• Cologne Cathedral in 1820 From and old Print
    Cologne Cathedral in 1820 From and old Print
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v print put into print "The newspaper published the news of the royal couple's divorce","These news should not be printed"
    • v print write as if with print; not cursive
    • v print reproduce by printing
    • v print make into a print "print the negative"
    • n print a printed picture produced from a photographic negative
    • n print a picture or design printed from an engraving
    • n print a fabric with a dyed pattern pressed onto it (usually by engraved rollers)
    • n print a copy of a movie on film (especially a particular version of it)
    • n print availability in printed form "we've got to get that story into print","his book is no longer in print"
    • n print the text appearing in a book, newspaper, or other printed publication "I want to see it in print"
    • n print a visible indication made on a surface "some previous reader had covered the pages with dozens of marks","paw prints were everywhere"
    • ***

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From Foxe's 'Actes and Monumentes,' printed by John Day, 1576 From Foxe's 'Actes and Monumentes,' printed by John Day, 1576
Printing telegraph Printing telegraph
Printing by electric light Printing by electric light

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Men are able to read fine print better than women can
    • Print (Founding) A core print. See under Core.
    • Print A mark made by impression; a line, character, figure, or indentation, made by the pressure of one thing on another; as, the print of teeth or nails in flesh; the print of the foot in sand or snow. "Where print of human feet was never seen."
    • Print A photographic copy, or positive picture, on prepared paper, as from a negative, or from a drawing on transparent paper.
    • Print A printed cloth; a fabric figured by stamping, especially calico or cotton cloth.
    • Print A printed publication, more especially a newspaper or other periodical.
    • Print A stamp or die for molding or impressing an ornamental design upon an object; as, a butter print .
    • Print An impression taken from anything, as from an engraved plate.
    • Print Printed letters; the impression taken from type, as to excellence, form, size, etc.; as, small print; large print; this line is in print.
    • Print That which is produced by printing.
    • Print That which receives an impression, as from a stamp or mold; as, a print of butter.
    • Print To fix or impress, as a stamp, mark, character, idea, etc., into or upon something. "A look will print a thought that never may remove.""Upon his breastplate he beholds a dint,
      Which in that field young Edward's sword did print ."
      "Perhaps some footsteps printed in the clay."
    • Print To publish a book or an article. "From the moment he prints , he must except to hear no more truth."
    • Print To stamp or impress with colored figures or patterns; as, to print calico.
    • Print To stamp something in or upon; to make an impression or mark upon by pressure, or as by pressure. "Forth on his fiery steed betimes he rode,
      That scarcely prints the turf on which he trod."
    • Print To strike off an impression or impressions of, from type, or from stereotype, electrotype, or engraved plates, or the like; in a wider sense, to do the typesetting, presswork, etc., of (a book or other publication); as, to print books, newspapers, pictures; to print an edition of a book.
    • Print (Photog) To take (a copy, a positive picture, etc.), from a negative, a transparent drawing, or the like, by the action of light upon a sensitized surface.
    • Print To use or practice the art of typography; to take impressions of letters, figures, or electrotypes, engraved plates, or the like.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Everyday, more money is printed for Monopoly than the U.S. Treasury
    • print To press upon or into (something); impress; imprint.
    • print To mark by pressing something upon; leave an imprint upon; as, to print butter.
    • print To make or form by pressure or impression of any kind; fashion or shape out by stamping, indentation, or delineation in general.
    • print Specifically To stamp by direct pressure, as from the face of types, plates, or blocks covered with ink or pigments; impress with transferred characters or delineations by the exertion of force, as with a press or some other mechanical agency: as, to print a ream of paper; to print calico; to print pottery.
    • print To copy by pressure; take an impression or impressions from or of. as, to print a form of type; to print an engraved plate or block; to print a pattern on paper, or on calico or some other fabric.
    • print To make a copy or copies of by impression; produce by or issue from the press; put into print, as for publication: as, to print a book or a newspaper, an essay or a sermon; to print a picture.
    • print To cause to be printed; obtain the printing or publication of; publish.
    • print To form letters; write.
    • print To form by imitation of printed characters; write in the style of print: as, the child has learned to print the letters of the alphabet.
    • print To record, describe, or characterize in print as.
    • print In photography: To make a positive picture from (a negative) by contact.
    • print To produce, as a positive from a negative, by transmitted light, as by the agency of a lens in an enlarging-camera.
    • print To use or practise the art of taking impressions in a press.
    • print To produce books or any form of printed work by means of a press; specifically, to publish books or writings.
    • print To form imitations of printed characters; write in the style of print: as, the child can print, but has not learned to write yet.
    • n print A mark made by impression; any line, character, figure, or indentation made by the pressure of one body or thing on another; hence, figuratively, a mark, vestige, or impression of any kind; a stamp.
    • n print Printed matter for reading; the state of being printed; character or style of printing, or size of the printed letters: as, to put a work into print; clear or blurred print.
    • n print An imprint; an edition.
    • n print A printed publication, more especially a newspaper or other periodical.
    • n print A printed picture or design; an impression from engraved wood or metal taken in ink or other colored medium upon paper or any other suitable material.
    • n print Printed calico; a piece or length of cotton cloth stamped with designs: as, striped, black, colored, or figured prints.
    • n print An impression of something having comparatively slight relief, such as to reproduce in reverse all the parts of the original. Hence, by extension
    • n print A cast or impression from such a first impression, which reproduces exactly the original.
    • n print A pattern or device produced by stamping, as upon the surface of a piece of plate; hence, apparently by extension, the boss at the bottom of mazers and other vessels of the middle ages or later times, upon which are engraved or otherwise represented the arms of the owner or donor, or some other device.
    • n print Something bearing a figure or design to be impressed by stamping; a figured stamp: as, a butter-print. Specifically — A mold for coin. Halliwell.
    • n print In photography, a positive picture made from a negative.
    • n print In stock: said of a book of which copies can be had of the publisher. Compare out of print.
    • n print In a formal method; with exactness; in a precise and perfect manner; to perfection.
    • print Clear and bright.
    • n print In founding: A core-print; a projection on the pattern which leaves a recess in the sand in which to rest the end of the core for a hollow casting.
    • n print The impression left in the sand by a projecting part of the pattern, in which the end of the core is to rest.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Like fingerprints, everyone's tongue print is different
    • v.t Print print to press or impress: to mark by pressure: to impress letters on paper, &c.: to publish:
    • v.i Print to practise the art of printing: to publish a book
    • n Print a mark or character made by impression: the impression of types in general: a copy: a printed picture: an engraving: a newspaper: a printed cloth: calico stamped with figures: that which impresses its form on anything: a cut, in wood or metal:
    • v.t Print print (phot.) to produce a positive picture from a negative
    • n Print (archit.) a plaster-cast in low relief
    • ***


  • Adlai E. Stevenson
    “Accuracy is to a newspaper what virtue is to a lady, but a newspaper can always print a retraction.”
  • Orson Welles
    “Every actor in his heart believes everything bad that's printed about him.”
  • Frederick (Carl) Frieseke
    Frederick (Carl) Frieseke
    “The words printed here are concepts. You must go through the experiences.”
  • Lord Byron
    “'Tis pleasant, sure, to see one's name in print; A book's a book, although there's nothing in it.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Education is what you get from reading the fine print. Experience is what you get from not reading it.”
  • Jackie Collins
    Jackie Collins
    “My weakness is wearing too much leopard print.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Abbrev. fr. imprint,. See Imprint, and Press to squeeze


In literature:

It was not published till 1600, when two editions appeared, each printed from a different stage copy.
"A Life of William Shakespeare with portraits and facsimiles" by Sidney Lee
The printing machine is capable of printing several colors in one design.
"Textiles" by William H. Dooley
Usually the Lord's Prayer formed part of the printed text.
"Customs and Fashions in Old New England" by Alice Morse Earle
Print shop or no print shop, there were the proof notices.
"Land of the Burnt Thigh" by Edith Eudora Kohl
The resolutions of Mr. TUCK were read, ordered to be printed, and referred.
"A Report of the Debates and Proceedings in the Secret Sessions of the Conference Convention" by Lucius Eugene Chittenden
To tone the bromide prints, first note that the prints should have been developed and fixed and washed just as usual.
"Bromide Printing and Enlarging" by John A. Tennant
These were followed by a sale of prints, books of prints and drawings, upwards of ten thousand in number.
"English Book Collectors" by William Younger Fletcher
Printed by Sir Henry Ellis in xxxiv.
"Sir Walter Ralegh" by William Stebbing
Just as soon as a story mentions death it is worth printing, and if it has a number of deaths to tell about it is worth printing anywhere.
"Newspaper Reporting and Correspondence" by Grant Milnor Hyde
He is about to complete and print the third volume of his Oriental Impressions of Travel.
"The International Magazine, Volume 2, No. 3, February, 1851" by Various

In poetry:

"Oh print, I beg you, all I've said,
And ask the world if this be right:
To give the worker wage so slight
That he must want for bread.
"A Fellow Slave" by Morris Rosenfeld
A simple print,--the graceful flow
Of boyhood's soft and wavy hair,
And fresh young lip and cheek, and brow
Unmarked and clear, were there.
"Raphael" by John Greenleaf Whittier
You will print such books as these?
Then you're lost, my friend, that's certain.
If you wish for gold and honor,
Write more humbly—bend your knees!
"A Warning" by Heinrich Heine
The Admiral pulled to the islands three;
The kings saluted him graciousLEE.
The Admiral, pleased at his welcome warm,
Unrolled a printed Alliance form.
"The Three Kings of Chickeraboo" by William Schwenck Gilbert
In fancy o'er a beaming baby bent--
Cradled amiss
In a rude manger--on its brow to print
One holy kiss,
While down the slant winds faint aromas went
And anthems deep of bliss....
"The Dream Of Christ" by Madison Julius Cawein
On snow and sand and turn, I see
Where Love has left a printed trace
With straining in the world's embrace.
And such is Love and glad to be
But Thought has shaken his ankles free.
"Bond And Free" by Robert Frost

In news:

The University of West Georgia's publications and printing (pub and print) department was given a mandate in 2011 to become self-funded by 2013.
Pad Print Machinery of Vermont's focus is to design the best solution for your printing application, even if it means building a whole new printer.
View and Print Entire Document (PDF) View and Print by Section (PDF) Who Will Respond: Public Health Workforce Issues Slowing the Spread of Pandemic Flu: The.
Custom printed bags for protecting rolls of prints in the field and in storage.
Digital photos are the best type of photos to be printed in our magazine, as they offer maximum flexibility in terms of printed size so long as certain requirements are met.
Prints fine art in limited edition prints for use in interior design.
Poster Prints Special Edition Prints.
Your printing needs, large or small, are handled with the greatest care by our team of printing professionals.
Presstek, Inc announced it will be demonstrating the industry?s broadest array of digital offset printing solutions in Booth #3646 at Print 09, North America?s largest printing trade show.
On the simple, print -only side, from time to time I receive printed offers addressed to Box S Hall.
The HumanEyes 3D process has three simple steps: digital photography, processing by HumanEyes software, and printing using existing printing technologies.
The topics are used printing equipment offerings, printing industry technology advances, news and events.
When asked which printed publications couldn't be replaced by an electronic version, the majority of survey respondents agreed that magazines, fundraising materials, admissions brochures, and viewbooks should still be printed .
Print engine SATO America Charlotte NC USA SATO America introduced its latest OEM print engine, the Lt408, which is designed to meet the needs of the entry-level print apply market.
In fact, one of my earliest presentations was on "Using Print Shop at All Levels of Bloom" (the original Print Shop ).

In science:

Horowitz’s review for these proceedings, “Quantum gravity at the turn of the millennium,” available as e-print gr-qc/0011089.
Statistical geometry of random weave states
Print Momlist() prints the current list of Momfuncs including the dependencies for every propagator type momentum.
AMEGIC++ 1.0, A Matrix Element Generator In C++
Nemes, e-print quant-ph/0205146. This assumes we have full control over the environment and that it is, e.g., an extra degree of internal freedom.
Generalization of geometric phase to completely positive maps
Printed by Mathematica for Students regularity conditions. Since we are not assuming this technical apparatus, we shall prove this directly.
Fluid Limits of Pure Jump Markov Processes: a Practical Guide
Fulp, R., Lada, T. and Stasheff, J.: Noether variational Theorem II and the BV formalism. E-print arXiv: math.
Lagrangian symmetries and supersymmetries depending on derivatives. Global analysis