• WordNet 3.6
    • adj pastoral (used with regard to idealized country life) idyllically rustic "a country life of arcadian contentment","a pleasant bucolic scene","charming in its pastoral setting","rustic tranquility"
    • adj pastoral of or relating to a pastor "pastoral work","a pastoral letter"
    • adj pastoral relating to shepherds or herdsmen or devoted to raising sheep or cattle "pastoral seminomadic people","pastoral land","a pastoral economy"
    • n pastoral a literary work idealizing the rural life (especially the life of shepherds)
    • n pastoral a letter from a pastor to the congregation
    • n pastoral a musical composition that evokes rural life
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Pastoral (Mus) A cantata relating to rural life; a composition for instruments characterized by simplicity and sweetness; a lyrical composition the subject of which is taken from rural life.
    • Pastoral (Eccl) A letter of a pastor to his charge; specifically, a letter addressed by a bishop to his diocese; also Prot. Epis. Ch, a letter of the House of Bishops, to be read in each parish.
    • Pastoral A poem describing the life and manners of shepherds; a poem in which the speakers assume the character of shepherds; an idyl; a bucolic. "A pastoral is a poem in which any action or passion is represented by its effects on a country life."
    • Pastoral Of or pertaining to shepherds; hence, relating to rural life and scenes; as, a pastoral life.
    • Pastoral Relating to the care of souls, or to the pastor of a church; as, pastoral duties; a pastoral letter.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • pastoral Pertaining to a herdsman or shepherd, or to flocks or herds; rustic; rural: as, a pastoral life; pastoral manners.
    • pastoral Descriptive of the life of shepherds; treating of rustic life: as, a pastoral poem.
    • pastoral Of or pertaining to a pastor or his office, dignity, duties, etc.; relating to the cure of souls: as, the pastoral care of a church; a pastoral visit; pastoral work.
    • pastoral In churches of the Presbyterian and Congregational orders, the address of counsel made by a clergyman to a pastor on his ordination or installation.
    • pastoral Synonyms and Rustic, Bucolic, etc. See rural.
    • n pastoral A poem describing the life and manners of shepherds, or a poem in which the characters are shepherds or shepherdesses; in general, any poem the subject of which is the country or a country life; a bucolic.
    • n pastoral Any work of art of which the subject is rural.
    • n pastoral In music, same as pastorale.
    • n pastoral A pastoral letter or address.
    • n pastoral A shepherd; also, a swineherd.
    • n pastoral A treatise on the duties of a pastor.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Pastoral relating to shepherds or to shepherd life: rustic: of or pertaining to the pastor of a church: addressed to the clergy of a diocese by their bishop
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Pastoral care - This is used in education to describe the aspect of care offered to pupils that cover things besides learning.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. pastoralis,: cf. F. pastoral,. See Pastor
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L., pascĕre, pastum, to feed.


In literature:

The lack of a pastor was a great grief to Duncan Polite.
"Duncan Polite" by Marian Keith
Beethoven's Sixth (Pastoral) Symphony given in Boston, at a concert of the Academy of Music.
"Annals of Music in America" by Henry Charles Lahee
The position of a pastor was then much more prominent than it is now.
"Hymns and Hymnwriters of Denmark" by Jens Christian Aaberg
Elwin L. House, pastor of the church.
"The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume V"
A. Abbott, pastor of the Harlem Avenue Christian Church.
"The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume VI" by Various
You don't know what a set these pastors are.
"The Benefactress" by Elizabeth Beauchamp
Each of the two big towns has more than one minister and none of the country churches has a pastor.
"The Evolution of the Country Community" by Warren H. Wilson
Outside the Pastor's house she was respected and liked, and always went by the name of Praesten's Kirstin.
"A Danish Parsonage" by John Fulford Vicary
Her name stands among the members of the church in London of which Caryl had been pastor, and over which Dr. Watts presided.
"East Anglia Personal Recollections and Historical Associations" by J. Ewing Ritchie
Winter was pastor of the M. E. Church many years ago, at the time it was destroyed by a cyclone.
"The So-called Human Race" by Bert Leston Taylor

In poetry:

As I told you. And 'twas thus--
"By the blue Trinacrian sea,
Far in pastoral Sicily
With Theocritus"--
"One Day And Another: A Lyrical Eclogue – Part II" by Madison Julius Cawein
Open thy door, thou wicked man,
And let thy pastor in,
And give God thanks, if forty stripes
Repay thy deadly sin."
"The Exiles. 1660" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Think on th' eternal home,
The Saviour left for you;
Think on the Lord most holy, come
To dwell with hearts untrue:
So shall ye tread untired His pastoral ways,
And in the darkness sing your carol of high praise.
"Christmas Day" by John Keble
The Christian Pastor, bowed to earth
With thankless toil, and vile esteemed,
Still travailing in second birth
Of souls that will not be redeemed:
Yet steadfast set to do his part,
And fearing most his own vain heart; -
"Nineteenth Sunday After Trinity" by John Keble
Then there's Habbie's Howe, where the beauties of summer grow,
Which cannot be excelled in Scotland for pastoral show;
Tis one of the most beautiful landscapes in fair Scotland,
For the scenery there is most charming and grand.
"Beautiful Village of Penicuik" by William Topaz McGonagall
The pastoral spirits first
Approach Thee, Babe divine,
For they in lowly thoughts are nursed,
Meet for Thy lowly shrine:
Sooner than they should miss where Thou dost dwell,
Angela from Heaven will stoop to guide them to Thy cell.
"Christmas Day" by John Keble

In news:

New Comforter COGIC with Pastor Charles Lightner.
Quinn Caldwell, Plymouth's new pastor, seeks to carry on the church's history by making his voice, and those of the congregation , heard.
Oct 17 – Pastor Paula White.
Published Saturday, June 23, 2012, at 12 a.m. ATLANTA — It was mere coincidence that days after Pastor Creflo Dollar was accused of child cruelty, another Atlanta-area pastor was preparing to address the topic from the pulpit.
It was mere coincidence that days after Pastor Creflo Dollar was accused of child cruelty, another Atlanta-area pastor was preparing to address the topic from the pulpit.
My former Pastor, Reginald Flynn, has promised to interrupt the Crim Race this year over his 'irate' feelings towards Mike Brown's decision to sell Genesee Towers.
According to MLive, Pastor Reginald Flynn has changed his protest to interrupt the Crim Races to a protest and prayer event.
Last week Pastor Reginald Flynn ruffled feathers of many people in the community when news broke that he wanted to interrupt the Crim Race in protest.
Here, al pastor (pork) cooks slowly on a rotisserie as chefs work the lunch crowd on Friday, Oct 12.
Retirement dinner set for Pastor Cameron.
COMMERCE — Ridgecrest Baptist Church's pastor R.J. Nanny may be young, but his ministry philosophy relies on tried and true concepts.
Condemned to Repetition by Robert A Pastor Princeton University Press, 392 pp.
The service featured several pastors from local churches and was sponsored by the Columbia Interfaith Council.
NC Pastor Sean Harris, who urged parents to hit potentially gay children in his sermon.
A pastor was killed in a string of assaults at a Forest Hill church on Monday afternoon, and the suspect was found dead after being stunned by police and arrested.

In science:

Pastor-Satorras, R. and Vespignani, A., 2001.
Random graphs as models of networks
It is worth mentioning that Pastor-Satorras et al. originally suggested using this exponent as a way of quantifying correlations (Pastor-Satorras et al., 2001), since this seems to be the most relevant magnitude.
Interplay between Network Topology and Dynamics in Neural Systems
This method is like the hidden variable technique (Bogu˜n´a and Pastor-Satorras, 2003) in that edges are placed with a predefined probability (which is why the resulting ensemble is canonical).
Interplay between Network Topology and Dynamics in Neural Systems
In many empirical networks, knn (k) has the form knn (k) = A + Bkβ , with A, B > 0 (Boccaletti et al., 2006; Pastor-Satorras et al., 2001) – the mixing being assortative (disassortative) if β is positive (negative).
Interplay between Network Topology and Dynamics in Neural Systems
Recently Pastor et. al. have derived bounds on the transition magnetic moment of the Ma jorana neutrinos in the presence of random magnetic fields from the supernova energy loss as well as from nucleosynthesis.
Neutrino propagation in a random magnetic field