• WordNet 3.6
    • v overwork use too much "This play has been overworked"
    • v overwork work excessively hard "he is exploiting the students"
    • n overwork the act of working too much or too long "he became ill from overwork"
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Overwork To decorate all over.
    • Overwork To fill too full of work; to crowd with labor. "My days with toil are overwrought ."
    • Overwork To work beyond the strength; to cause to labor too much or too long; to tire excessively; as, to overwork a horse.
    • v. i Overwork To work too much, or beyond one's strength.
    • n Overwork Work in excess of the usual or stipulated time or quantity; extra work; also, excessive labor.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n overwork A superstructure.
    • n overwork Excessive work or labor; work or labor that exceeds the strength or capacity of the individual or endangers his health.
    • n overwork Work done beyond the amount stipulated; work done in overhours or overtime.
    • overwork To cause to work too hard; cause to labor too much; impose too much work upon; wear out by overwork: often used reflexively.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t., v.i Overwork ō-vėr-wurk′ to work overmuch or beyond the strength: to tire
    • n Overwork excess of work: excessive labour
    • ***


  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “The brain is the only part of the human machine that doesn't wear out. Probably it's because the brain is the only part that is not overworked.”
  • Robert Frost
    “A champion of the working man has never yet been known to die of overwork.”
  • Rudyard Kipling
    “More men are killed by overwork than the importance of the world justifies.”
  • Charles Evans Hughes
    Charles Evans Hughes
    “I believe in work, hard work, and long hours of work. Men do not breakdown from overwork, but from worry and dissipation.”
  • Sir John Lubbock
    “We often hear of people breaking down from overwork, but in nine out of ten they are really suffering from worry or anxiety.”


In literature:

He was faint from hunger and overwork, having eaten nothing since the previous noon.
"Beethoven" by George Alexander Fischer
Doctor Ordronaux visited at my uncle's, a physician, when I was resting there from overwork.
"Memories and Anecdotes" by Kate Sanborn
Joe had to do overwork and thus procure clothing for himself.
"The Underground Railroad" by William Still
She amused and rested him, and that was something to the tired and overworked man.
"Tracy Park" by Mary Jane Holmes
A teacher was trying to explain the dangers of overwork to one of the smaller pupils.
"More Toasts"
Mr. Edwards was away and Robert had been overworked.
"Robert Moffat" by David J. Deane
An overworked officer is perforce an inefficient officer.
"Broken Homes" by Joanna C. Colcord
Vocal chords are breath regulators; relieve them of all overwork.
"Vocal Mastery" by Harriette Brower
But during the first year he overworked himself dreadfully.
"A Doll's House" by Henrik Ibsen
It ain't all overwork that's laid 'im out.
"Digger Smith" by C. J. Dennis

In poetry:

We can't to-night! We're overworked and busy;
We've got a lot of paragraphs to write;
Although your invitation drives us dizzy,
We can't to-night!
"To-night" by Franklin Pierce Adams

In news:

Dallas 911 call takers say they're overworked, understaffed .
Fresno Judges & Staff Overworked, Understaffed .
But amid Be the Ant 's urgently emo inspiration and overworked freakouts is a compelling good sportsmanship.
Too self-referential for its own good by half, Scream 4 attempts to reboot the by-now-completely-overworked slasher franchise after an 11-year hiatus.
Overused and overworked – that old standby, the cliché .
Are you feeling overworked or under appreciated.
The old adage of being "overworked and underpaid" still rings true for many of today's professionals.
Nancy Dowd is the co-author of ALA's best selling book, Bite-Sized Marketing, Realistic solutions for Overworked Librarians.
Most of us are overworked and often overwhelmed -– and that includes the people who live right near you.
Lindsey is Exhausted + Overworked.
A new study finds that many of American drone plane operators are overworked and emotionally exhausted .
Following the advice "work hard and keep a low profile" will usually leave you overworked and overlooked.
Journalists are fewer and farther between, and they are more harried and overworked than ever.
Overworked, stressed out parents can do their children.
"Realism," "presence," and "aliveness" are three overworked terms which baffle many readers, and for good reason—they have no definitions, except in terms of "the real thing".

In science:

Finally a word for the overworked bench researcher facing the prospect of multiple hybridizations in order to achieve a reasonably high level of S without having to contend with an unsatisfactory false positive rate.
A statistical framework for the design of microarray experiments and effective detection of differential gene expression