• WordNet 3.6
    • v pot plant in a pot "He potted the palm"
    • n pot metal or earthenware cooking vessel that is usually round and deep; often has a handle and lid
    • n pot street names for marijuana
    • n pot a container in which plants are cultivated
    • n pot a resistor with three terminals, the third being an adjustable center terminal; used to adjust voltages in radios and TV sets
    • n pot a plumbing fixture for defecation and urination
    • n pot slang for a paunch
    • n pot the cumulative amount involved in a game (such as poker)
    • n pot the quantity contained in a pot
    • n pot (often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent "a batch of letters","a deal of trouble","a lot of money","he made a mint on the stock market","see the rest of the winners in our huge passel of photos","it must have cost plenty","a slew of journalists","a wad of money"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

A wrought-iron trammel used for hanging a pot from a fireplace crane. The adjustable hook made it possible to raise or lower the pot A wrought-iron trammel used for hanging a pot from a fireplace crane. The adjustable hook made it possible to raise...
Many earthenware vessels found were used for cooking purposes, including baking dishes, three-legged pots, and covered pots Many earthenware vessels found were used for cooking purposes, including baking dishes, three-legged pots, and...
Various Pots and Pans Various Pots and Pans
Water pours over the old woman from the hole in the pot Water pours over the old woman from the hole in the pot
Forms of pots Forms of pots
Pot: Arkansas (?).--1/3; Pot: Waverly, Tennessee.--1/3 Pot: Arkansas (?).--1/3; Pot: Waverly, Tennessee.--1/3
Pot: Arkansas (?).--1/3; Pot: Arkansas.--1/3 Pot: Arkansas (?).--1/3; Pot: Arkansas.--1/3
Pot: Alabama (?).--1/3; Pot: Arkansas (?).--1/3 Pot: Alabama (?).--1/3; Pot: Arkansas (?).--1/3

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Incas used to create pots in the shape of peanuts that were highly prized
    • Pot A crucible; as, a graphite pot; a melting pot.
    • pot A game, match, etc., open only to losers in early stages of contests.
    • Pot A metal or earthenware extension of a flue above the top of a chimney; a chimney pot.
    • Pot A metallic or earthen vessel, appropriated to any of a great variety of uses, as for boiling meat or vegetables, for holding liquids, for plants, etc.; as, a quart pot; a flower pot; a bean pot.
    • Pot A perforated cask for draining sugar.
    • Pot (Armor) A plain defensive headpiece; later, and perhaps in a jocose sense, any helmet; -- called also pot helmet.
    • Pot A size of paper. See Pott.
    • Pot A wicker vessel for catching fish, eels, etc.
    • Pot An earthen or pewter cup for liquors; a mug.
    • Pot marijuana.
    • Pot The quantity contained in a pot; a potful; as, a pot of ale. "Give her a pot and a cake."
    • Pot (Card Playing) The total of the bets at one time; the pool.
    • Pot (Racing, Eng) The total of the bets at stake at one time, as in racing or card playing; the pool;
    • Pot To drain; as, to pot sugar, by taking it from the cooler, and placing it in hogsheads, etc., having perforated heads, through which the molasses drains off.
    • Pot To place or inclose in pots
    • Pot To pocket.
    • Pot To preserve seasoned in pots.
    • Pot To secure; gain; win; bag.
    • Pot To set out or cover in pots; as, potted plants or bulbs.
    • Pot To shoot for the pot, i.e., cooking; to secure or hit by a pot shot; to shoot when no special skill is needed. "When hunted, it [the jaguar] takes refuge in trees, and this habit is well known to hunters, who pursue it with dogs and pot it when treed."
    • Pot To take a pot shot or shots, as at game or an enemy.
    • Pot To tipple; to drink. "It is less labor to plow than to pot it."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: According to legend, tea originated in China when tea leaves accidentally blew into a pot of boiling water
    • n pot A vessel of earth, iron, brass, or other metal, usually of circular section and in shape rather deep than broad, employed for domestic and other purposes. A vessel used in cooking, generally made of metal.
    • n pot An earthen vessel, often for holding something distinctively specified; a jar or jug: as, a flower-pot; a cream-pot.
    • n pot A drinking-vessel; a vessel containing a specified quantity of liquor, usually a quart or a pint; a mug.
    • n pot The contents of a pot; that which is cooked in a pot; specifically, the quantity contained in a drinking-pot, generally a quart (in Guernsey and Jersey, about 2 quarts). A pot of butter was by statutes of Charles II. made 14 pounds.
    • n pot Stoneware: a trade-term.
    • n pot In sugar manufacturing, an earthen mold used in refining; also, a perforated cask in which sugar is placed for drainage of the molasses.
    • n pot In founding, a crucible.
    • n pot In glass manufacturing, the crucible in which the frit is melted. Those used for glass of fine quality, such as flint-glass, are closed to guard against impurities.
    • n pot The metal or earthenware top of a chimney; a chimney-pot.
    • n pot A size of writing-paper whose original water-mark is said to have been a pot. The smallest sheets measure 15½ x 12½ inches. Also spelled pott.
    • n pot In fishing: The circular inclosed part of a pound-net, otherwise called the bowl, pound, or crib.
    • n pot A hollow vessel for trapping fish; a lobster-pot.
    • n pot In card-playing: The aggregate stakes, generally placed together in the center of the table; the pool.
    • n pot In faro, the name given to the six-, seven-, and eight-spots in the lay-out.
    • n pot A large sum of money.
    • n pot A simple form of steel cap, sometimes plain, like the skull-cap, sometimes having a brim.
    • n pot In pyrotechny, the head of a rocket, containing the decorations.
    • n pot To “keep things going”; keep up a brisk and continued round of activity.
    • pot To put into pots.
    • pot To preserve in pots, usually in the form of paste and often with high seasoning: as, potted meats or lobster.
    • pot To stew; cook in a pot as a stew: as, to pot pigeons.
    • pot To plant or set in pots: as, to pot plants.
    • pot To put in casks for draining: as, to pot sugar by taking it from the cooler and placing it in hogsheads with perforated heads, from which the molasses percolates.
    • pot To shoot; bring down by shooting; bag: as, to pot a rabbit, a turkey, or an enemy; hence, to catch; secure: as, to pot an heiress.
    • pot To cap. See to cap verses, under cap, verb
    • pot To manufacture, as pottery or porcelain; especially, to shape and fire, as a preliminary to the decoration.
    • pot To drink; tipple.
    • pot To shoot at an enemy or at game; especially, to shoot to kill.
    • n pot A pit; a hole; especially, a deep hole scooped out by the eddies of a river.
    • pot To deceive.
    • n pot In poker, a jack-pot; a pool formed by equal contributions from all the players before the deal.
    • n pot In geology: The earthy or consolidated material found in a pot-hole.
    • n pot A pot-like cavity in rock, which contains earthy matter.
    • n pot A rounded and pot-like mass of ore, such as often occurs in the case of brown hematites or limonites distributed through clays and ochers.
    • n pot A Danish liquid measure equal to .212 gallons.
    • n pot An abbreviation of the Latin potassa, potash;
    • n pot [lowercase] of potential;
    • n pot of the Latin potio, potion.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: It takes about a half a gallon of water to cook macaroni, and about a gallon to clean the pot
    • n Pot pot a metallic vessel for various purposes, esp. for cooking: a drinking vessel: an earthen vessel for plants: the quantity in a pot:
    • v.t Pot to preserve in pots: to put in pots: to cook in a pot: to plant in a pot: to drain, as sugar, in a perforated cask: to shoot an enemy
    • v.i Pot (Shak.) to tipple:—pr.p. pot′ting; pa.t. and pa.p. pot′ted
    • n Pot pot (slang) a large sum of money, a prize
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  • Bert Whitney
    Bert Whitney
    “If I traveled to the end of the rainbow as Dame Fortune did intend, Murphy would be there to tell me the pot's at the other end.”
  • Ogden Nash
    “Good wine needs no bush, and perhaps products that people really want need no hard-sell or soft-sell TV push. Why not? Look at pot.”
  • Germaine Greer
    “Only one thing is certain: if pot is legalized, it won't be for our benefit but for the authorities . To have it legalized will also be to lose control of it.”
  • French Proverb
    French Proverb
    “I know by my own pot how the others boil.”
  • George Meredith
    “A kiss is but a kiss now! and no wave of a great flood that whirls me to the sea. But, as you will! we'll sit contentedly, and eat our pot of honey on the grave.”
  • Bible
    “There is death in the pot. [2 Kings 4:40]”


A watched pot never boils - Some things work out in their own time, so being impatient and constantly checking will just make things seem longer.
Gone to pot - If something has gone to pot, it has gone wrong and doesn't work any more.
Melting pot - A melting pot is a place where people from many ethnicities and nationalities live together.
Pot calling the kettle black - If someone hypocritically criticises a person for something that they themselves do, then it is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.
Pot-luck - If you take pot-luck, you take whatever happens to be available at the time.
Quart into a pint pot - (UK) If you try to put or get a quart into a pint pot, you try to put too much in a small space. (1 quart = 2 pints)
Stir the pot - To stir the pot is to agitate a situation to cause a reaction or trouble.
Sweeten the pot - If you sweeten the pot, you increase the stakes or make something more desirable.
Talk the legs off an iron pot - (AU) Somebody who is excessively talkative or is especially convincing is said to talk the legs off an iron pot. ('Talk the legs off an iron chair' is also used)
Who has eaten of the pot knows the taste of the broth - Experience is the best teacher.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Akin to LG. pott, D. pot, Dan. potte, Sw. potta, Icel. pottr, F. pot,; of unknown origin
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
M. E. pot, from the Celt., as Ir. pota, Gael. poit, W. pot.


In literature:

The enemy could only take pot shots at one animal and not at a crowd.
"A History of Lumsden's Battery, C.S.A." by George Little
Bake the meat as a pot roast in part of the solution, until tender.
"Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking" by Unknown
Walk about, Mistiss, on top o' de pot!
"Negro Folk Rhymes" by Thomas W. Talley
The earthen pot is exactly filled by its contents, without the slightest interval along the line of junction.
"The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles" by Jean Henri Fabre
It seem to be a pot lid.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves" by Work Projects Administration
Julia, where is the silver tea-pot?
"Possession" by Laurence Housman
His tea pots and coffee pots are unusually beautiful.
"All About Coffee" by William H. Ukers
Get buckets, pots, anything!
"The Saracen: Land of the Infidel" by Robert Shea
Next, see that your roasts and boils are all nicely trimmed, trussed, &c. and quite ready for the spit or the pot.
"The Cook's Oracle; and Housekeeper's Manual" by William Kitchiner
So she tied up the dumpling in a nice clean cloth, and put it into the great black pot that was over the fire.
"Aunt Fanny's Story-Book for Little Boys and Girls" by Frances Elizabeth Barrow

In poetry:

Astazi chiar de m-as intoarce
A-ntelege n-o mai pot...
Unde esti, copilarie,
Cu padurea ta cu tot?
"O Remain, Dear One" by Mihai Eminescu
And so I leave my mother lone,
No meal to fill the pot,
And follow, follow wild Eileen.
If so I will or not.
"The Enchantress" by Isabel Ecclestone Mackay
Joe Murphy seized an empty pot
And filled it brimming full.
The stranger raised it to his lips
And took a mighty pull.
"The Swagless Swaggie" by Edward Harrington
We also with an ardent mind,
Time, wealth, and fame forgot,
Our glory in our patience find
And skim, and skim the pot:
"To The Muse" by Robert Louis Stevenson
Th' world wod seem a dreary spot,--
All mi joys wod goa to pot;--
Looansum be mi little cot,
Withaat thee;
A'a, tha knows awst freeat a lot
If tha'd to dee.
"Dick an Me" by John Hartley
An then aw saw a little tear,
Unbidden flow,
That settled it!--for then an thear
Aw seemed to know,
'At we wor meant to share each others lot,
An Fancy's Fairies all could goa to pot.
"What Wor It?" by John Hartley

In news:

Potted plants – like other plants – grow, and while a 50-foot-tall weeping fig is a glorious sight on a Caribbean island, my living room ceiling won't allow it.
Detention officer quits after pot bust.
The loser was tossed into the pot with leeks for flavor, and spectators all shared the stew.
I'm sure it won't make the next pot brewed taste funny.
Doyle's Deals: Coffee Pot, Champagne Brunch, Cupcakes.
Bridge to close on Coffee Pot Road.
Some medical marijuana clinic owners say they will defy the city of Los Angeles' pot shop ban and remain open past the Sept 6 deadline.
Maven's Morning Coffee: pot shop ban gets mayor's signature, USC gets Schwarzenegger Institute.
Los Angeles' pot shop ban received Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's signature and will take effect in 30 days.
Placing dirt into coffee pot.
Could Somebody Please Refill the Coffee Pot.
Hot pot for a cold snap .
I'm not sure, but the platters of pot-luck leftovers have begun to arrive in our break room at the office so I'm trumping those New Year's resolution wannabes and starting now.
Get a head start on spring and bring your potted bulbs indoors for a burst of colour.
That's where we met up with Fred Dockery, a local crab fisherman who offered to take us out for a couple of hours while he pulled pots.

In science:

ET , as usual, and ην from the difference of the ξ measured by the Roman Pot detectors and the central calorimeter.
Summary from the working group on "Diffraction and Vector Mesons" at DIS 2008
Another method to search for exclusive events is to study the correlation between the gap size measured in both p and ¯p directions and the value of log 1/ξ measured using roman pot detectors [102].
Understanding the structure of the proton: From HERA and Tevatron to LHC
Two so-called ”Roman Pots” are placed 147 m and 220 m from the interaction point, designed to detect leading protons at merely a few mm from the beam center.
Experimental Efforts on Very High-Energy Cosmic Rays and their Interactions - Conference Summary
Roman pot detectors were installed only on the ¯p side and allow the detection of antiprotons with 0.02 < ξ < 0.1 (ξ is the momentum fraction of the proton carried away by the pomeron).
Diffraction and Vector Mesons Working Group Summary
Figure 2: (a,left) The expected kinematic range and precision for the E906 experiment. (b, right) The roman pots from the pp2pp experiment now moving to STAR.
Future Facilities Summary