• WordNet 3.6
    • n pest any unwanted and destructive insect or other animal that attacks food or crops or livestock etc. "he sprayed the garden to get rid of pests","many pests have developed resistance to the common pesticides"
    • n pest a persistently annoying person
    • n pest any epidemic disease with a high death rate
    • n pest a serious (sometimes fatal) infection of rodents caused by Yersinia pestis and accidentally transmitted to humans by the bite of a flea that has bitten an infected animal
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Pest A fatal epidemic disease; a pestilence; specif., the plague. "England's sufferings by that scourge, the pest ."
    • Pest Anything which resembles a pest; one who, or that which, is troublesome, noxious, mischievous, or destructive; a nuisance. "A pest and public enemy."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n pest Plague; pestilence; a deadly epidemic disease.
    • n pest Any very noxious, mischievous, or destructive thing, or a mischievous, destructive, very annoying, or troublesome person.
    • n pest Synonyms Infection.
    • n pest Scourge, nuisance.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Pest pest a deadly disease: a plague: anything destructive: a troublesome person
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  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “The pest of society are the egotist, they are dull and bright, sacred and profane, course and fine. It is a disease that like the flu falls on all constitutions.”
  • Jean De La Bruyere
    “The first day one is a guest, the second a burden, and the third a pest.”
  • Joe E. Lewis
    “Show me a friend in need and I'll show you a pest.”
  • Edouard R. Laboulaye
    Edouard R. Laboulaye
    “The first day, a guest; the second, a burden; the third, a pest.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. pestis,: cf. F. peste,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. peste—L. pestis, a contagious disease.


In literature:

Soon it embraced the entire kingdom, penetrating to every rural hamlet, so that England became a mere pest-house.
"Burroughs' Encyclopaedia of Astounding Facts and Useful Information, 1889" by Barkham Burroughs
How had the Black Pest got here?
"The Man-Wolf and Other Tales" by Emile Erckmann and Alexandre Chatrian
Nor is it the aphis, although in a hot dry season that pest is a fell destroyer of the crop.
"The Culture of Vegetables and Flowers From Seeds and Roots, 16th Edition" by Sutton and Sons
With all poultry, lice are a great pest.
"Outdoor Sports and Games" by Claude H. Miller
Who owns that pest-hole?
"The Clarion" by Samuel Hopkins Adams
Castile had hitherto been free from the pest.
"Renaissance in Italy, Volumes 1 and 2" by John Addington Symonds
And yet the hunting Hoobat was sure that the invading pests were within.
"Plague Ship" by Andre Norton
The little pests are after me with a vengeance.
"The Moving Picture Girls Under the Palms" by Laura Lee Hope
Don't make a pest of yourself by too frequent visits to a place that attracts you.
"If You're Going to Live in the Country" by Thomas H. Ormsbee and Richmond Huntley
Prepared by Section of Insect Pests, A. G. RUGGLES, and by Section of Plant Diseases, E. C. STAKMAN, University Farm.
"Trees, Fruits and Flowers of Minnesota, 1916" by Various

In poetry:

Peste-a noptii feerie
Se ridicã mândra lunã,
Totu-i vis si armonie -
Noapte bunã!
"Somnoroase Pãsãrele" by Mihai Eminescu
While Washington at Valley Forge,
Endured the winter's pest;
And while he was taking Yorktown
Dear Cuba was oppressed.
"Maceo—Cuba's Liberator" by Frank Barbour Coffin
Rejoice, rejoice, Humanity!
The fell, destructive, sore Disease,
The pest of ages, now can be,
Repell'd with safety and with ease.
"Lyric Address To Dr. Jenner" by Nathaniel Bloomfield
When first the pest, the sword of God,
O'er Germany in triumph trod;
'Cause France her vices did not shun,
Like wild-fire o'er her towns it run.
"Another On The Same Occasion" by Rees Prichard
In vain it is thy gates to keep,
The pest will o'er thy ramparts creep,
Nor pike, nor cannon can defend
Thee from the plague, which God shall send.
"A Warning To The Welsh, To Repent, Wrote At The Time A Great Plague Rag'd In London" by Rees Prichard
And all that the morn shall greet forlorn,
The ugliness and the pest
Of rows where thick rise the stones and brick,
Shall some day be with the rest,
And brood with the shades unblest.
"Hallowe'en In A Suburb" by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

In news:

The University of California Cooperative Extension Office and the Center for Applied Horticultural Research have established workshops to educate employees about pest monitoring in ornamental plant production.
Federal scientists are researching how best to protect them from these pests and other climate impacts.
Meet Ryyan Kelley, 38, of Alma, owner of All American Pest Control, serving Bay City, Saginaw and Midland and a US Army veteran.
(Citrus pest a serious problem)…Ag Commissioner Connie Valenzuela reported on the Asian Citrus Psylid.
All you need to know about the latest pest threatening the multimillion dollar agriculture industry in San Diego County.
Horton said the discovery is significant in the research world as it's possible that pheromones for other psyllid pests could be identified using the same method.
Or they need to be alerted when destructive pests emerge in their areas.
Garden pests come in all shapes and sizes.
GRIFFIN EXTERMINATIING Termite Technician and Pest Control Technician.
They put cider vinegar in the container and then a pest strip to see what kind of flies come.
From storms to pests, gardeners have recently felt nature's wrath.
Clean tillage (right) suppresses insect pests, but repeated tillage damages soil structure.
The pest is linked to increased incidence of soybean sudden death syndrome.
It is a scientific guide and practical aid for the biology, behavior and control of structural pests.
Pests' threat still abuzz .

In science:

However there are also some striking differences: the correspondence between Lie groups and Lie algebras works well in the simple and semisimple case (see [PePiSt:00]), but fails in the abelian case due to the possible absence of one-parameter subgroups (see [St:94, PeSt:99]).
On the homotopy type of definable groups in an o-minimal structure
In this case G is definably compact in the sense of [PeSt:99] if and only if G is closed and bounded in M n .
On the homotopy type of definable groups in an o-minimal structure
It is known that there are definably compact definably connected abelian groups G and G′ of the same dimension (hence with G/G00 ∼= G′ /G′ 00 ) which are not definably isomorphic (see [St:94, PeSt:99]).
On the homotopy type of definable groups in an o-minimal structure
Calculate the estimate Pest of the average success probability Pavg .
Amplification of arbitrarily weak randomness
In order to overdamp the mechanical mirror oscillations, an additional viscous force known as the feedback force is applied in this technique which is possible only when the estimated intracavity phase quadrature δpest is proportional to the oscillator position δq(t).
Achieving the Quantum Ground State of a Mechanical Oscillator using a Bose-Einstein Condensate with Back-Action and Cold Damping feedback schemes