• He Began to Dance All Around the Platform 037
    He Began to Dance All Around the Platform 037
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n platform a woman's shoe with a very high thick sole
    • n platform a raised horizontal surface "the speaker mounted the platform"
    • n platform any military structure or vehicle bearing weapons
    • n platform the combination of a particular computer and a particular operating system
    • n platform a document stating the aims and principles of a political party "their candidate simply ignored the party platform","they won the election even though they offered no positive program"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

A pagoda of three levels, built on a platform A pagoda of three levels, built on a platform
The witch speaks to Ball-Carrier, who is lying on a platform The witch speaks to Ball-Carrier, who is lying on a platform

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Platform A declaration of the principles upon which a person, a sect, or a party proposes to stand; a declared policy or system; as, the Saybrook platform; a political platform. "The platform of Geneva."
    • Platform (Naut) A light deck, usually placed in a section of the hold or over the floor of the magazine. See Orlop.
    • Platform A place laid out after a model. "lf the platform just reflects the order."
    • Platform A plat; a plan; a sketch; a model; a pattern. Used also figuratively.
    • Platform Any flat or horizontal surface; especially, one that is raised above some particular level, as a framework of timber or boards horizontally joined so as to form a roof, or a raised floor, or portion of a floor; a landing; a dais; a stage, for speakers, performers, or workmen; a standing place.
    • Platform To form a plan of; to model; to lay out. "Church discipline is platformed in the Bible."
    • Platform To place on a platform.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n platform A ground-plan, drawing, or sketch; a plan; a map.
    • n platform A plot; a design; a scheme; a plan.
    • n platform Situation; position.
    • n platform A raised level place; a terrace.
    • n platform A raised frame or structure with a level surface. Specifically— A raised structure in a hall or meeting-place for the use of those who are to speak; a rostrum or stage from which a speaker may conveniently address his audience.
    • n platform Nautical, the orlop
    • n platform In a glass-furnace, a bench on which the pots are placed.
    • n platform A projecting floor or landing at the end of a railroad-car or street-car, serving as a means of ingress and egress.
    • n platform Specifically A systematic scheme or body of principles, especially of religious or political principles, expressly adopted as a policy or basis of action; a syllabus, program, or scheme of principles or doctrines adopted as a basis of action, policy, or belief; specifically, in United States politics, a statement of political principles and of the course to be adopted with regard to certain important questions of policy, issued by the representatives of a political party assembled in convention to nominate candidates for an election: as, the Genevan platform; a political platform; the Democratic platform.
    • n platform Figuratively, the function of public speaking, as that of lecturers or political speakers: also, public speeches or public addresses collectively.
    • platform To sketch or lay down the plan of; set forth in plan; outline.
    • platform To draw up a platform, or scheme of principles or policy.
    • platform To support or rest as on a platform.
    • n platform In physical geography, a shallow sea-bottom near a continent; a continental shelf: as, the Patagonian platform.
    • n platform In certain extinct genera of atrematous brachiopods (Trimerella, Monomerella, Lingulasma), a raised structure in the posterior portions of the valves, the surface of which served as places of attachment for muscles, while the cavities beneath stored the hepatic and reproductive glands.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Platform plat′form a raised level surface: a part of a floor raised above the rest to form a standing-place for speakers, workmen, &c.: :
    • v.t Platform (Milt.) to sketch, plan:
    • n Platform plat′form (mil.) an elevated floor for cannon: a statement of principles to which a body of men declare their adhesion, and on which they act
    • n Platform plat′form (Shak.) a scheme, plan
    • v.t Platform (Mrs Browning) to support as on a platform
    • ***


  • Will Rogers
    “The reason political party platforms are so long is that when you straddle anything it takes a long time to explain it.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Plat, a. + -form,: cf. F. plateforme,


In literature:

There are certain issues not embodied in the platform from which he will be steered.
"The Candidate" by Joseph Alexander Altsheler
I'm glad we've only to cross the platform.
"A Patriotic Schoolgirl" by Angela Brazil
When Miss Cullen returned we went back to the rear platform of 97.
"The Great K. & A. Robbery" by Paul Liechester Ford
The recent platforms of the two parties now in power will give the issues of the present day.
"Citizenship" by Emma Guy Cromwell
Swinging aboard at the rear platform, he glanced within.
"The Girl and The Bill" by Bannister Merwin
I have to go right through the company to get to the platform.
"The Letters of Charles Dickens" by Charles Dickens
He could see nothing but fog, and hastily securing a lantern, went out onto the station platform.
"The Young Railroaders" by Francis Lovell Coombs
He could not twist himself out of her grasp on the dark platform.
"The Mission of Janice Day" by Helen Beecher Long
They adopted the celebrated "Georgia Platform," whose utterances were talismanic.
"Robert Toombs" by Pleasant A. Stovall
The train had barely cleared the platform when two men ran up and came suddenly to a stand in front of the porter.
"A Son of Hagar" by Sir Hall Caine

In poetry:

Who told them that their mission was
More sacred than them all,
That they built up a platform where
The child would stand or fall?
"Sam Jones" by Frank Barbour Coffin
If you ever go to Dampoor by the Dampoor slow express
Be careful how you travel - try to fix
To start upon your journey from platform one or two
Or perhaps from platform three, four, five or six.
"The Dampoor Express" by Billy Bennett
With a hymn for the saints and a song for the sinners,
You go and are welcome wherever you please;
You're a privileged guest at all manner of dinners,
You've a seat on the platform among the grandees.
"A Familiar Letter" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
Methinks I see him on the platform singing the Sands o' Dee,
The generous-hearted Leopold, the good and the free,
Who was manly in his actions, and beloved by his mother;
And in all the family she hasn't got such another.
"The Death of Prince Leopold" by William Topaz McGonagall
At last the day came that Harry had to go away,
And Harry said, "God bless you, Belle, by night and day;
But you will come to Portsmouth and I will meet you there,
Remember, at the railway platform, and may God of you take care."
"The Bonnie Lass o' Ruily" by William Topaz McGonagall
With a sigh from her art, as though she would have bust it,
Then she gave the Doctor the child—wery kind he nust it:
Hup then the lady jumped hoff the bench she sat from,
Tumbled down the carridge steps and ran along the platform.
"The Lamentable Ballad Of The Foundling Of Shoreditch" by William Makepeace Thackeray

In news:

Two or more OmniCube systems form an OmniCube Global Federation, a scalable computing and storage platform that enables resource pooling under a consolidated management scheme under vCenter.
Cisco, NetApp announce pre- configured platform for SMBs.
A crowd of close to 200 heard local candidates pitch their platforms at Tuesday night's Hispanic Forum Political Forum in Bryan.
John Tedesco, a candidate for state schools superintendent, goes over his platform with those gathered for the N.C. Conservative Council of State Forum on Saturday.
Consider why people buy Microsoft platforms.
Software platform automates the consumer loan application and decisioning process.
Platform Maintains Cooling System Efficiency.
It has gained some good traction in recent months and now debuts on the Android platform.
What could be a better platform for Mitt Romney, than an Olympic Games for a platform to market his international organizational skills.
Crocs Earth shoes Jellies Clogs Platforms.
Firms Flock to Epic's CTC Platform.
Platinum Technology's Desktop DBA 4.0 is 32-bit database administration software that runs on Windows 95 and Windows NT platforms.
The Grizzly, which was previously called by its internal product name of version 2.0, joins the CATCHER(R) Rhino platform extending the family of products available from Catcher.
Middle Atlantic Products said it now offers 3D models of its racks, cabinets, and enclosures in AutoDesk's Revit platform.
AWWA members and parties outside the association can use these platforms as a robust interface for networking and exchanging ideas.

In science:

The next section describes the robot platform used in our work and general control primitives.
Multiagent Control of Self-reconfigurable Robots
For the experiments reported below, we used a simulation of the Proteo robot platform.
Multiagent Control of Self-reconfigurable Robots
We consider any assignment of “formal truth” and “provability” values as “platform-independent” if the determination of such values can be arrived at by some mechanical procedure that is constructive and intuitionistically unobjectionable.
Paradox regained: Life beyond Goedel's shadow
This environment includes a library of portable (across platforms) DSP functions and an I/O subsystem.
EPspectra: A Formal Toolkit for Developing DSP Software Applications
Contrary to the Einstein convention that does not provide an integrable foliation for observers in a rotating platform, the ¯C -simultaneity connection proves to be integrable in that case.
Simultaneity in special and general relativity