pressure level


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n pressure level the force applied to a unit area of surface; measured in pascals (SI unit) or in dynes (cgs unit) "the compressed gas exerts an increased pressure"
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In literature:

The pressure of society reduces him to this level.
"A Residence in France" by J. Fenimore Cooper
Under pressure it is difficult to ascertain such things; one's true level may be higher or lower.
"The Firing Line" by Robert W. Chambers
If the pressure of the gas is small, the mercury changes its level but very little.
"General Science" by Bertha M. Clark
Half an hour later the pain returned; Tiger took another tracing while Dal checked his venous pressure and shock level.
"Star Surgeon" by Alan Nourse
The air pressure gauge was spinning up toward normal sea-level air pressure.
"Space Tug" by Murray Leinster
Between the pressure ridges are the old floes, more or less level.
"The North Pole" by Robert E. Peary
A steam and water capacity sufficient to prevent any fluctuation in steam pressure or water level.
"Steam, Its Generation and Use" by Babcock & Wilcox Co.
By the time it had reached the lower level, the elevator was up to pressure.
"Anchorite" by Randall Garrett
A term signifying the normal level of a barometer for a given station, or the mean pressure between 32 deg.
"The Sailor's Word-Book" by William Henry Smyth
In one frenzied movement the rifle is levelled across the parapet, first pressure of the trigger taken and the shadowy bulk watched.
"Norman Ten Hundred" by A. Stanley Blicq

In news:

It can be used for differential pressure or level applications.
SOR Achieves SIL Certification for Pressure and Level Switches.
Edarbyclor statistically superior in reducing blood-pressure levels among hypertension patients.
But those wells ran dry when Lake Cumberland's levels were dropped to take pressure off the leaking Wolf Creek Dam.
The V Port Ball Valve Series is designed for the control of pressure, temperature, flow, and level.
Caffeinated drinks, including coffee, raise your blood pressure slightly by increasing the levels of stress hormones.
Fiscal pressures are pushing federal managers to consider reorganization at the agency or program level, but few say they're prepared to handle the human capital effects of a shake-up.
The price of gold, which has climbed for years like a blood-pressure reading for anxious investors, plunged Wednesday to its lowest level in three months.
There is an upper level low pressure system currently over New England that has rotated down.
Pressures can decrease in cold weather, so you should inspect them regularly and ensure you fill them to the correct levels.
It means that the oil level or oil pressure is too low.
A wood prop block made from a pressure-treated cedar or redwood 2x6 will shore up a sagging rail and keep it level.
Pressure mounts to restore Great Lakes water levels.
Exercise has shown to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels for these two reasons .
Smiths Medical offers the Level 1 ConductiTherm Warming System with built-in pressure relief designed for positioning under the patient.

In science:

From electronic band structure calculations for Ba it was concluded that the 5d component in the conductionelectron wave function increases strongly under pressure, transforming Ba into a 5d transition metal through s-d hybridization at the Fermi level.
Assembling the puzzle of superconducting elements: A Review
Remaining at the OCM level, improving the reliability of the virial route – which takes Pocm to approximate the total pressure – is possible by formally including a density derivative of the effective potential into the forces from which the virial is computed, see e.g. sections 4.2 of both references or .
Testing the relevance of effective interaction potentials between highly charged colloids in suspension
Since density data are not provided, the geopotential height for the pressure level, h(p), is by vertical interpolation transformed into a function p(h).
A Solar System Test of Mach's Principle with Gravimetric Data
Increase the level of stress (e.g., amplitude in temperature cycling, voltage, or pressure ) under which test units operate. A unit will fail when its strength drops below applied stress.
A Review of Accelerated Test Models
Experimental confirmation of a collisional mechanism populating vibrational levels of the C3Πu state which might induce an additional pressure dependence of the 2P relative intensities has been shown in .
Air Fluorescence Relevant for Cosmic-Ray Detection - Summary of the 5th Fluorescence Workshop, El Escorial 2007