• Mrs Pike talks to Sarah and Jane
    Mrs Pike talks to Sarah and Jane
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n pike any of several elongate long-snouted freshwater game and food fishes widely distributed in cooler parts of the northern hemisphere
    • n pike a broad highway designed for high-speed traffic
    • n pike medieval weapon consisting of a spearhead attached to a long pole or pikestaff; superseded by the bayonet
    • n pike a sharp point (as on the end of a spear)
    • n pike highly valued northern freshwater fish with lean flesh
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A National Pike Freighter A National Pike Freighter

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Pike (Mil) A foot soldier's weapon, consisting of a long wooden shaft or staff, with a pointed steel head. It is now superseded by the bayonet.
    • Pike A hayfork.
    • Pike (Zoöl) A large fresh-water fish (Esox lucius), found in Europe and America, highly valued as a food fish; -- called also pickerel gedd luce, and jack.
    • Pike A large haycock.
    • Pike A pick.
    • Pike A pointed head or spike; esp., one in the center of a shield or target.
    • Pike A pointed or peaked hill.
    • Pike A turnpike; a toll bar.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n pike A sharp point; a spike. Specifically , A point of iron or other metal forming the head or tip of a staff or spear
    • n pike A thorn; a prickle.
    • n pike The pointed end of a shoe, such as were formerly in fashion, called piked shoon, cra-cows, etc. See cut under cracow.
    • n pike A staff or shaft having at the end a sharp point or tip, usually of iron or steel. Specifically
    • n pike A sharp-pointed weapon consisting of a long shaft or handle with an iron head. It has been in use from ancient times, but the word dates apparently from the fifteenth century. About that period, and for some time later, it was the arm of a large part of the infantry, and was from 15 to 20 feet long. It continued in use, although reduced in length, throughout the seventeenth century, and was replaced by the bayonet as the latter was improved. It was retained in the British army until a very late date as a mere ensign of rank. (See half-pike and spontoon.) The pike has always been the arm of hastily levied and unequipped soldiers; thousands were used in the French revolution. Such pikes have usually a round conical head, a mere ferrule of thin iron bent into that form, but long, sharp-pointed, and formidable. The pike of regular warfare had sometimes a round, sometimes a flat or spear-like head.
    • n pike A weapon which replaced for a short time the simple pointed pike; it had an ax-blade on one side and a pointed beak or hook on the other. In this form it was retained in the French army as a badge of rank as late as the first empire.
    • n pike A pitchfork used by farmers.
    • n pike A sharp-pointed hill or mountain summit; a peak.
    • n pike A point of land; a gore.
    • n pike A large cock of hay.
    • n pike Same as pikeman, 1.
    • n pike A measure of length, originally based on the length of the weapon so called.
    • pike To pick or pluck.
    • pike To pick or choose; select; cull.
    • pike To bring to a point; taper.
    • pike To pick or peck, as a hawk smoothing its feathers.
    • n pike A fish of the genus Esox, or of the family Esocidæ. The common pike of Europe, Siberia, and northern North America is E. lucius. Its cheeks are scaly, the opercles are naked below, the color is grayish with many round whitish spots or pale bars, and the dorsal, anal, and caudal fins are spotted with black. The other pikes of the United States, except the maskalonge, are commonly called pickerel. See also cuts under parasphenoid, palatoquadrate, Esox, optic, and teleost.
    • n pike Some other slender fish with a long snout, or otherwise resembling the pike proper (def. 1). Specifically— A cyprinoid fish. Ptychochilus lucius, of slender form with a long snout, inhabiting the Sacramento river and other streams of the Pacific coast.
    • n pike The common pickerel, Esox reticulatus.
    • n pike The lizard-fish, Synodus fætens.
    • n pike A turnpike; a turnpike road.
    • pike To go rapidly.
    • pike An obsolete form of pick, pitch.
    • pike To peep; peek.
    • n pike An obsolete form of pique.
    • n pike A chilodopterid fish, Dinolestes lewini.
    • pike To bet very small amounts here and there all over the lay-out, usually following in the wake of some player who is betting heavily.
    • n pike A piker.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Pike pīk a sharp point: a weapon with a long shaft and a sharp head like a spear, formerly used by foot-soldiers: a sharp-pointed hill or summit: a voracious fresh-water fish (so called from its pointed snout)
    • v.i Pike pīk to go quickly
    • n Pike a turnpike
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Down the pike - Something that is down the pike it is in the future.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. pique,; perhaps of Celtic origin; cf. W. pig, a prick, a point, beak, Arm. pik, pick. But cf. also L. picus, woodpecker (see Pie magpie), and E. spike,. Cf. Pick (n. & v.) Peak Pique


In literature:

Bake your pikes as you do carp, as you may see in the foregoing Section, only remember that small pikes are best to bake.
"The accomplisht cook" by Robert May
We must do something practical for Bella Pike.
"Ruth Fielding Down East" by Alice B. Emerson
M., with a sly twinkle in the eye, said, yes, he had done somewhat; three pike.
"Lines in Pleasant Places" by William Senior
"The Twin Cousins" by Sophie May
Except on a few pikes, movements were impossible, and an army could no more have marched across country than across Chesapeake bay.
"Destruction and Reconstruction:" by Richard Taylor
I suppose the pike did not much like the look of the prickles or spines, for he did not eat the fish.
"Country Walks of a Naturalist with His Children" by W. Houghton
Mind you that now, and let them that has guns or pikes bring them.
"The Northern Iron" by George A. Birmingham
Bought a large pike for 18 cents.
"A Journey to America in 1834" by Robert Heywood
Soon he saw the pike swimming cautiously before the cave.
"The Children of Odin" by Padraic Colum
Back toward the left stretched the pike, white and dusty enough.
"Stubble" by George Looms

In poetry:

Helmet and armour disappeared
With sword and bow and pike,
And, when the smoke of battle cleared,
All men were armed alike. . . .
"The Benefactors" by Rudyard Kipling
Lance, pike, and halbert, mingled there,
The game was nothing sweet;
The boughs of many a stately tree
Lay shiver'd at their feet.
"The Battle of Sempach" by Sir Walter Scott
Then came the Captain of the band;
A gleaming pike was in his hand;
With head erect and warrior stride,
He all the powers of Ludd defied.
"The Watch And Ward." by Samuel Bamford
Up! swell the people's fearless flood,
Whoever bears a scythe or pike!
Let thirsty tyrants threaten blood!
Let scaffolds rise and axes strike!
"Bread" by Ernest Jones
"Now he raves," says Daddy Pike.
"He ain't wise to what he says
Never have I heard the like
All me wicked livin' days."
"Raise him up a bit," says Blair.
"Put that pillow under there.
"The Reaper in the Bush" by C J Dennis
It was GOLD,--in the quartz,
And it ran all alike;
And I reckon five oughts
Was the worth of that strike;
And that house with the coopilow's his'n,--which the same isn't bad
for a Pike.
"Dow's Flat" by Francis Bret Harte

In news:

In wooded area behind Kmart on Fruitville Pike.
1) Institutional Vandalism, 2437 Lititz Pike (MT) – A restroom at Landis Woods, 2437 Lititz Pike, sustained approximately $100 damage when something was burned on the floor sometime between Oct 6 and 8, 2012.
She is the US Forest Service forest supervisor for Pike and San Isabel National Forests.
Pikes Peak Chocolate and Ice Cream in Manitou Springs opened its second shop earlier this month in downtown Colorado Springs.
Ristorante Marco 3801 Kennett Pike, Wilmington, 254-5427 www.ristorantemarco.com.
Two Lawrenceburg men arrested following a meth lab bust on Mill Creek Pike on Sept 14 were indicted Nov 7 by the Anderson County Grand Jury for complicity in manufacturing meth , a Class B felony.
American Electric power says service was out to 12-hundred customers AEP's Carmen Prati says the areas affected are in the Maysville Pike and Pine Street areas, and some customers south of I-70.
Decatur Central led visiting Pike by three points late.
The Pike Bar in Long Beach has reserved Sundays for all you music- and technology-loving people and renamed them iPod Sundays.
Alabama Beverage Control agents have destroyed an illegal moonshine still in Pike County.
Enlarge Chris Clark chrisclark@mlive.com A dead Northern Pike floats in Dean Lake in Plainfield Twp.
My largest Northern Pike .
I decided to take my son on a trip to Oliver Lake Wilderness Lodge so that he cloud learn to catch Northern Pike with me.
Four-year-old Donovan Anton caught his first Northern Pike in Rensselaer Falls Sunday, with Cory Reynolds.
Public Involvement begins on future of Albert Pike Recreation Area.

In science:

Section 4 addresses the relaxation in glasses at temperatures well below Tg in terms of thermally activated jumps in an ensemble of independent asymmetric double-well potentials (the ADWP (Asymmetric Double Well Potential) (Pollak and Pike 1972) or Gilroy-Phillips model (Gilroy and Phillips 1981)).
Energy landscape - a key concept for the dynamics of glasses and liquids
Our value for β is also in good agreement with results from 2MASS (Pike & Hudson 2005) and IRAS surveys (e.g.
The Dipole Anisotropy of the 2 Micron All-Sky Redshift Survey
Van Enk and Pike [9, 10], however, have pointed out that quantized classical games differ as games from thier original classical counterparts, and that in many cases quantum players cannot win against classical players as long as the rules of the game are unchanged.
Quantum advantages in classically defined tasks
Thresholds for strong connectivity were established for random directed graphs by Pal´asti (for random directed graphs with M edges) and Graham and Pike (for random directed graphs with edge probability p).
Spreading Processes and Large Components in Ordered, Directed Random Graphs
Pike. A note on thresholds and connectivity in random directed graphs.
Spreading Processes and Large Components in Ordered, Directed Random Graphs