• The Brown family in their pew, Mr. Brown with a rat on his head
    The Brown family in their pew, Mr. Brown with a rat on his head
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n pew long bench with backs; used in church by the congregation
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Pew Any structure shaped like a church pew, as a stall, formerly used by money lenders, etc.; a box in theater; a pen; a sheepfold.
    • Pew One of the compartments in a church which are separated by low partitions, and have long seats upon which several persons may sit; -- sometimes called slip. Pews were originally made square, but are now usually long and narrow.
    • v. t Pew To furnish with pews.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n pew A more or less elevated inclosure, used by lawyers, money-lenders, cashiers, etc.; an inclosed seat or bench of any sort, especially such as were used by persons having a stand for business in a public or otherwise open and exposed place.
    • n pew An inclosed seat or open bench in a church, designed to accommodate several people; also, an inclosure containing several seats. In England pews were used from the time of the Reformation or earlier, but their general employment dates from the seventeenth century. Previously the worshipers stood during service, or were seated on the floor or upon small stools.
    • n pew A box in a theater or opera-house.
    • n pew plural The occupants of the pews in a church; the congregation.
    • pew To furnish with pews.
    • n pew A sharp-pointed, one-pronged, straight or hooked iron instrument with a wooden handle, used in handling fish, blubber, etc., on wharves or in boats.
    • pew See pue.
    • pew To put or shut in a pew.
    • n pew A thin stream of air or smoke; a fine thin stream of breath escaping through lips almost closed.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Pew an enclosed seat in a church
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  • Charlie Shedd
    Charlie Shedd
    “The problem is not that the churches are filled with empty pews, but that the pews are filled with empty people.”
  • Cavett Robert
    Cavett Robert
    “When it's foggy in the pulpit it's cloudy in the pew.”


Right church, wrong pew - Right church, wrong pew means that someone is very nearly right, but someting is wrong.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. pewe, OF. puie, parapet, balustrade, balcony, fr. L. podium, an elevated place, a jutty, balcony, a parapet or balcony in the circus, where the emperor and other distinguished persons sat, Gr. , dim. of , , foot; -- hence the Latin sense of a raised place (orig. as a rest or support for the foot). See Foot, and cf. Podium Poy
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. pui, a raised place—L. podium, a front seat in the amphitheatre—Gr. podion, orig. a footstool—pous, podos, foot.


In literature:

At this Pew saw his error, turned with a scream, and ran straight for the ditch, into which he rolled.
"Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson
When Sunday-school was over, the children went up to the gallery; their pew and the Keenes', roomy boxes, took up the whole front of it.
"The Beth Book" by Sarah Grand
A fierce excitement prevailed, not long since, because a colored man had bought a pew in one of our churches.
"An Appeal in Favor of that Class of Americans Called Africans" by Lydia Maria Child
James Somerville; he thereafter contributed three pounds a year to his stipend and occupied pew No.
"McGill and its Story, 1821-1921" by Cyrus Macmillan
Then Acton brings Norma, and that fills the family pew.
"The Beloved Woman" by Kathleen Norris
Two rows of high-backed pews faced each other on either side of the throne.
"The Saracen: Land of the Infidel" by Robert Shea
In the tiny place, with its mere dozen pews, he sat not far from the stranger.
"The Rainbow" by D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
In entering the church you should pass quietly and deliberately to your pew or seat.
"Social Life" by Maud C. Cooke
He stayed with her, and their empty pew made a sensation.
"In a Little Town" by Rupert Hughes
I had the story from a lady who as a little girl sat in the pew with them, and knew them both.
"Whittier-land" by Samuel T. Pickard

In poetry:

The subject's sad enough
To make him rant and puff,
And fortunately, too,
His Bishop's in a pew.
"The Reverend Micah Sowls" by William Schwenck Gilbert
No sweeter voice in all the choir
Praised God in innocence and truth,
The Deacon in his straight-backed pew
Had dreams of her he lost in youth,
And thought of fair-faced Hebrew maids--
Of Rachel, and of Ruth.
"The Deacon's Daughter" by Marietta Holley
As long as we see the golden day,
And woods are the Danes’ own bowers,
We’ll deck every pew with sprigs of may
And forefathers’ graves with flowers
A wonderful feast of life and joy,
A Whitsuntide gift that’s ours!
"“The bright blessed day with joy we see”" by Nicolaj Frederik Severin Grundtvig
The parson's voice runs like a river
Over smooth rocks. I like this church. The pews are staid, they never shiver,
They never bend or sway or lurch. 'Prayer,' says the kind voice, 'is a chain
That draws down Grace from Heaven again.'
"The Boy In Church" by Robert Graves
SHE would not keep at home, the foolish woman,
She would not mind her precious girls and boys,
She had to go, for it was Sunday morning,
Down the hot road and to the barren pew
And there abuse her superannuate knees
To make a prayer.
"Prayer" by John Crowe Ransom
I WHO all the winter through
Cherished other loves than you,
And kept hands with hoary policy in marriage-bed and pew;
Now I know the false and true,
For the earnest sun looks through,
And my old love comes to meet me in the dawning and the dew.
"I Who All The Winter Through" by Robert Louis Stevenson

In news:

WASHINGTON – A Pew Research study finds that 17 percent of cell phone owners choose to do most of their online browsing on their phone versus a computer or other device.
Pew Poll Shows Public Support Backs Democrats on Budget Issues.
(AP) — A crowd of about 100 turned out Thursday night at a Puyallup (Pew-AL-up), Wash.
A crowd of about 100 turned out Thursday night at a Puyallup (Pew-AL-up), Wash.
A WASHINGTON POST-Pew Research poll last week said that, if the fiscal cliff talks "fail,".
Jupiterimages/Thinkstock (NEW YORK) — Cellphone use continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down, according to a new survey from the Pew Research Center Internet and American Life project.
(AP) — A crowd of about 100 turned out Thursday night at a Puyallup (Pew-AL-up), Wash. Cemetery to remember two slain boys and dedicate the graveyard's new bronze angel statue.
Pew Center on the States Hosts Day-Long Discussion on Voting.
On 'Fiscal Cliff ,' Majority Of Public Sides With Democrats, Pew Poll Says.
Pew Research Center says Americans less interested in other news stories.
A Pew Research Center survey finds most parents are concerned about what teens do online.
It "represents a sharp reversal in his fortunes from the primaries, when Obama lost the Latino vote to Hillary Rodham Clinton by a nearly two-to-one ratio," wrote Mr Lopez and Susan Minushkin of the Pew Hispanic Center.
New realities push pollsters to day of reckoning polls, people, percent, cellphones, pollsters, pew, population, surveys, americans, calls.
Yet a Pew Charitable Trusts report released Wednesday shows that the city's residential tax burden dropped in the past 12 years.
Today the Pew Research Center for Excellence in Journalism released its annual "State of the Media" report, and it's a mixed bag of good and bad news.

In science:

A), W-Exchange (E ) and Penguin Annihilation (P A) diagrams, expected to follow the hierarchy : |P | >> |T | ∼ |PEW | >> |C | ∼ |P C EW | > |A, E , P A|.
CP asymmetry in $B^{+}\to K^+\pi^{0}$ and New Physics
EW /3, t = T + P C have p = P − P C EW and c = C + PEW , where the u-quark penguin contribution has been absorbed in the definition of T and C .
CP asymmetry in $B^{+}\to K^+\pi^{0}$ and New Physics
Philadelphia, PA: A report prepared for The Pew Charitable Trusts. Grigg, L., R.
Biologists meet statisticians: A workshop for young scientists to foster interdisciplinary team work
EW ) = −(T + C )(1 − δEW e−iγ ) . −(T + C + PEW + P c Note that the ∆I = 0 penguin contributions dominating the two amplitudes in the left-hand-side are equal and cancel by isospin alone.
Recent theoretical developments in CP violation
C denotes the contributions due to the color-suppressed ”tree” diagrams, the quantity PEW includes contributions from the color-allowed EW penguin topologies, and the δc and δ ′ ew denote CP-conserving strong phases.
Extraction of the CKM angle $\gamma$ from the new "mixed " system of $B^+ \to \pi^+ K^0$ and $B_d^0 \to \pi^0 K^0$ decays