• WordNet 3.6
    • v plow act on verbally or in some form of artistic expression "This book deals with incest","The course covered all of Western Civilization","The new book treats the history of China"
    • v plow to break and turn over earth especially with a plow "Farmer Jones plowed his east field last week","turn the earth in the Spring"
    • v plow move in a way resembling that of a plow cutting into or going through the soil "The ship plowed through the water"
    • n plow a farm tool having one or more heavy blades to break the soil and cut a furrow prior to sowing
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Additional illustrations & photos:

Views of Old Colony Strong Plow, about 1732 Views of Old Colony Strong Plow, about 1732
John Deere plow, one of the three plows made by Deere in 1838 John Deere plow, one of the three plows made by Deere in 1838
Eagle plow, about 1849 Eagle plow, about 1849
John Deere sulky plow, about 1920 John Deere sulky plow, about 1920
Don't stop the plow to catch a mouse Don't stop the plow to catch a mouse
leading plow horses out leading plow horses out

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Plow A carucate of land; a plowland. "Johan, mine eldest son, shall have plowes five."
    • Plow A joiner's plane for making grooves; a grooving plane.
    • Plow A well-known implement, drawn by horses, mules, oxen, or other power, for turning up the soil to prepare it for bearing crops; also used to furrow or break up the soil for other purposes; as, the subsoil plow; the draining plow. "Where fern succeeds ungrateful to the plow ."
    • Plow (Bookbinding) An implement for trimming or shaving off the edges of books.
    • Plow Fig.: Agriculture; husbandry.
    • Plow (Astron) Same as Charles's Wain.
    • Plow (Joinery) To cut a groove in, as in a plank, or the edge of a board; especially, a rectangular groove to receive the end of a shelf or tread, the edge of a panel, a tongue, etc.
    • Plow To furrow; to make furrows, grooves, or ridges in; to run through, as in sailing. "Let patient Octavia plow thy visage up
      With her prepared nails."
      "With speed we plow the watery way."
    • v. i Plow plou To labor with, or as with, a plow; to till or turn up the soil with a plow; to prepare the soil or bed for anything. "Doth the plowman plow all day to sow ?"
    • Plow (Bookbinding) To trim, or shave off the edges of, as a book or paper, with a plow. See Plow n., 5.
    • Plow To turn up, break up, or trench, with a plow; to till with, or as with, a plow; as, to plow the ground; to plow a field.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n plow An agri cultural implement, drawn by animals or moved by steam-power, used to cut the ground and turn it up so as to prepare it for the reception of seeds. The soil is cut to a depth of several inches, raised up, and turned over by the progress of the plow, the object being to expose a new surface to the air and, by pulverizing and loosening the soil, to fit it for the reception of seed and the vigorous growth of crops. The plow, in various forms, is also much used for other purposes. In its modern form, the common agricultural plow essentially consists of a plow-beam provided with a clevis for attachment of draft-animals; handles, connected with each other and cross braced by the rounds; a mold-board, usually of cast-iron; a plowshare, usually of steel, or steel-pointed, and bolted to the mold-board; a land-aide, usually of castiron, attached to the mold-board near the front edge of the latter and in line with the beam; a colter, of wrought-iron with a tempered-steel edge, attached to the beam in line with the front edge of the mold-board; and a standard or sheth, projecting upward from and usually integral with the mold-board, and connecting the latter with the beam. The rear end of the beam is attached to the land-side handle, one handle being attached to the rear part of the landside and the other to the rear part of the mold-board. Often a wheel is adjustably attached to the beam near the clevis, for gaging the depth of the furrow.
    • n plow Figuratively, tillage; culture of the earth; agriculture.
    • n plow A tool that furrows, grooves, planes, cuts, or otherwise acts by pushing or shoving, like a plow. In woodworking, a kind of plane used for grooving door-stiles and similar work. It has an adjustable fence, and is usually adapted to carry eight different widths of plane-irons, for different widths of grooves
    • n plow A plowland.
    • n plow A plow which can be adjusted to turn a furrow either to the right or to the left. Also called drillplow, reversible plow, and turningmold-board plow.
    • n plow A plow having a wheel in the space between the land-side and the mold-board, reducing the friction of the plow by bearing the weight. E. H. Knight. (See also balance-plow, ice-plow, prairie-plow, snow-plow, sodplow.)
    • plow To turn up with a plow; till.
    • plow To make furrows, grooves, or ridges in, as with a plow; furrow; figuratively, to move through like a plow; make one's way through.
    • plow To effect as with a plow; traverse like a plow.
    • plow To trim or square, as the edges of paper, with a plow. See plow, n., 3 .
    • plow To cut or gash (a fish) with the plow or rimmer.
    • plow To reject, as a candidate in an examination; pluck.
    • plow To turn up the soil with a plow; till the soil with a plow.
    • n plow An arm and wooden mold-board, shod with leather, two of which in a gunpowder-incorporating mill serve to draw the mixture of niter, sulphur, and charcoal into the track of the heavy edge-runners.
    • plow In carpentry, to groove the edge of (a board) in tonguing and grooving.
    • plow To turn over (grain) in malting, so as to expose fresh surfaces to the air and equalize temperature.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Plow plow. Old spelling of plough.
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  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “You can't plow a field by turning it over in your mind.”
  • Les Brown
    “Anytime you suffer a setback or disappointment, put your head down and plow ahead.”
  • Jonathan Westover
    Jonathan Westover
    “We have a choice: to plow new ground or let the weeds grow.”
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower
    “Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil, and you're a thousand miles from the corn field.”
  • Bible
    “The sluggard does not plow after the season, so he begs during the harvest and has nothing. [Proverbs 20:4]”
  • Alice Paul
    Alice Paul
    “When you put your hand to the plow, you can't put it down until you get to the end of the row.”


Can't dance and it's too wet to plow - (USA) When you can't dance and it's too wet to plow, you may as well do something because you can't or don't have the opportunity to do anything else.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. plouh, plou, AS. plōh,; akin to D. ploeg, G. pflug, OHG. pfluog, pfluoh, Icel. plōgr, Sw. plog, Dan. ploug, plov, Russ. plug', Lith. plugas,


In literature:

We'll plow on through the mud as soon as you like.
"Ruth Fielding and the Gypsies" by Alice B. Emerson
A fat little cuss was leading them, and the way he plowed through that underbrush was a caution.
"The Pirate of Panama" by William MacLeod Raine
By quick work, one hand can nearly keep up with the plow in dropping.
"Cattle and Their Diseases" by Robert Jennings
And thus much touching the plowing of the blacke clay.
"The English Husbandman" by Gervase Markham
They also made her plow, the same as any of the men on the plantation.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States" by Various
Ivan told how the Dream had come to him as he plowed.
"Americans All" by Various
There is land that may be profitably drained, and fenced, and plowed, and there is a great deal that had better be let alone.
"Farm drainage" by Henry Flagg French
The disk plow has been used chiefly in soils not requiring deep plowing.
"Crops and Methods for Soil Improvement" by Alva Agee
The uncrated machine was a jungle plow.
"The Pirates of Ersatz" by Murray Leinster
Huey Dunn did some late fall plowing.
"Land of the Burnt Thigh" by Edith Eudora Kohl

In poetry:

"Design my plow, sirs,
They use it still,
Or found my college
At Charlottesville.
"Thomas Jefferson" by Stephen Vincent Benet
The black earth goes deep down.
(Do you remember, Springfield?)
Three feet under the plow
You can find the black earth still.
"Do You Remember Springfield?" by Stephen Vincent Benet
There came a youth upon the earth,
Some thousand years ago,
Whose slender hands were nothing worth,
Whether to plow, to reap, or sow.
"The Shepherd Of King Admetus" by James Russell Lowell
Once more the Heavenly Power
Makes all things new,
And domes the red-plowed hills
With loving blue; The blackbirds have their wills,
The throstles too.
"Early Spring" by Alfred Lord Tennyson
I have seen the poor grown poorer, the rich frightened,
The window break, the way of the known world alter,
Certainty run from our torn hands like blood,
And, in the plain field, the brute plow falter.
"For 1939" by Paul Engle
"But," says I, "we're too far along to take another track,
And when I put my hand to the plow I do not oft turn back;
And 'tain't an uncommon thing now for couples to smash in two;"
And so I set my teeth together, and vowed I'd see it through.
"How Betsey And I Made Up" by William McKendree Carleton

In news:

A new plan of attack has been developed by Wapakoneta city administrators when snow hits the area in regard to plowing the streets.
The plow on the truck is broken.
Fairbanks' new snow plow worthwhile addition.
After getting a good look at the 1997 Ford dump truck/ snow plow at their work session on Tuesday, April 12, the Scandia City Council decided the time has come to replace it.
Ohio Snow Plow Chases Suspected Purse Snatcher.
A snow plow moves down a street in the Mt Washington neighborhood of Cincinnati, Tuesday, Jan 11, 2011.
Police on Long Island say a 64-year-old woman was struck and killed by a pickup truck that was plowing a snow-covered parking lot.
Snow plow drivers are robbed while cleaning Newark housing project.
Snow Plow Crews Prepare For Blizzard.
Photo courtesy of Woodbridge Township A snow plow driver found a seal wandering in Woodbridge.
CLEVELAND – November 2012 – SnowDogg, made by Buyers, offers comparison charts for direct product comparisons of snow plow s.
Tulsa works to have enough snow plow drivers.
This guy Craig from Michigan actually did it and made a snow plow for his bike, not a bad idea for the right situation.
New options make it possible to become a 'plow-it-yourselfer.
A Kitsap County snow plow clears Dickey Rd.

In science:

The electron streaming is halted easily whereas protons still plow on through an isotropic electron gas.
Are GRB shocks mediated by the Weibel instability?
RM instabilities grow when lowdensity material (the cavity) “plows” through a higherdensity ambient medium (Richtmyer 1960; Meshkov 1969).
Constraining the Nature of X-ray Cavities in Clusters and Galaxies
If the velocity range is narrow then the knots will suddenly run into a shell, while if the velocity range is wide then the knots will be steadily plowing through an expanding medium.
The Nova Shell and Evolution of the Recurrent Nova T Pyxidis
This may result from the increased binding energy of a super-Chandra WD 105 , or from the ejecta plowing into a dense shell of circumstellar material resulting 106 .
Type Ia Supernovae as Stellar Endpoints and Cosmological Tools
For a continuous injection, as is the case in an afterglow (i.e. the forward shock keeps plowing into the ISM), there is a break in the electron spectrum at γe = γc , above which the electron energy spectrum is steepened due to cooling, i.e. N (Ee )dEe ∝ E−p−1 dEe .
Gamma-Ray Bursts: Progress, Problems & Prospects