• French dogs loaned by private families
    French dogs loaned by private families
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n privates external sex organ
    • ***

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Private Stayer will not be able to sing Private Stayer will not be able to sing


  • Michel Eyquem De Montaigne
    “There is not much less vexation in the government of a private family than in the managing of an entire state.”
  • Ibn Gabirol
    Ibn Gabirol
    “My friend is he who will tell me my faults in private.”
  • John Henry Newman
    John Henry Newman
    “The love of our private friends is the only preparatory exercise for the love of all men.”
  • Nahum Tate
    Nahum Tate
    “Friendship's the privilege of private men; for wretched greatness knows no blessing so substantial.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men -- that is genius.”
  • John Jay Chapman
    “Good government is the outcome of private virtue.”


In literature:

He reserved his private grudge for some special occasion, and continued still to support the Administration, and to hate one of the ministers.
"My Novel, Complete" by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
The end of the year 1829, however, brought a private event of moment to the Ferrars family.
"Endymion" by Benjamin Disraeli
The elder boy saw these freaks and oddities of his good mother's disposition, and chafed and raged at them privately.
"The Virginians" by William Makepeace Thackeray
This band consisted of three officers and three privates.
"Thirty Years in the Itinerancy" by Wesson Gage Miller
His release marked the end of his private life; his public and political life was about to begin.
"The World's Greatest Books, Vol X" by Various
After all, he decided privately, his wife was right; it was better that Stirling should see the infant.
"The Regent" by E. Arnold Bennett
Everything in this couple, their tone, manner, and way of looking at each other, proved the purity of their private live.
"Poor Relations" by Honore de Balzac
Private means, as well as public, were resorted to to arouse the men and bring them to the front.
"History of Kershaw's Brigade" by D. Augustus Dickert
"Our Vanishing Wild Life" by William T. Hornaday
I had private information the following day in Forward Express stock.
"Out of the Ashes" by Ethel Watts Mumford

In poetry:

If truly pious thou wou'dst fain appear,
And strictly Christian, whilst thou livest here,
To a small church convert thy own abode,
And make thy private house, the house of God.
"Advice To Ev'ry Master Of A Family, To Govern His House In A Religious Manner" by Rees Prichard
But we did not ourselves know what the end was.
People like us simply go on.
We had our flaws, perhaps a few private virtues,
But it is by blind chance only that we escape tragedy.
"Pantoum Of The Great Depression" by Donald Justice
Would that some call he could not choose but heed--
Of private passion or of public need--
At last might sting to life that slothful power,
And snare him into greatness for an hour!
"Sketch Of A Political Character" by William Watson
My heart shall rejoice that some kindred vibrations
Soothe the devious marge of the pathway of fate,
And gathering strength through many privations
Shall learn in contentment to patiently wait.
"Kindred Spirits" by Jared Barhite
Indifferently, 'mid public, private haunts, in solitude,
Behind the mountain and the wood,
Companion of the city's busiest streets, through the assemblage,
It and its radiations constantly glide.
"A Riddle Song" by Walt Whitman
David. Noble Abner,
Accept my thanks. Now to thy private ear,
If so thy grace permit, I will unfold
My secret soul, and ease my labouring breast,
Which pants with high designs, and beats for glory.
"David And Goliath. A Sacred Drama" by Hannah More

In news:

Necessity and creativity keep the public-private connection going strong.
Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan soaked up most of the cinematic spotlight in 1998.
Residents of the private Sea Gate community in New York receive donated supplies.
The Suquamish man told 911 dispatchers that he was watching a man and a woman taking chairs from a private property, including out of a boathouse.
West Side public and private schools cope with age-old problem.
All of Mears Park will twinkle at night during the holiday season thanks to private donations ensuring that trees inside and around the downtown park will be strung with white lights.
Relatives of five private security contractors abducted in Iraq gathered at the Comfort Inn near Minneapolis-St.
Morgan Stanley Private Equity will acquire Tops Markets LLC from Koninklijke Ahold NV for $310 million.
Private Jet to South Beach.
Library schools keep churning out graduates, but it's the private sector that is laying out the welcome mat to MLIS graduates.
15 am Friday at a private lot in Bethlehem.
It started near the very beginning, back in 2003 when Ratner promised that the basketball arena would be funded entirely with private money.
On Monday, residents and business owners will be allowed to return to the small privately run ghost town of Mogollon near the fire.
Carmel-based KAR Auction Services Inc isn't commenting on a report by Reuters that it is talking with private equity firms about taking the company private for the third time in its 30-year history.
Kinetic Concepts (NYSE: KCI) this week announced it has agreed to go private for $68.50 a share with private investors share include Apax Partners, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and the Public Sector Pension Investment Board.

In science:

In the latter works, it was shown that the length of extractable private random string can be characterized in terms of the smooth conditional min-entropy of the initial string, X ′ , given the knowledge, E , the quantum version of which was first introduced in .
Private Randomness Expansion With Untrusted Devices
Private randomness expansion, on the other hand, is a task involving only Bob, who aims to generate data secret from Eve.
Private Randomness Expansion With Untrusted Devices
The random string R hence remains private with respect to Eve15 .
Private Randomness Expansion With Untrusted Devices
We begin this section by giving a protocol which is designed to allow a private random string to be expanded by a finite amount.
Private Randomness Expansion With Untrusted Devices
This protocol depends on parameters ζ ≥ 0 and δ ≥ 0 and can be applied to an initial private string X 17 .
Private Randomness Expansion With Untrusted Devices