an election"
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

Outline for arm positions, profile Outline for arm positions, profile
Woman in profile Woman in profile

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Only President to win a Pulitzer: John F. Kennedy for "Profiles in Courage"
    • Profile A drawing exhibiting a vertical section of the ground along a surveyed line, or graded work, as of a railway, showing elevations, depressions, grades, etc.
    • Profile (Paint & Sculp) A human head represented sidewise, or in a side view; the side face or half face.
    • Profile A section of any member, made at right angles with its main lines, showing the exact shape of moldings and the like.
    • Profile An outline, or contour; as, the profile of an apple.
    • Profile to draw the outline of; to draw in profile, as an architectural member.
    • Profile (Mech) To shape the outline of an object by passing a cutter around it.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n profile An outline or contour; specifically, the largest contour or outline of anything, usually seen in or represented by a vertical longitudinal section or side view. For example, nearly all the fishes, butterflies, etc., figured in this dictionary are drawn in profile.
    • n profile Hence The outline of the human face in a section through the median line: a side view; the side-face or half-face: as, a Greek profile.
    • n profile A representation of the face in side view: as, profiles cut in black paper are called silhouettes.
    • n profile In architecture, the outline or contour of anything, such as a building, a figure, a molding, as shown by a section through it.
    • n profile In engineering and surveying, a vertical section through a work or a section of country, to show the elevations and depressions.
    • n profile In fortification, a light wooden frame set up to guide workmen in throwing up a parapet.
    • n profile The outline of a vertical section made through any part of a fortification in a direction perpendicular to its principal bounding lines.
    • n profile In ceramics, a thin plate, as of zinc, in which is cut the outline of half of an object. The mass of clay being revolved on the potters' wheel and the profile applied to it, the exterior form is given. Synonyms Contour, etc. See outline.
    • profile To draw with a side view; outline (any object or objects) so as to show a section as if cut perpendicularly from top to bottom.
    • profile In mech., to impart by means of a tool or tools a definite prescribed form to (pieces of wood or metal) by chiseling, milling, tiling, or like operations.
    • profile Theat., to cut (the edge of wings or set pieces) into irregular shapes to represent trees, rocks, etc.
    • n profile In theatrical, a wing having the outline of a tree. See profile, v. t., 3.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Profile prō′fīl an outline: a head or portrait in a side-view: the side-face: the outline of any object without foreshortening: a vertical section of country to show the elevations and depressions
    • v.t Profile to draw in profile: to make an outline of:
    • v.t Profile (mech.) to give a definite form by chiselling, milling, &c
    • ***


  • Laurel Cutler
    Laurel Cutler
    “I want to work with the top people, because only they have the courage and the confidence and the risk-seeking profile that you need.”
  • W. H. Auden
    “The countenances of children, like those of animals, are masks, not faces, for they have not yet developed a significant profile of their own.”
  • Hubert H. Humphrey
    “I have seen in the Halls of Congress more idealism, more humanness, more compassion, more profiles of courage than in any other institution that I have ever known.”
  • Kate Moss
    Kate Moss
    “Now I'm being blamed not only for anorexia but for lung cancer. [On being a high-profile social smoker]”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
It. profilo, fr. L. pro, before + filum, a thread, an outline, shape: cf. F. profil,. See File arow, and cf. Purfle Purl, a fringe


In literature:

First, the plan; then the profile; then the cross-section.
"Love's Meinie" by John Ruskin
At length he desisted; and Grace, looking out and seeing his keen, handsome profile staring out so desolately, came down from the hammock.
"Vesty of the Basins" by Sarah P. McLean Greene
We made Compiegne as the sun was going down: a fine profile of a town above the river.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition" by Robert Louis Stevenson
Then her attention wandered from herself, and she studied his profile.
"The Californians" by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
Neither back nor profile view long can dissemble.
"Oswald Langdon" by Carson Jay Lee
Figure 6 is a surface view in profile of an embryo of the next stage to be studied.
"Development of the Digestive Canal of the American Alligator" by Albert M. Reese
I felt his eyes resting heavily on my profile, on my cheek and on my ungloved hands.
"The Choice of Life" by Georgette Leblanc
The knot was placed at exactly the wrong angle, giving a strangely comic look to her profile.
"Mary Louise and Josie O'Gorman" by Emma Speed Sampson
After another day's march in a south-easterly course, Rube recognised the profiles of the mountains.
"The Scalp Hunters" by Mayne Reid
We were received at the Profile House with a most smiling welcome by Mr.
"The Continental Monthly, Vol. 2 No 4, October, 1862" by Various

In poetry:

Not the full smile,
His art, but an art
In profile;
"MAUBERLEY" by Ezra Pound
Strive with Carrara, fight
With Parian, till there steal
To light
Apollo's pure profile.
"Art" by Alfred Noyes
A profile rare! a height of land
Outlined 'gainst heaven's blue
With bolder touch than skillful hand
Of artist ever drew.
"Watch Hill" by Hattie Howard
What other eyes will trace
From this dear window haunted with the past,
Strange likeness to some well beloved face,
Among your profiles vast?
"A Farewell" by Kate Seymour Maclean
For if ivy and the cool of linen
are the norm of the body I leave behind,
my profile in the sand will be the old
unblushing silence of a crocodile.
"Sonnet" by Federico Garcia Lorca
And there is another thing he has in mind
like a grave Sienese face a thousand years
would fail to blur the still profiled reproach of. Ghastly,
with open eyes, he attends, blind.
All the bells say: too late. This is not for tears;
"Dream Song 29: There sat down, once, a thing" by John Berryman

In news:

MTV profiles young people with HIV.
MTV is airing a special next week with profiles of three young.
For an internationally known historian, Robert K Krick keeps a low profile.
Church of Scientology seeks higher profile in Denver with new church.
A Razor-Sharp Profile Cuts Into a Mile-High Cityscape .
The mayor's fate in a high-profile court challenge will be revealed Monday, with possible.
Read a profile of Yokley here.
I mean, I read in one of the profiles of you that you were actually in the closet for most of your life.
Money magazine recently had a profile about a mother of four who got herself $50,000 in debt buying clothes for her 3-year-old daughter.
Baseball's Low-Profile Managers Dark Cloud over Briggs-Foreman Tennis's Intriguing Twosomes The Clause That Sprewell Didn't Have A Plethora of Packers Presents.
View Stephen Colbert's full profile.
Utilizes color-simulation modeling technology for embedding profiles.
New TV show profiles compulsive shoppers.
As it profiles art-world scourge Mark Kostabi.
Google has tweaked the structure of Google+ by giving users the option of concealing their gender on public profiles.

In science:

Figure 1 shows the predicted temperature profile for the x-rays from a cluster and the measured profile.
The Search for Dark Matter, Einstein's Cosmology and MOND
Temperature profile from x-rays for a galactic cluster from Ref. 4.
The Search for Dark Matter, Einstein's Cosmology and MOND
This profile is in agreement with a measured f/8 beam of which a f/3.5 beam was subtracted (see over-plotted profiles in Fig. 13, right).
Prototype development of the Integral-Field unit for VIRUS
The progressive organization of the boundary layer during the transition process is more obvious if one considers the intensity profiles of the temperature and velocity fluctuations.
Transition to turbulence in strongly heated vertical natural convection boundary layers
Pion and positron data were generated at the various energies probed in the test beam and with their corresponding lateral beam profiles. The spatial coordinates of any energy deposition in the gas gap of an RPC was recorded for further analysis.
Hadron Showers in a Digital Hadron Calorimeter