• WordNet 3.6
    • n pastry any of various baked foods made of dough or batter
    • n pastry a dough of flour and water and shortening
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The Imperial torte, a square chocolate cake with five thin layers of almond paste, was created by a master pastry chef at the court of Emperor Franz Joseph (1830 1916).
    • Pastry Articles of food made of paste, or having a crust made of paste, as pies, tarts, etc.
    • Pastry The place where pastry is made.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n pastry A place where pies, tarts, etc., are made.
    • n pastry Viands made of paste, or of which paste constitutes a principal ingredient; particularly, the crust or cover of a pie, tart, or the like.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Pastry pās′tri articles made of paste or dough: crust of pies, tarts, &c.: act or art of making articles of paste
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary


In literature:

Cheese, fried foods, and rich pastry are very poor foods, and likely to cause sickness.
"First Book in Physiology and Hygiene" by J.H. Kellogg
Roll out one-half of the pastry one-quarter inch thick and then line a deep pie tin with the pastry.
"Mrs. Wilson's Cook Book" by Mary A. Wilson
Pastry should be eaten with a fork.
"Our Deportment" by John H. Young
The pastry is upon the whole relishing and good.
"A Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in France and Germany, Volume Three" by Thomas Frognall Dibdin
Slightly bake the shells of pastry (made thin) before adding the filling, and finish to a golden brown.
"The Healthy Life, Vol. V, Nos. 24-28" by Various
The wind blew cold and they stopped in a pastry shop on Boylston Street and had a cup of tea.
"The Trumpeter Swan" by Temple Bailey
It is the cause, together with the dough falsely called pastry, of all the dyspepsia in our climate.
"The Golden Censer" by John McGovern
Some say that the pastry cook in Shire Lane, at whose house it was held, was named Christopher Katt.
"The Wits and Beaux of Society" by Grace Wharton and Philip Wharton
Pastry, unless light and tender, should never be eaten; even then it should be avoided by people with poor digestion.
"Public School Domestic Science" by Mrs. J. Hoodless
The wind blew cold and they stopped in a pastry shop on Boylston Street and had a cup of tea.
"The Trumpeter Swan" by Temple Bailey

In poetry:

Babies’ rattles,
Thimbles and reels,
Shuttles for tatting
And pastry wheels:
"South Sea Whaler. “Scrimshaw” Model" by Cicely Fox Smith
Fancy food and wealthy drink
Raise Gehenna with a gink;
Pastry, terrapin, and cheeses
Bring on gout and swell diseases.
"That For Money!" by Franklin Pierce Adams
His aunt was poor, his parents gone;
Th' unhappy lot of many a one;
Was plac'd, when he his play forsook,
Apprentice to a pastry-cook.
"Preferment" by William Hutton
Now here is a fork for your pastries
And do use the couch for your feet;
I know that I wanted to ask you-
Is trifle sufficient for sweet?
"How To Get On In Society" by Sir John Betjeman
Then slowing rising from his seat,
He threw his cheesecake in the street,
And left the tempting pastry-cook's
With very discontented looks.
"Greedy Richard" by Ann Taylor
I hungered; at my hand delicious dainties teemed—-
Fair pyramids of fruit; pastry in sugared piles.
I thirsted; in cool cups inviting vintage beamed—-
Sweet syrups from the South; brown muscat from the isles.
"The Sultan's Palace" by Alan Seeger

In news:

The choux pastry Parisian gnocchi @maisonbrasserie taste cozy as.
Pastry chef Nick Wesemann's brown butter brulee.
Pastry chef Nick Wesemann's perfect meal may just be a single savory course followed by five or six desserts.
Tortillas and cheese stand in for the more traditional pastry topping.
Elizabeth Meyer serves coffee at Natalia's Elegant Creations Pastry Shop and Cafe in Falls Church, Va. By Jack Gruber, USA TODAY.
IN the freshly renovated lobby of the Stratford Inn, the proprietor offered visitors coffee, pastries and a handshake.
In the kitchen with the pastry chef at Barbacoa.
In this British comfort food classic, tender pieces of beef tenderloin and lamb kidneys are combined with sautéed carrots, celery, and shallots and topped with a flaky pastry disk.
Lard has less saturated fat than butter and is unequaled for things like flaky pastry.
1 double recipe Flaky Pie Pastry Dough.
Also try "Paris-New York" pastries and gougères from his new cookbook.
It might come as a surprise to hear the latest designer "pastry shop" is not in one of our busy shopping malls, but rather at Sam Choy's restaurant.
Let them eat moldy pastry.
Tom Sawyer Restaurant & Pastry.
Called la rocciata (roughly meaning "the round dessert" in Italian), this classic Umbrian pastry is similar to a strudel.

In science:

The benefit of Pastry is that it has a number of working applications attributed to it, including a distributed file system named PAST and a publish/subscribe system called SCRIBE.
Content Sharing for Mobile Devices
Rowstron, A. I. T. and Druschel, P. (2001a): Pastry: Scalable, Decentralized Object Location, and Routing for Large-Scale Peer-to-Peer Systems In Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2218 (Ed, Guerraoui, R.) Springer, pp. 329-350.
A Generic Storage API
Each Cloud peer in the Pastry overlay maintains a routing table, leaf set, and neighborhood set. These tables are constructed when a Cloud peer joins the overlay, and it is periodically updated to take into account any new joins, leaves or failures.
Peer-to-Peer Cloud Provisioning: Service Discovery and Load-Balancing
Pastry Overlay NetworkCloud peer ACloud peer BCloud peer CApplicationProvisionerApplicationProvisionerApplicationProvisionerApplication ManagementServicesApplication ManagementServicesEvery Application Provisioner is associated with a Cloud peer service and a set of Application Management services.
Peer-to-Peer Cloud Provisioning: Service Discovery and Load-Balancing
Pastry overlay message complexity measures the details related number of messages that flow through the network in order to: (i) initialize the multi-dimensional attribute space, (ii) map the discovery and update queries, (iii) maintain overlay, and (iv) send notifications.
Peer-to-Peer Cloud Provisioning: Service Discovery and Load-Balancing