practical joke


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n practical joke a prank or trick played on a person (especially one intended to make the victim appear foolish)
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Practical joke a joke put in practice; a joke the fun of which consists in something done, in distinction from something said; esp., a trick played upon a person.
    • Practical joke See under Practical.
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  • Will Rogers
    “The trouble with practical jokes is that very often they get elected.”


Practical joke - A practical joke is a trick played on someone that is meant to be funny for people watching, though normally embarrassing for the person being tricked.


In literature:

Julia Crosby is everlastingly playing practical jokes and getting people into trouble.
"Grace Harlowe's Plebe Year at High School" by Jessie Graham Flower
Elmer realized that Lil Artha was speaking earnestly, and showing no symptoms of having played a practical joke.
"Afloat" by Alan Douglas
Also he imagined that I wished the professor upset by way of a practical joke.
"Love Among the Chickens" by P. G. Wodehouse
These games grew later into practical jokes.
"The Book of Hallowe'en" by Ruth Edna Kelley
It is, I suppose, a practical joke on the part of one of you.
"For the Sake of the School" by Angela Brazil
While he played practical jokes upon the unreverend fathers, he distinguished himself equally by his appetite for knowledge.
"Short Studies on Great Subjects" by James Anthony Froude
They make it a practical joke.
"Aims and Aids for Girls and Young Women" by George Sumner Weaver
It was paying dearly for a practical joke, played off on the spur of the moment, truly!
"Tom Finch's Monkey" by John C. Hutcheson
I'll not have your sisters made the subject for practical jokes!
"Pixie O'Shaughnessy" by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
No more practical jokes for me!
"A Houseful of Girls" by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey

In news:

One new roommate that doesn't play practical jokes.
A Montana man's practical joke went very wrong when he tried to trick passing motorists into believing he was Bigfoot.
Let's start with a couple of definitions: A "prank" generally is a harmless practical joke.
A former Greeley firefighter faces criminal charges after police say he put a cup of sugar in a fellow firefighter 's gas tank as a practical joke.
Politics dominate the headlines and the jokes practically write themselves.
Surely you remember those fake "chewing gum " practical jokes, usually sold in department stores.
An apparent practical joke is causing concern for employees in the Merced County Superior Court clerk's office, and the victims of the prank aren't finding it very funny.
So, a tiger shows up at Huskies football practice … no, this isn't the beginning of a lame joke.
When Collins jokingly told his players to practice jamming their fingers, Bay understood.
While one might think April Fools' Day would be like Christmas for those who pull pranks for a living, the practical joke community is actually quite divided on the annual day of deception.
Today, I start a week-long series of practical jokes for you to use in case you're having trouble coming up with one on your own.
Did you hear about the inmate in Vermont who pulled a $780 practical joke on the state police.
Dude tries to play practical joke at Best Buy, Goes to jail, but may land him a job with Geek Squad.
Everyone likes a good practical joke every now and then.
Baldridge & Associates Structural Engineering Inc. Best Practical Jokes at Work.

In science:

It looks as a joke, but since 1981 practically nobody studied the Anderson transition numerically as change in the character of wave functions.
Anderson transition: numerical vs analytical results (comment on the review article by P.Markos cond-mat/0609580)